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Acorn TV Original | Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

Acorn TV Original | Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

(upbeat music) – Who is this girl?
– Meet Peregrine Fisher. – You’re Franny Fisher’s niece. – God knows I need a good detective right now. – I’m more then happy to give it a whirl. – The place is swarming with police.
– There has been a murder. – Sorry to drag you out of bed before mid day. – Oh I’ll forgive you. – [Woman] You’re chasing a murderer. (woman screaming) – Ah. – Is this young lady giving you trouble? – No.
– Not yet. – [Man] Beautiful young woman, dead. – You’re just like your Aunt. A bull in a china shop. – Things are just starting to get a little bit interesting. – Woo does anyone have a ladder? – Luck has been on your side Ms. Fisher.
– This is make or break. Make no mistake it will
be a perilous mission. – Well my life just got complicated. – To Peregrine, a woman of the future. – Blonds have more fun. – Oh I wouldn’t say that. (upbeat music)

17 comments on “Acorn TV Original | Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

  1. If you want your show promoted on other web site sites, you need to make the trailer public and not unlisted.

  2. Of course Peregrine will never be Phryne, but she's cute and sounds promising. I'd say let's give her a chance.

  3. I don't know…Phryne Fisher was never a bull in a china shop, but the epitome of class. Always. Of course, I'll check it out!

  4. a great idea for a spinoff. Phryne's wiki says she was born in the year 1900, so she'd be around 60-something by that period. I'm hoping for a cameo of her as the cool auntie, eventually.

  5. You know how it's an Aussie TV show if Cathrine McClements is on it. She looks pretty much the same as she did when she was Kerry Vincent in Rush, like, a decade ago.

  6. Anyone asking themselves how she can be her nice since her sister was dead and the would have mentioned any other siblings for sure since Phryne's family is quite a central in the show… If we start with this incaccuracies i don't know what to expect especially seen the trailer.
    And please please, i'm still hoping for a 4th season of the original.

  7. Does the show explain how exactly Phryne is her aunt? I thought she had no other siblings beside her sister, who died.

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