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A Step in the Right Direction – Dotty Fish Shoes Tested at The London Podiatry Centre

A Step in the Right Direction – Dotty Fish Shoes Tested at The London Podiatry Centre

We are working with Fran and Ron at the London podiatry center to try and reeducate people as to foot health for babies and early walkers and the right kind of footwear you should be wearing. We’re a specialized clinic and we see a range of patients including many children. Often parents come with concerns about their child’s posture or gait the way that children are walking. A lightweight shoe, something that’s very soft soled would be of great benefit to a young walker or an early walker simply because, it doesn’t restrict their growth in any way or the function in terms of their development. In many instances the best situation for a child is obvious to be walking in bare feet. Doing what’s natural. However with an artificial kind of world we live in with hard surfaces, with the potential to catch infection sometimes that’s not practical. Having a sole on a shoe that does give you some protection especially from sliding or slipping would be a great benefit for a young child or an early walker because they are prone to tripping and slipping. It was really interesting earlier because I was able to sit with Fran. She was able to look at some of the test results for the sway test and the 3D analysis and it was amazing to be able to see Carters little feet. The 3D images and how it worked. We looked at his pressures which is the bottom of his foot and walking across a pressure mat. We also looked at him standing with and without shoes on the pressure mapt to ascertain his proprioception and balance. We also watched him walking across the clinic for the number of sensors on his body and we were actually able to reconstruct him as a 3D figure within our Viacon systems so then we can actually ascertain what’s going on in terms of joint movements and we did that with the shoes on and with the shoes off and we’ll be able to get a lot of information on that. I have a young boy of two who runs around the house on hard, unforgiving surfaces, it’s actually stone floor so there’s a potential to slip. Unfortunately he has slipped on a number of occasions. We tried different socks with limited success and then we tried the ‘Dotty fish shoes’ which had been very effective actually. They’ve been effective in allowing him to walk and run around the house with far less sliding or slipping, which is great. We are an evidence-based clinic. We use very advanced technology to help us determine whether something help bio-mechanically. The key thing actually in this kind of situation is, we don’t want to see any change necessarily between bare feet and the shoe. We just want to see normal natural function and to make sure that that’s not impeded by footwear. So far the results are encouraging. We did notice a slight improvement in balance in what we call a postural sway with the shoes. That’s understandable because shoes which give increased contact around the foot but without obstructing it can improve postural awareness. My first impressions from the “Dotty Fish” team were that they were very very behind this product and that it was something that was actually so important to them, it was more than a product, it was actually something to help children’s health, foot health going forward. We’ve pushed the boundaries of Podiatric medicine here at the ‘London Podiatry Center’ and I was impressed with “Dotty Fish” and their attitude towards trying to develop a really impressive company that looks at various aspects of foot health and that’s why I was very happy to work with them. At “Dotty Fish” we’re trying to create a movement, a movement that encourages parents to look at their baby’s foot health and think about the footwear that they’re choosing.

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