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Adam Olsen on the Broughton fish farm decision

Adam Olsen on the Broughton fish farm decision

So many British Columbians are disappointed by the BCNDP’s decision on fish farms. What would you have done differently you might ask me? Well, after receiving the Ministry of Agriculture’s Advisory Council of Finfish and Aquaculture (MAACFA) report in February 2018, the BC Green Caucus would have told the Broughton fish farms that their provincial tenures would not be renewed. We would have permitted them to grow the salmon already in their pens to harvest size, and once those salmon were harvested we would have given them time to decommission the site safely. We would have consulted with all leadership of First Nations in B.C. Not just the ones with fish farms in their backyard. Because we know that salmon are foundational to all First Nations. We would have articulated an alternative vision to the open net-pen fish farms. We would have done it early and clearly and we would have invested in it. A vision of healthy coastal and remote communities who are leaders in land-based sustainable aquaculture, tourism that capitalizes on healthy environments, and the restoration of wild salmon populations. We would invest in land-based fish farm innovation, retraining, land acquisition, and branding to help communities makes the transition. It is important to note here that this is not going to be the last time government will have to plan for and support industry in transition. With disruption in the emerging economies, if we want to succeed in the future we are going to have to get good at supporting workers in transition. Now you know what we would have done, let me know what you think in the comments below.

5 comments on “Adam Olsen on the Broughton fish farm decision

  1. I have seen a lot of comments in other social media critical of the BC approach – especially in contrast with what has been done in US waters on either side of us. I really appreciate now the difference between the Green Party and the NDP – and I wish there was a better alternative to propping up the NDP.

  2. We, collectively, need to invest in rapid effective industry transitions so that workers and investors transform safely.

  3. Stephen, your wish could come true if people support proportional voting in BC's referendum this fall. With pro-rep, people can vote for the party they like most instead of the party most likely to beat the party they most hate.

  4. The FN bc giv and fish farms have come to an agreement and are phasing out fish farms there. The greens have no need to critisize. Better to have all parties at the table than have a gov unilaterally not renewing leases. Thats a recipe for disaster.

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