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Ål, abbor, husky og mus – fisketur på øya

Ål, abbor, husky og mus – fisketur på øya

Tove has been on a number of enjoyable outings this last spring and early summer. Trips to uninhabited islands where the dogs could roam free. This time, you are invited to join her on a journey to Skarvann. TOUGH OLD WOMAN IN THE WILD. Welcome along! As you can see, it has started to drizzle. Luckily, we managed to get out to the island before it started. It’s good to have a tarp when the rain sets in. Very nice. It allows us to relax comfortably until the rain clouds pass. Alternatively, we could put our weather gear on and do some fishing or… The tarp gives us good choices! Teddia is the sensible one here. She knows how to relax and enjoy herself under cover. Aha…but the other two maniacs… best to go and chase them up now. Yep, let’s see what they are up to. Here they are, underway with an important project! He-he… What are you doing Kiro? Kiro… Kiro… Have you found something? Oh yes, a discovery. He has found a mouse. A mouse Kiro! Let’s see! Yes, Kiro made a discovery. Look at this messy girl! That beautiful white coat 😉 What a couple of disheveled canines 😉 I have two soaking wet, mucky dogs on my hands here. About an hour of digging in the rain… and they look like walking mud pies 😉 There’s a lady who knows how to relax and enjoy herself. Unhurried and carefree. Laid back! He’s drinking the run off from the tarp. Even rain has a fun side. I haven’t caught anything yet, but it will happen soon. It’s nice just being here. In fact, it is wonderful. Are you waiting for fish? Yeah, yeah, we simply have to wait! The first fish of the evening! A good sized perch. No, you don’t get this one. No! It is mine! A lovely fish. Something yummy for the skillet. Good morning people! Day 2 on the island. We got an eel on the line last night. Interesting catch! Luckily, it hasn’t swallowed the hook. Still hope of saving it to live another day. I’ve been waiting quite a while to catch another one of these, but I must admit that I have no intention of eating it. I don’t eat eel. Nevertheless, a nice example of the species. Look, a little head and a little mouth. Skarvann…. with many islets and islands. I will try to go fishing again! Check it out, another good perch! A very nice fish. Splendid! Yet another tasty morsel for the frying pan. It’s both sunny and raining at the same time out in the elements. Unstable weather, but I am doing quite alright in the tent. Soon time for sleeping. This lady is enjoying being inside the tent and… yaha… Kiro does not have time to sleep, unlike our queen 😉 She has occupied the annex for the evening. Perch for breakfast this morning! I’m really looking forward to it. A better way of breaking the fast does not exist. Wholemeal bread and perch. Yum! I absolutely love crispy fried perch. Delicious! Now, this little expedition draws to an end, and my boat is fully laden with DOGS. Thanks for joining us, until next time! Please remember to subscribe, comment and share. All that good stuff in other words, we appreciate whichever form of support you may choose. Catcha soon. Ha det!

14 comments on “Ål, abbor, husky og mus – fisketur på øya

  1. This was a very nice little adventure, I loved it! Thank you for making and posting it. The doggies had some great adventure with all that hunting and investigating. It seems the midge situation was a bit better now. The fried perch looked very nice, I'm not surprised you prefer that Tove and not the eel :)lol

  2. Deilig med regn, vært altfor varmt de siste dagene, slik at det er litt lov å klage…

  3. The perch looked like a delicious breakfast and the dogs sure looked like they were having a great time!!! Thank you once again for sharing your adventure in beautiful Norway!!!😎☀️🛶🏕

  4. Aaaah, the sound of rain….been about a month now, still no rain here. I miss the nature over there…*SIGH*…maybe some day we'll make it back to Norway. We use the same word for mouse where I live anyways. Great vid, keep them coming.

  5. Hei Hei Tove, nice fjell tour and fishing. Actually, I didn't know that eel has his habitat in Norwegian's freshwater 😉  Franz, bugikraxn.

  6. Hello ladies! I have still been watching all your videos but on my TV which doesn't allow me to leave comments. Perch is my favorite fish to eat. Our perch here in Wisconsin are yellow perch. Same size though. I finally recovered from my 2 surgeries and planned a big rustic camping trip with a new tent and lots of new gear to show. A week before the trip (last week) I fell down my boat ramp now I broke my leg and badly sprained my ankle. I'm out of commission for 2 months again says the doctor. At least I can watch you ladies getting out and enjoying nature! All the best -Dawn

  7. I forgot to tell Tove, next time you get one of those eels, smoke it!! No good just to eat like it is but of you smoke it they are delicious!!

  8. Hei sammen, så du er tilbake fra Hardangervidda? Som jeg har sett fra kommentarene, regnet det i Norge, men det er fortsatt for tørt? Det er det samme store problemet her i Sveits. Det er for tørt. Det bør regne raskt. Jeg har nettopp ferdig med mine siste ting for min "store tur" – snart pakker jeg ryggsekken. Jeg er klar 😉 Så – se deg snart! Heini

  9. Hello my dear tough old ladies! I got caught out in a downpour last week . . . talk about playing in the mud . . . I think Kiro and I are long lost cousins! My sisters and I used to catch eels at an old dam down the road from us but we always threw them back. We liked deep fried smelts much better ;)) The way my mom made them they melted in your mouth, yum.
    Thank you for the video and always, always have fun!
    Love, Donna

  10. I think that you eat very little in comparison to me a Brazilian. This makes me think about how difficult it would be to live there. I loved your video. Thank you very much.

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