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A Diet Cola-Infused Pig Trotter Dish at New York City’s Fish Cheeks — Prime Time

A Diet Cola-Infused Pig Trotter Dish at New York City’s Fish Cheeks — Prime Time

– Guys, today we are at The Meat Hook. We use hocks and trotters
in only a couple of ways. Trotters we mostly just
sell to ramen shops, and hocks we smoke mostly for soups. – Hock, shank, same thing. Today we’re going to Fish Cheeks. We’re going to have a pork
shank stew cooked in Diet Coke? – Why wouldn’t you do that? – I don’t know, it sounds
delicious and refreshing. – Yeah. – Let’s go. – What are we making today? – We’re making khao ka moo. It’s pork leg stew over rice. – Traditional Thai dish? – Sort of traditional. It’s been around for a long time. – He says you can eat it every day. If you’re in Thailand, you can eat this once a week, and he usually does. – It is just like, pretty
much a part of you. It’s like pizza. It’s a very ubiquitous–
– Yes. (electric guitar picking) – What are the steps
we’re gonna need to take to make this dish happen? – Who’s good on grill? – Oh yeah, I’ll do grill. (Jennifer laughs) – [Brent] Why are we grilling something that we’re going to stew? – Grilling it will burn all the hair, and actually tighten the skin. – Gotcha, oh, that is really hot. That’s already making a little dent there. Ooh! Why these pieces of pork for the dish? Why the trotters and the hocks? – So the feet has tendon,
and it has other parts, cartilage and stuff like that. Some people prefer that sort of texture rather than just straight up meat. – That’s so you get all the gelatin, but you also get the
texture difference then. – [Brent] Yeah, it’s like
a bit of a sell to get people to try something
that has real texture to it. – Right.
– You’re like, this isn’t tender, but it’s delicious. – [Ben] I mean, they already look like they’re gonna taste good. – All right, so we’re gonna wok
roast all of the seasonings. Crushed garlic, cilantro
stems, star anise. Chinese yam, cinnamon. – Everyone has their own
little recipe, or little twist that they think, oh, this is gonna make it an amazing dish, or something like that. – Yeah, so everyone in
Thailand is making this dish and they’re just kind of
like, whatever they’re like, how they make it special to them is how they make it.
– Right, yeah. – [Ben] We already have
the savory with the pork, we have all the floral elements, and we have sweetness from the sugar. – We’re gonna put Diet Coke. – [Ben] Why Diet? – [Jennifer] ‘Cause
there’s already palm sugar. – [Ben] Oh okay. This took a real strong left turn when we introduced Diet Coke. Now I’m just like, I don’t
know where we’re going anymore. – [Ben} Right. – (beep) smells so good. – So, what we pulling out? – So you throw in the Chinese brocolli, and the hard boiled egg at the end. Yummy.
– This is mine. – That’s you? That’s yours? – [Brent] Oh my god, the color on that. – [Ben] It smells so, so good. – All the, all those spices
that you toasted earlier, they didn’t die down at all. There’s so many aroma’s
coming off of this. – [Jennifer] So that’s
pickled mustard green. – [Brent] Pickled mustard green, awesome. – So we’re really like,
now with everything else, we started with sweet from the palm sugar and savory from the pork, and all of those aromatics, so we’re like, now we’re bringing in sour, we’re really kind of building this out. – [Jennifer] Okay, dig in. – Oh, thank you! – Here we go, go ahead. – Oh man, I’ll cook pork hocks at home and I love picking them apart, but I’ve never thought about
just making it it’s own dish. So cool. You tried this?
– No. – Yeah. – Dammit.
– Yeah. – I’m glad you guys like it.
– So good. – Wanna talk about the stock. Diet Coke stock.
– Yeah. – It’s so freaking good. I mean, it’s worth mentioning
that it is really sweet, but sweet in a good way. And also something that we
usually never cook with, but the sweet and super spicy
works really well together. – It kind of like, falls
into the five flavors that Thai people usually use. The saltiness, the sweetness, the citrus, the bitter and umami, right? I feel like you can probably find this in all the flavors in this dish. – You’ve really opened
up, I think, at least my thinking on what we
can, and probably should, be doing with some of these parts that I just haven’t done
before because I’m American. So, split pea soup with
a smoked trotter is like, that’s what my family has done. – Right.
– Yeah. – But this is way more interesting
and way more flavorful, and I think it utilizes
it in a much better way. – I mean it’s so cool, Ben’s right. It’s like the only way
that we really sell hocks is for people to put in soup. That’s really the only
access point that we have. Also, kind of the passive cooking aspect. Grill it, and let this
master stock kind of do it’s own thing.
– It’s own thing. – Then you can turn it
into whatever type of dish, or salad, or soup that you want to. I feel kind of stupid for just not thinking of this stuff
before but it’s like a whole new horizon.
– Yeah. Guys, thank you so much for showing us how to make this dish. It’s incredible. I’m so impressed and I’m still
trying to find the words. That’s such a great dish, I’m really excited.
– That’s such a compliment, thank you so much. – But I could definitely
eat this every day. – Yeah, I see why you
eat this once a week.

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  8. Interesting recipe. Not sure if many cooks use cola as the base but you can find delicious Khao Kha Moo all over Bangkok; street carts and restos. And of course the Cowboy Hat Lady in Chiang Mai is super famous for this dish. Every single person I know who has traveled to Chiang Mai has visited her. 👍

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