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A Perfect Match: Pairing Roast Salmon with Chardonnay

A Perfect Match: Pairing Roast Salmon with Chardonnay

Salmon for a lot of us is a vital
weeknight stalwart but it can get a little boring if you make the same
recipe all the time what chef Jorge Gonzalez of Pasquinel Bistrot in
Puebla Mexico has done is created a recipe for a simply roasted salmon
served with a charred onion sauce that’s cooked with lemon butter and is served
with a side of roasted fennel. He pairs it with a Chardonnay which is classic
with salmon. This one is from Baja California the Chardonnay is creamy
medium to full-bodied essentially perfect for something like salmon with
all the lushness and richness that it brings to the plate. There’s also some
acidity from the charred onion a little zing from the roasted fennel and the
wine marries really well with all of that creating just a harmonious whole.
Your salmon game may never be the same you

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