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A baby Cat Shark still kicking inside its mermaid’s purse

A baby Cat Shark still kicking inside its mermaid’s purse

a baby cat shark which is better known
as a dogfish still kicking inside its mermaid’s purse this little shark take a
full year to hatch a puppy runs away when he sees a wild
animal coming on big HD screen while shooting a train this man forgets that
another train is coming behind him here he narrowly escaped the train coming back this is the Manali city of India where
the road becomes so smooth during snowfall that cars started sliding
automatically without any action to stop the car on the wrong side
such breakers were installed on this road that the cars get punctured and
get stuck her here Siri has a stroke while asking about the owner of the
phone this scene looks like a luxurious
house but here you may be a little surprised because it is not an actual
scene but an animation the animator got the idea to make this
from a villa named Sunano which is located by the side of a lake in Sweden he is the smallest monkey in the world
the pygmy marmoset is a small species of the world monkey native to rainforests
of the Western Amazon basin in South America so, guys, that’s all in this video hope you
like this see you in the next video till then take care

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