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33 comments on “A Baby Saves 5% of the Company – Shark Tank

  1. Thats not fair. You cant refuse to let the entrepreneurs hear other deals. There are other sharks in the room and dont act like by hearing other offers you are somehow being 'disloyal'. Mark is extremely selfish.

  2. Lol. Kevin got sideswiped and is roadkill on this one. No one is interested in what you have to offer Kevin! Next time, you want it. Go first, go before Mr. Billionaire Cuban opens up his mouth.

  3. Its ridiculous how much these show creators make and to add to all that they charge these entrepreneurs upwards of 20+ k as one time fees to be on the show above the 1% equity they take in the business, these poor souls get straight up looted !!

  4. IF I have a product that solves a problem, saves money, or both, and IF I have proven sales and preferably a patented product, and IF I have purchase orders, and IF my product is worth an investment where they can foresee a path of least resistant to the recovery of their investment and profit, and IF I can get pregnant and have a baby that aligns with being on the show, IF they would have me… The stars and the universe MIGHT know I exist but they don't love me.

  5. I really do  believe business classes in high school should be mandated and viewing  Shark Tank should be required.

  6. MC, I love you. Thanks for your fair play and generosity towards all.
    I have no doubt that you are in it for the money but you are still so lovable 😍

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