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88 comments on “A Robotic Fish Swims in the Ocean

  1. Would be nice to explain more about how the buoyancy works.
    And any thoughts on mitigating sideways head movement when swimming with the tail? Fish heads do move like this but usually way less. Maybe because of different weight ratios of the head vs tail?

  2. Anyone want to bet how long before it gets eaten by an ocean predator due to slow movement and bright color? Best case scenario – predator will spit it out… on the other hand, maybe the scientists will find it interesting to monitor shark's stomach.

  3. 1) It's adorable and I want one.
    2) The music is super chill.
    3) Congrats to everyone who worked on the project, must be great to see your hard work in action and out there for viewing by the public!
    4) SAVE THE OCEANS!!!!

  4. Fake fish supposed to be watching other fish, but all you see is a bunch of divers watching the fake fisht. Fail.

  5. Ok so I hope we are going to add a deep sea camera and some lights to this thing. So we can get visuals that we have never had before. Also would be great to take this idea and make a fish we can put at the bottom of the Mariana trench

  6. Great stuff, but this thing should have 3-axis stabilized camera, so the video is smooth like from a submarine.

    Weird Robot Hotel Henn-na Hotel

  8. MIT made it, think about it, for billion years, this is the very first one man-made controllable fish into the ocean..probably.. and it runs by Linux! next? Stingray!

  9. It is gonna be the water drone for Surveillance. Government will buy the product, people too for beach underwater movies!!. There is million dollar marketer. But i like that. Oh! name should be "WaterFOX" 🙂

  10. That's just what we need to keep the oceans alive when all the real fish have died from plastic waste. No, honestly I think that's a true masterpiece of engineering. Sorry for being negative.

  11. да тупо с живыми рыбами поговорите , они вам Задорнова процитируют и много полезного расскажут .

  12. Unfortunately I have to say that it doesnt move like a real fish. Its whole body wiggles around, it sure needs more muscles and tail segments to look better.
    Nice Idea of course.

  13. This is great! It does need some work on managing fore/aft buoyancy I think. Predators will notice that and likely destroy all your hard work. And other fish may not want to be near it.
    Also a autonomous burst mode may be useful to zip away from predators. A grouper could be on that before you could react.

  14. I'm curious, has other marine life interacted or showed any interest in the presence of SoFi? Does the ultrasonic signal trigger any interesting behaviour in the nearby marine life? And are divers in the water nearby required due to short range of the signal or can/will this guy eventually swim solo?

  15. That is Great ! The Beginning of something Great ! And all the Bad comments , yes it may be chomped on and spit out
    because diodes don't taste good, But that's not going to stop these Guy's !!

  16. I would like to see a large grouper, or maybe a shark, come up out of the deep blue and swallow the robotic fish. Then , we could view the video, and get the fish's perspective of this happening.

  17. Your link to the paper is not working.
    Neat project, although you are still limited by depth and time limits of the divers controlling it.

  18. Judging by the comments everyone seems to fail to realize its potential use in exploring the Ocean, also various types of rescue missions.

  19. noone see is fukin VR augmented reality crap, wtf how many stupid people we have?? them made some plastic model to show you parts, rest is computer made, watch carefuly….hehe guy made bunch ..i see 400+k views…omg i need to make this kind of scums fast

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