Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

A Fish Explodes In the MRI Room – The Good Doctor

Mm-hmm. No, they won’t both
fit in the MRI. Fish Boy
doesn’t buy it. Location
of the incision. Why are you trying
to help me? Lim picked you
for the first surgery. Everyone knows
that makes you the front-runner
for Chief Resident. This is me sucking up. I’ve never been big
on pretense — [ Bang ]
[ Screams ] Are you okay? What the hell
just happened? [ Breathing heavily ] The marlin must have had
metal in his body — lures and stuff. I think a license plate
flew by me. Franklin! Oh, no! Franklin! ♪ Oh, it’s okay. Franklin’s okay. It all came out
one side. It won’t show
when I mount him. Well, thank goodness
for small miracles. -Ooh.
-Oh! Ow! Oh!
Ah! [ Groans ] ♪ I’ve got his femoral. Call the OR.
We’re coming. ♪ ♪ Lim: Hang on, Dr. Browne. Just need
to make an incision above and below
the arterial injury site. We need to clamp the femoral
proximal to the bleed without clipping
the femoral nerve. Got it. I feel the nerve
right above my index finger. One down. My hand is
starting to cramp. Lean over this way a little bit.
Rotate your wrist. [ Groans ]
Just a little bit more. ♪ Let’s see if that holds. ♪ [ Inhales sharply ] [ Monitors beeping steadily ] [ Chuckles ]
Go get cleaned up.
We’ll take it from here.

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