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A New Product  Superior to Fish Oil

A New Product Superior to Fish Oil

Hello, I’m Claire Cortez and I’m here with Dr. Rudi today and we’re talking about another fantastic BeWhole product. I actually have known you a few years now, and I feel like you’re most excited about this product. Yeah, this is the most exciting product I’ve ever worked with because in ten years in a nutraceutical industry, I’ve never seen anything like this. As you know I was a big proponent of Krill oil But BeWhole’s new product called Alpha Omega 3 has all the advantages of Krill oil and none of the disadvantages. So, first of all, it is made from fish oil but later on we will introduce a version made from plant oil It is loaded with EPA and DHA It has 35% more EPA and DHA compared to Krill. It has ten times more Astaxanthin. We’ve added Phosphatidylcholine to it. We’ve added B12, and we’ve added D3. And altogether that’s a very, very potent cardiovascular product because cardiovascular death is the leading cause of death in the United States among men and women. So this product is aimed squarely at heart health and it has more EPA and DHA than Krill oil, and it’s much more bioavailable at about 97 to 98% bioavailability. And we were talking just before about Avalon from Evonik? Yes! The the ingredient comes from Evonik. It’s a combination of free fatty acid fish oil, plus an amino acid called Lysine. And it’s a powder, easy to formulate easy to put into capsules, easy to mix with things, and easy to put into a tablet because you can do direct compression. This is so exciting! Another fantastic BeWhole product. All the health benefits, but without the side effects. And without the smell of fish. Yeah. Exactly! Thank you Dr. Rudi!

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