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A fish in the bag recipe that anyone can do! Outside The Kitchen – Ep 3 with chef Pete Cutcliffe

on this episode of outside the kitchen
we have a seafood expert show us his version of fish in a bag get ready
because today we’re cooking outside A chef once told me to create great food
you need great ingredients like fresh seasonal produce and locally sourced
seafood but there’s one ingredient that’ll make any dish go from ordinary
to extraordinary and that’s cooking it in nature welcome to outside the kitchen Pet e Cutcliffe
is the owner and chef at bill’s Fishhouse and Bar in Port Macquarie. This
modern seafood eatery exemplifies the concept of sea to plate. If we’re looking
to cook fish today Pete’s gonna have the answer. And today’s venue is the magnificent Camden Haven Inlet located near the base
of North Brother Mountain this waterway is flourishing with fish life and offers
some of the most stunning scenery in the region a perfect backdrop for our next
food adventure hey Pete how you going. good morning how
you doing what’s happening. Oh I’ve just doing a bit of fishing you’re probably
wondering why I’ve invited you all the way out here yeah most of it what a spot
though yeah well the idea was that’s gonna
catch you a fish and you see the tree line over there just beyond it is a place
called Gogleys Lagoon I thought we’d set up a kitchen you can show me how to
cook Something. That sounds fun I mean you’re not gonna catch anything here so yeah
well it’s hoping you can help me out with that all right I got a few secrets
up my sleeves. So what do you say you up for the adventure. Yeah definitely can we
make a quick stop on the way. Sure let’s do they’re gonna mate I want you mate
perfect let’s see alright this my friend Andrew G’day
Andrew. G’day James What a magic spot you got yeah it’s fantastic
isn’t it he tells me you can get some of the best oysters around out of these
waters absolutely he’s roped me into cooking lunch for him reckon we grab
some oysters for a snack definitely come on let’s go do it let’s go so we’re gonna shuck those right now there they are. so James what’s the magic ingredient in these waters that make
these oysters so spectacular oh well it’s because of the lagoon.
it’s so fresh and so clean we can harvest the oysters straight out of the
water and eat them straight away bottoms up no worries right here you go
that’s great Pete let’s get started get cookin all right Pete well I don’t know I don’t
think we can ask for a better backdrop in this what a great setup now it’s over
to you what are you gonna cook for us today
I can’t say I’ve ever cooked in a better spot than this. crabs eating your feet
sanding your feet beautiful I’ve got some obviously some beautiful oyster
from James over at Rock and oysters you can literally still see the oyster lease
over there now in a dress size up with some real simple dressings that people
can do at home and then we’re gonna fill the fish make a fish stock cook a
Snapper in a Bag so basically one pot wonder everything cooks all together
beautiful fragrant lots of flavors so let’s get started what’s the first step
We’re gonna fillet a fish so I couldn’t catch a fish where did this
fish come out of your pocket comes from the guys at Port Fresh Seafoods one of
the main suppliers that we have in at Bills so so here’s our fish nice to filleted
we’re gonna throw that into a pot over here and we’re gonna make a fish
stock with all of our off cuts beautiful so you’re using the entire fish here
whole fish no waste excellent so basically we’re taking all the off cuts
that we’ve that we’re gonna use later on in the fish in the bag we’re talking
fennel tops carrot tops some onions and garlic I love ginger and my fish stock
there’s some time there beautiful Lovely ginger
all right Pete looks like the stocks almost boiling looks like we’re on to our
fish in the bag Thats right this is our fish in a bag this is a pretty
well one pot one duck something that’s easy to cook for anybody anywhere in the
world as you can see so I’ve got these beautiful Japanese soba noodles and
we’re gonna cook them in the fish stock for a minute pop them straight in there
in this basket so what I like to do is throw some aromatics in the base a
little bit of chili we’ve got some ginger some garlic some extra lights
coriander throw the carrots in there so they cook a little bit quicker some mint
and just a little bit more of that time makes a nice little bed of veggies nice
a little bit of veggies and that’s where we’re going to put some fish stock so
it’s gonna cook and just all that flavor is going to come up out of the top all right so we’ve got our base now
we’re gonna throw those noodles straight over the top. So that veggie stock for
the fish stocks obviously really important for the flavor through the
whole thing the base of the dish is that fish don’t give you the more flavor
that’s in there the more flavor that’s going to be in here so then we’ve got
some of our little bits of fennel there some soy sesame oil a little bit of
cracked pepper in there then we’re gonna put our fish in a little bit of that
pink salt and there are nice mushrooms in and around the top so these are
austin mushrooms actually local that’s sort of fitting with what we just got up
together right loves love local these are from old bar all right so that’s a
Oyster mushroom these are a king mushroom some zucchini flowers the last
bit there is a knob of butter that’s gonna multiply all that stock and soy
sauce and stuff so now we’re gonna grab a ladle of this fish stock and then we
just want to try and as loosely as possible to give enough room for that
steam to really develop yeah so how much stock do you actually want to put any
put a few layers 200 mils okay so just a little bit of a layer at the bottom
exactly right so that’ll that’ll create the steam that’ll cook the fish and all
the veggies so we’ve bundled this up now nice and tight we’re just gonna whack it
onto a nice cast-iron burner just to get some nice heat you want that heat in
there direct heat to steam that stock the soy sauce all that’s gonna melt up
over the butter it’s gonna be delicious ready to go probably take about ten
minutes so why don’t we do some oysters so this one here we get you know to an
avocado and grape fruit topping take a grapefruit and what we want is a couple
of those nice segments in there so put some avocado it’s gonna chop up our
little grapefruits smaller boil a little bit of pepper now we’re not gonna add
any salt because it Easter’s are already quite salty what we’ll do is I get you
to dress up four of those oysters there I just diced up a little chilly there
run it in to our plums I’m gonna throw some mint in here while we’re going I’m
just gonna throw some sparkling wine in here a little bit of that in there just
a little pinch of salt a little bit of olive oil and a little a little bit of
balsamic glaze just to get a little bit of sweetness and we’re just going to mix
that up as another topping for some oysters all right our oysters are ready let’s
have a sneak peek safe this one yeah it smells amazing look at that even the
veggies look perfectly cooked super-easy done a marvelous job wow this looks
outstanding I can’t wait to get my fork into that getting arms I’m so hungry I’m
ready let’s do it wowthat’s stock I think makes all the
difference you can taste that flavor through everything may these oysters look outstanding hmm
and they taste even better that is incredible
you can taste every flavor every ingredient that you put into it but I
think there’s something magical going on in there there’s one ingredient that
just brings everything up to another level and that’s cooking it outside
wouldn’t you say absolutely absolutely well if you want to download this recipe
or learn more about the region that we’re cooking in go to the website
outside the kitchen calm day you you can download it there but until next time
keep cooking outside thanks for having me no problem let’s keep eating

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