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A Simple Yet Memorable Taco | Season 8 Ep. 1 | MASTERCHEF

A Simple Yet Memorable Taco | Season 8 Ep. 1 | MASTERCHEF

AARON SANCHEZ: For your be making a specialty of mine. I’m talking about the
humble, the sensational taco. Beef, fish, shrimp, chicken. The varieties are endless. Yeah. Aaron Sanchez: You
guys have 30 minutes to cook the most memorable
taco of your culinary lives. The 30 minutes starts now. [music playing] GORDON RAMSAY: Adam, give us
an insight to the taco, please. Sure. The taco that I’m making
is a spotted prawn tempura taco, finished
with a yuzu aioli, topped with ikura salmon roe. GORDON RAMSAY: Have you
got what it takes to become America’s next Master Chef? ADAM: I am the most prepared. I go to Harvard University,
which means that I think it’s pretty fair to say that
I’m one of the best learners in this country. Good. David. DAVID: Yes, this is me. AARON SANCHEZ: :
What are you making? DAVID: I’m making my spicy
Caribbean fish tacos. What I’m doing is using a lot of
produce that we use in Jamaica, like scallion, cabbage, avocado. And I’m just going to try to
cohesively put them together and try to get a good look. AARON SANCHEZ: : All right. 10 minutes are gone. 20 minutes left.

54 comments on “A Simple Yet Memorable Taco | Season 8 Ep. 1 | MASTERCHEF

  1. I can't wait to hear Harvard, or Texas, or other stuff heard over and over again this season till they're gone! Oy…

  2. That show is so stupid… "The most amazing taco", " best of your culinary lives"… go fuck yourself, go cook a "lièvre à la royale" and then you could talk !!!

  3. I live in Cambridge
    I study in Harvard

    I cook after I come from Harvard
    I learned to cook while I was studying at Harvard
    I should be at Harvard, but I skipped class today to cook and suck balls

    I am a douche and I go to Harvard.

  4. lol today I've learned about a Harvard student routine. Guess what? talk about the only thing that he has to be proud about but nothing to do with culinary. does he KNOW any other subject to have a conversation? HUEHUE such an idiot

  5. what a conceited douche. even the judges eye-rolled. like, they didn't go to harvard and here they are achieving so much while you're groveling like a lil' bitch

  6. I've never ever have heard any complaints about any food actually being pronounced in French or Italian. So you're saying it hurts to hear spanish ..mmm..

  7. Of course a mexicans best dish would be taco, and of course he would speak perfect english but when he says taco he has an accent hahaha

  8. What a douche "one of the best learners in this country" has nothing to do with his culinary career

  9. "Uh yeah chef I go to Harvard. Today I have prepared for you a Raman noodle soup topped with a toaster stroodle aioli and infused with a minced pepperoni pizza hot pocket puree."

  10. He sure went out of his way to say taco as Mexican as possible even though his normal accent isn’t that thick.

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