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Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping, to the Green Aqua Gallery in Budapest, Hungary! The star of today’s video is going to be this aquarium, built by – not me – but another Green Aqua aquascaper, Tomi. This guy knows how to put his aquariums into spotlight. Why am I saying that? 🎶”I would have never have expected…”
– WHY? 🎶”It must have been our destiny…” Indeed, why?! Come on, what spotlight?! Do you see now? This tank is just there… from whatever angle you see the gallery. It was there on the last weekend, when the three kings the three “C-R”-s visited the Green Aqua gallery in Budapest. Do you know what am I talking about? Open up! There! Boom! Cory! King of YouTube! 200.000 subscribers. Boom! Chris Lukhaup! Shrimpking. And by my humble opinion, the best underwater photographer in the world. Check out these images, unbelievable. And then… Boom! Corvus! Another super funny guy from the US. A true inspirer! And then what? The tank overshadows them all. This is product placement guys! 🎶 “I was walking by the ocean feeling of emotion… 🎶 when she came right up next to me… 🎶 I got caught up in the moment, felt like we were frozen… 🎶 Like it was literarily meant to be. 🎶 Time stood still right there. 🎶 Time stood still right there.” Hello Guys! So as Balazs introduced, this is my tank in the store. It’s the most unusual tank in the Gallery – I would say. Because this is a 360-walkaround tank. So you can see all the 4 glasses – it’s basically an endless aquascape. That’s something we have never done before. When we built the new showroom we wanted to show you guys that this could be done. If you have lots of space available… then this is definitely a new way to go. This is a 90 x 90 x 45 cm tank. So basically two 90P-s glued together. We have a 90x90x100 cm Green Aqua cabinet underneath it. Obviously this is not a competition tank. Because you see some of the technical stuff – but for most of the days – it’s a lot less of inflows and outflows then for a usual tank. If you look closely – we have drilled the tank itself. We have the pipes coming out downstairs. This means that it shouldn’t bother you that you have all the pipes lying around the tank. As usual. This would suggest that we used a sump-filter underneath. But actually we didn’t. It’s just a simple Eheim 2080 external filter. With 2 suction sides, and 1 outflow side. For the same reason – we don’t use a Twinstar in this tank. As we usually do in all our tanks. The other thing you can miss in this tank is the Eheim Skim 350. …which we actually use, but only at night. So when we have visitors, you don’t see it in the works. And that’s how you get a clear view all around the tank. Also, a technical difference from all the tanks you’ve seen before: we have ATI T5 lights above the tank. It’s actually 2 pieces of 4x39W dimmable lights. We decided not to use the Solar RGB-s above this, because of the size itself – and the dimensions. It’s much easier to have a nice even lighting over the tank with the T5-s. And actually you can see a difference in the Showroom of how the different lights work. Obviously we use a pressurized CO2 system – as always, in all our tanks. This time we have an Aqua Medic 1000 external reactor to dissolve the CO2 into the filtered water itself. It comes back to the tank. And this is the moment where Balazs usually shares the story behind the tank he built. And I’m not gonna do that. That’s because there is no story behind it! Actually, when we decided to have this 360 walk-around tank in the new showroom I told the guys that I need it. I have an idea. Building a mountain in the center. And building this endless scape for walk-around, but that’s it. There was no real story behind it. There was no real inspiration for it. Just a basic idea. And one day they told us that it’s time, we have to start building it. Actually I just went to the back… That way. Where we have all the decoration stuff. And just picked up all the Seiryu stones that I liked. I just kept in my mind that I need some stones with basically the same texture. And the same colors. Because even if you build a tank from the same type of stones. You don’t definitely have the same texture and colors. You have to keep an eye on that. So we actually started from the bottom as always. I added ADA Power Sand M – 6 liters of it. For the bottom layer… For the substrate Then I continued by adding the ADA (substrate) additives which help you to better bacteria growth. And (bacteria) spread in your soil. Then… It’s important… You can see in the picture that we spread ADA Amazonia around the outside part of the tank. This way you can make sure that you don’t see the substrate through the side-glasses. Then you just spread it by hand. That’s it for the first bag. I actually used 4 bags of Amazonia. But before that I put in the first 3 rocks. So I can see the height of the tank… How it will end up… And this way I know how much soil I need to use to raise the rocks to be able to reach the top part. After putting in the rocks you just pour in the Amazonia you need and then just start planting. You should always start planting with making the soil wet. It’s the easiest to make the plants stick into the soil itself. You just start by walking around the tank and going from down to upwards with all the plants you want. This way you can see where the plants will grow and where you can make the switches from one plant to the other. As the foreground carpet I’ve used Elatine Hydropiper. Viktor can drop it for me. So this is the plant. That most of you guys are afraid of. And I have no idea why. This is a very simple plant. The only thing you have to be careful with is temperature. It doesn’t really like if the water temperature goes over 22-23 degrees Celsius. But if you have that then there should be no problem. It doesn’t need a lot of CO2, it doesn’t need a lot of light. Obviously it likes it. Doesn’t need it. And you can have a thick carpet like this. On the next level I’ve used Eleocharis acicularis mini, or Parvula mini as some people call it. There is a huge debate on that… Which plant it really is… That gives you a bit of depth. Because it’s a bit