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#9 PNW [ENG SUBS] – Meksyk, kraj tacos i Mariachis

#9 PNW [ENG SUBS] – Meksyk, kraj tacos i Mariachis

Hi peeps. Here I am in Mexico City Apparently most crowded city in the world. I came straight from NYC which is the biggest city in the world according to surface area. Probably 30million people live here permanently and another 10 million commute from nerby little cities and villages for work. Imagine almost whole Poland in one city. I saw from the airplain how big the city is. Currently I’m in the Cathedral Metropolitana. Where you can see the decorations left from Halloween. I prefer the way how Mexicans celebrate it. it’s more interesting. Moreover I prefer this tradition than polish. Mexican tradition is happier, people have different approach to death. I’m a bit tired due to lack of sleep in last 36 hours. I’ll wander around for a bit and yeah… Today is 3rd November and it’s 26C degrees. Sound! Laters! Here you can see the perfect example of Mexican grave. I’m not sure if you are aware that in Mexico you to the graves with food and you eat it. People even bring alcohol beverages, gifts, flowers etc. This is kind of traditional indian treatment which you can have it even in the city centre. That flag of Mexico is the biggest I’ve seen in my entire life. It’s enormous. Street vending is functioning here very well. Looks like a street market in Poland on a side of the church. You must be wondering what the heck is happening here. I have found out that today is a zombie parade which will be taking place exactly here. This is sucks. Stupid idea. People around here are doing some make ups of zombies. Here at the local market you can find cheap and delicious food. Tacos Barbacoa is the name of it. I do recommend it. Well it’s time to eat though. I must admit the Mexican food is the best. I absolutely love it. Wojtek doesn’t like the fact that we are walking again on this crowdy street. I f*ucking hate it. I feel like bloody turist. He has no choice this time. You are a damn turist! Nope I am not. Coolio we will cut this out. We’ve been looking for a good place for a pint for 2 f*cking hours. This is just a great feeling now. We have singer here so it’s dope. We really wanted to enter the castle. Firstly it’s already closed. Secondly costs 70 pesos. No then. We won’t pay that much. No thanks! This is how it looks. You won’t see more I’m afraid. Google it. They are real Mariachi’s not a fake gypsies though. I am now at the Plaza Garibaldi where you can find and rent the Mariachi’s. As you see behind someone already has done it. They stand by the road and wait until sombody approach them so they can negotiate and agree for the price of the service. In entire Mexico City this is the most recognizable spot of Mariachi’s. I’ll try to capture some moments here by the night too. Check it out. This is how we do it. Wojtek is having so much fun that he dances on his own. I can see that hip move oh yeah. We are now almost at the entrance of Teotihuacan. This is how it looks. Finally we managed to catch a ride. Fo many hours nobody stopped untill now. It’s a real hassle here to hitchhike. People wanted 20 bucks for the trip per person. Sick. Luckily there are good people everywhere. Iztaccihuatl is the inactive volcano right there. I’m heading there now. Elevation of 5230m A.S.L. Artur is coming too. We can make it. 1400m of ascending. My love Popocatepetl. It’s only 200m higher than the volcano we are hiking to. This part of hike was pretty hard. Looks rocks, steap and dangerous. And there is the Iztaccihuatl. Up there I will do some water supplies from the snow becouse I have only 2 liters left until tomorrow morning. Down there the little red dot is Artur. Much of respect for him. He agreed for this hike without any preparations and experience. I threw him in at the deep end. He will make it. We have like 4.5 hours left. Well it’s a dodgy surface mate. It’s too dangerous to continue on his own epecially with overweighted backpack. Exactly, it’s too heavy. We aren’t a professionals though. Anyways we did great as we reached 4500m A.S.L. We definitely did well mate. By the way the great view on Popocatepetl. And 7 hours to go back. Well this might be tricky. Me and Wojtek are on the way to Puebla. We cought the ride with Brazilians. This is the perfect ride. We are now in Cholula. Very colourful town. Braziliand want to see the church which has been located on the ancient piramid. Defo not for us. Well the piramid why not but not a church for sure. Check the town out. We are with Wojtek at the place of our host in couchsurfing and we are going to prepare a dinner. My delicatessen which are a french toasts. The toast bread is very expensive here by the way. Shitty though. Moreover we have a cottage chease, tomatos and onion. King’s style dinner then. Time to say goodbye to Puebla. We just arrived to Oaxaca and we are at the part of market where you can by a livestock. This is it when you are bored in travel especially at the back of the pick-up truck you can eaither read a book or enjoy the views like me. We have no place to sleep and it’s almost dark plus we are in hight mountains around 80 km away from Puerto Escondido. On the other hand we have such a beautiful landscape behind. This is marvelous. We should easily find a place to camp. You can see the ocean from here. Behind those hills is an ocean. We got a ride to Puerto Escondido. We booked the place to sleep due to late arrival. We couldn’t camp out at the night becouse we are in the city. At night I put my food out from my backpack and hooked up here Wojtek didn’t and look what happened, how many ants’ here. Check it out how many ants are hanging out close to his sandwich. What the heck is this. You have an anthill here mate. They are crazy, bite me like four times already. No worries it’s actually good for your health. He has ants all over his backpack. The table is moving man. Damn it they bite me so much… Look! There is a big one. She must be a queen. This is how it looks the underground in Mexico City. On the tires instead of … There is another one. Stay the f*ck out from my video. Which one? The one a bit taller. What the f*ck am I blind or something. On your 9 o’clock man. White shirt.

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