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A pesca de dezenas de Robalos no Douro – Ep.2 “Animações”

A pesca de dezenas de Robalos no Douro – Ep.2 “Animações”

another one, look that boat passing do you get fish? me too, a double hi guys, first of all, please like and subscribe we are almost at 10k subscribers look at this, impressive don´t you think? perfect? no, this is a piece of metal and fish don´t eat metal if you don´t do the right animation you can buy 10 boxes of this in your shop and you can´t get one single fish, so come with me because in this video I will show you the animations I used and animation you can use some of them I don´t use because of the place and the mood of the fish and some I simply don´t use another one with the boat passing do you get a fish? me too double my line will tangle your line do you get your fish? this is bigger beautiful fish these bigger ones don´t have the spine my battery was over but I caught him is a decent fish he fights well and now let´s release I never changed a battery so fast lol another one now the Jerk in jerk, you cast and do small jerks the faster you do your jerks more in the top of the water your lure will run and do a perfect walk the dog and short too you can play with this animation because is very good the third time he hit the lure and finally I got him he is fighting in a strange way what is this? now he is fighting I am putting him behind the boat so he doesn´t tangle on you he was fighting in a different way beautiful colors look the colors really beautiful there he goes another one what is this? another seabass they are smaller now another animation I did in this fishing was jerk jerk is like the jerk animation but instead of jerking to the side you jerk up who fish with soft plastics know this animation so our lure move in all the water and this way is easy to find the fish so if the fish go deeper you go deeper I cast far now because the fish leave this place and worked, seems a seabass he got the current in his favor bigger fish again he is fat, seems like he hit some fish there he goes fish is with more quality now bigger fish another one the size of the last one hooked in the lip beautiful, another fish what a day, my harm hurts slide and fall we cast slide and we let the lure sink and slide and let it sink slide and sink always that way, that is one of the animations I use when the fish is not active when I slide the lure goes up but the fsh usually don´t attack, hr attacks when the lure is falling small fish but is another one I changed the color because I lost my jig and don´t have more of that color so now I have sardine color you lost and now you are with the pink but all the jigs today are working there he goes yours is almost here? in the pink jig he catches fish too Did you get one too? almost a triple another one another one another one one more don´t let him escape streight retrieve, what is that? we cast and retrieve most people use this and for me is the worst this gives me the worst results and only works well when the fish is very active you just cast and retrieve, is all you do three fish in three casts last three casts were three miss the second time I put him here on the boat but he is well hooked let me see if I got more jigs here what a strike do you get one? so this is the basic animations there are some more, like free fall where you let your lure sink to the bottom and only when he is on the bottom that you do some jerks but most people don´t do because there are rocks on the bottom and you lose more lures, I don´t do that so the animation I use the most is the jerk so this are the two I use most this are the two I used and the second animation I used was the Jerk Jerk like this, in the vertical while the jerk jerk will make your lure rise and fall up down up down with the jerk go in the water has deep as you pull or jerk and do a walk the dog, left-right, left-right one more now they are dificult but sometimes I got a fish the title of the video will be: how to catch 100 sea bass in a morning do you think we got 100? maybe 40? more? and some brave escaped, the braves always escape I lost the number of fish cached one more he is not fighting hard he is fighting now now he is fighting let´s hope that guy don´t come near us go right and release the boat looks like the navy, is grey more 16 of these boats? but this doesn´t do many waves is luxuous he has a Casino? there are rooms there hope I don’t record any nude of the video will be censored one more is complicated now but with the jigs, we can fish some from time to time so my fishing morning is over, is 10:40 am we got some fish, is low tide now we go there and take a coffee, see you in the next video

18 comments on “A pesca de dezenas de Robalos no Douro – Ep.2 “Animações”

  1. Don´t understand Portuguese? Don´t worry, all my videos got English subtitles (bottom right corner of your youtube window)

  2. Grande João e companhia também…
    Parabéns pelas capturas axo que nunca vi ninguém a tirar tantos robalos seguidos…
    Exelente pesca João e grandes dicas também…
    Um abraço e continuação de boas pescas e bons vídeos

  3. John, you had a lot of luck and fun fishing in the river with your friends. Agree 100% with the two types of retrieves you demonstrated. The jerk-pause-jerk works really good when the fish are "chasing" because the erratic movements the lure attracts the fish's attention and triggers strikes. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your adventure. Best wishes, Don

  4. Brutal pescaria com a humildade de grande pescador, boa companhia, coragem de libertar Robalos e Bailas, excelente explicação, Abraço .

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