higher then the Elatine in front. But the soil itself is (also) lifting (upward) at that part. So have it raised a bit. And it gives some size to the rocks themselves. Giving them a mountain look. As we go above the Eleocharis you can see that we’ve used some Staurogyne repens in between the rocks. This is just to add some detail to the tank. I really love this plant – it’s very easy to maintain. If you take care of it in the first few weeks, and you find the perfect moment when you have to trim the top. Then it won’t grow upwards, it will just spread outside a bit. And you’ll have a thick… a very small bushy-like plant in the middle. Also, in between the rocks, I’ve used some Riccardia. For the same purpose. For adding detail. And actually for adding some different colors to the tank. It’s a much deeper, much darker green than all the rest of the plants. Usually we glue this type of plant to the rocks themselves. But this time I’ve actually used the metal net itself that the plant comes with. And I just put it in. It’s a rust-free metal net. So there won’t be any problems with it. I just shaped them a bit, so they fit perfectly in between the rocks. Upstairs, on the top of the tank… That was the only thing where I just stopped a bit. Thinking about the planting. Because there was an idea of having some red top. To make it look like a volcano… But I thought it would be just a bit too cheesy. Let’s say. So at the end I went with Gratiola and Myriophillum guyana. Which are very nice, very low-growing stem plants. Which is a new thing in aquascaping. We don’t really use it properly. I think we don’t use it enough. But here you can see it gives the perfect proportions for the tank. And these two plants are basically the only things in the tank that need maintenance. This is a very good side of this tank, this is by far the easiest maintained tank in the whole gallery. We don’t really know why, but we don’t need to do anything with it. I just trim these top two plants every 3 or 4 weeks. Beside it we just have some Green Dust Algae on the glass and the rocks. Very small amounts. We don’t need to do anything else. You don’t need to trim the Elatine… You don’t need to trim the Eleocharis. So this is very good tank, a very good setup. If you want something that doesn’t need the weekly maintenance and the weekly trimming. If you want your aquascape to stay the same – to have the same look – for a long time. Actually, if you want to see the whole process, of me building this tank, then you just click somewhere here… and you can find a whole 4 or 5 hours of live video where we built this and actually 2 other tanks in the meantime. 🎶”Time stood still right there… 🎶”Time stood still right there… As for the livestock… We have the usual algae eaters. Some Amano shrimp, some Otocinclus affinis. We always use them in every tank because there is basically no algae-free tank in the world. It’s just kept in a good pace, and a good health status. That’s all up to the algae eaters you have. As for the schooling (shoaling?) fish – if you call it that… Please, comment if you don’t… I went for the Microrasbora Kubotai. And the Ember Tetra. It’s called the Amandae something (Hyphessobrycon)… I won’t spell it. Please don’t make me. And this is a combination really loved for a long time. I had these two types of fish in more of my aquascapes at home actually. Because they just make each other swim very fast around the tank. I don’t know why, but they just play around in the tank itself… and they make almost one big school and not two separate ones. They have very nice – different contrasting colors with the orange and the green. So they look great swimming around the mountain itself. When we made the original plan of having these two walk-around tanks in the Showroom I’ve been a bit afraid of messing it up… And making something that doesn’t really look good from all around. But this one basically became a centrepiece of the Gallery. When you step in through the front door this is the first thing you see. If you are coming back from the back-part of the Store, this is the main thing you see. So you can see it from everywhere – from our Gallery, everywhere you stand… This is a real walkaround tank – with the other one we made some different choices. It’s actually not a walk-around because there are two sides that do not look good. But it’s a very different approach with a sump filter. We’re gonna make another video about that, detailing all this technical stuff. 🎶”We rode the sun, we became one…” 🎶”We rode the sun, we became one…” 🎶”Time stood still right there…” She’s Vicky. She’s the newest member of our team, and she was actually helping me with her first touch of aquascaping. … In her life. Usually we choose our new members from an aquascaping or at least some aquatic knowledge background. But she is a good friend of mine, for a very long time now. And she’s a fast learner, so if you come by any time to our store, she can answer anything I could… or any other guys now. So look her up! If you like what we did here, just let us know, and we’re gonna make a new aquascape, the two of us again. Dennerle Nano? OK! Thank you for being here with us today! If you have any questions about this tank, or any other tanks, please post them below this video and we will answer them all. If you like what you see, you can hit the thumbs-up button, right underneath us. Or you can subscribe to the Green Aqua YouTube channel, by clicking the “Subscribe” button. We appreciate your support. Also if you’d like to get notified by the new uploads, that we’re making for you, You can just click the… What’s that button? A bell? Yeah, there’s a bell button, I’ve never seen it. Shame on me! Yeah, whatever. So until next week, goodbye! 🎶”I was walking by the ocean feeling of emotion… 🎶When she came right up next to me… 🎶I got caught up in the moment… 🎶Felt like we were frozen, like it was literally meant to be…” BTW, do you remember that last week we’ve put in some red plants after trimming? And in one week, this is how it got… So if you want to see that video, check it out! 🎶”We rode the sun, we became one…” 🎶”We rode the sun, we became one…”


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