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A Fish Tale

A Fish Tale

home we’ve got acadia harvest who or what about
business incubation industry partners I’m I’m a using to set up a cooperative aquaculture
research really is a proving ground for testing go for the lapel I also am a jack and lambast
recirculating systems one point 800 the idea is to take take
the fish from our juvenile size and to grow them
through to market size which currently is
anywhere from 1.5 kilos to over repeals with taking right now summer between nine to 12 months and
growth like this right believe high-quality fish pretty much we
have any imperfections so product that just like getting
exactly what it looks like winning thanks all the response we
received so far was a these are extremely high quality
very very nice great product the they keep asking work
where can we get more and that’s our next step this to you are
pilot plant we’re hoping to put two groups of six thousand Press prime juvenile stage through the market
over the next 18 months the 100th going for her third at risk kids from the rock when Thomas
can school with her these are these are kids that now to
help rewrite but just don’t fit into the
controversial curriculum prepares police spend a couple days on week
working at this aquaponics facility this year we had a small portion and yellowtail that
ready market we brought them a 160 pounds and yellowtail that were prime fish market size for quite fresh
catch process the fish back you packed them but their main roles and Martin fish
they went out to the community to restaurants small store individual and folder fish again within 24 hours my mission statement is to educate students teachers and the public about
Apple culture want a better way to do this than to actually have the students
engaged with the corporations and innovative
agriculture may come to hearing got to do hands-on
work they actually established markets in the actually sell nearing money and they learn about
profit and loss in business skills rather than reading about this in text
book reading from electrical theory actually doing it with their own
hands holding the fish and seen it from production all the way
out to customers can inspire them and hopefully lead to
jobs in aquaculture religion on growing sector here in the state and
main lows very exciting just getting the fish on the truck not
those pretty cool you can say that was kinda like mom are getting the visual
aid and actually getting the product with
negotiating its like you have to talk numbers in like to know higher gonna sell the product they’re
really only gives an insight on how business works work training hope for the future
workforce 0 companies like a deer harvest that’s really what we’re here for is
also fantastic market yellowtail it’s a lovely face I’m one of
the nicest from fish I’ve ever eaten and we’ve got a
fantastic response from the market from chaps from restaurants we’re pretty
excited about to the potential commercial commercialization and I’m or

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