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Add meta tags in wordpress – JR Fisher

Add meta tags in wordpress – JR Fisher

adding meta tags is really simple
process if you have the right plug-in and you know how to use it in this
really quick video I’m going to show you exactly how to do it don’t forget to
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instructional videos hi I’m junior Fisher with and on this channel I show you simple steps that you
can use to start grow and run a successful business online also don’t
forget visit our other channel where we discuss survival techniques and survival
food in just a couple of minutes you will know exactly what the best plug-in
to use is for your WordPress and how to insert your meta tags once inserted
you’ll get higher views higher rankings and higher page results by following
these simple steps okay so I’m logged in now on one of our WordPress pages and
this is what you’re going to see in the beginning you’re going to see the
dashboard what you want to do is go down to where you see pages then you’re going
to see all your pages in here and we’ve downloaded a program to help us do that
and I’m going to share with you what that program is in just one second it is
a free plug-in that you can use so let’s go to one of our pages we’re going to
pick home okay now we’re on this page that we’re going to edit and we’re going
to add that meta title and that meta description remember if you don’t have a
meta title and a meta description Google really doesn’t have anything to bring
back when somebody searches for it and you want to make sure that that meta
title in that meta description contain the keywords that you are trying to
optimize and one of our other videos we show you how to use the AdWords tool to
figure out what words are best for your page so you may want to watch that video
but let’s slide down here to the bottom all the way down and you’ll notice right
down here says SEO settings right here we have downloaded this particular
plugin which is SEO ultimate seven point six point five point one by SEO design
solutions and you can certainly find that plugin if you search in the
wordpress plugins that’s all you’d have to do now right here is the title and if
you look we have plugged in a title here it’s called free course how to start and
succeed in an online internet business now these titles should be of a certain
size that are going to fit in the area that Google provides to you they’re
saying it’s 70 characters and if you notice we have put 69 characters in
there so that should fit nicely if you put too many characters in there that
gets truncated and that’s when you’ll see the little dot dot dot after that
okay now I’m at Google and what i did is i typed in best funny news because we
want to make sure that our meta title fits and it’s saying there’s 70
characters so if you notice these are fitting in here fine these are your meta
titles the ones that we just showed you on the other page and as we scroll down
here here’s one right here HuffPost weird news strange but true
stories from the dot dot dot well now this one here snot going to make me want
to click on it because i don’t even know what it’s about i would have to click on
it to find out what the description is so that’s an example of a meta title
that’s too long right below this there is a description and if you notice this
description also has dot dot Safra because the meta description did not fit
okay we’re now back at that area where I was showing you where you’re going to
put in your meta title which is what we just saw and here’s the meta description
which will be on your search results right below it and as you see we put
into your expert tells how we grew an Internet empire that now sells millions
of dollars online start and succeed in an online internet business and we have
start and succeeded internet business up here so those two
things match and that is what we were trying to optimize for this particular
one so if you notice over here we’re allowed 140 characters we have exactly
140 now why does this matter so much well it’s pretty obvious if you go over
the number of characters then this includes the letters and spaces if you
go over it’s going to get chopped off so nobody’s going to see it there’s no
point in doing that and you wouldn’t want to go under it because this is
words that you’re allowed to show for search results and why would you want to
take advantage of all of them so it’s really quite simple just make sure you
have both of these optimized you fall within the criteria of Google and you
should get really good search engine results make sure at the end you scroll
up here and update your page so that all of your change is too

33 comments on “Add meta tags in wordpress – JR Fisher

  1. Great video a very simple plugin to use. I was wondering however how you add keywords to go along with your title and meta description. Does this plugin provide an option to do this or do you require a separate plugin?

  2. Thanks, I did this. Great video and very easy to follow. I am just wondering after update, I went to google and try search the specific title. But title and description not yet change, is there specific timing to effect the changes?

  3. Thank you for this video. I have a blog but am slowly learning how to publicize it and make it more professional. This is helpful as I hope to make it easier for search engines to find me.

  4. With so many videos on the web….finding a way to best optimize is a must!…Thank you for all your tips 😀

  5. thanks a lot Boss, if i use this SEO tips for my woocommerce store page, will lt be effective? plz let me know, thnx in advanced

  6. Thanks for using our plugin SEO Ultimate for the demo. The PRO version is here with even more functionality – All the best, Jeffrey Smith

  7. If you have Yoast and your site is multilingual – you will not have title and description on each language page. Yoast pushes only one title and one description – for default site’s language. There is a wordpress plugin that generates custom <title> and <description> tags depending of post/page's language.

  8. I can't add any plugins to my site. Use to be able to, but now I can't. Keeps saying that "Writing Helper" needs to be removed, but I don't have that installed.
    || UPDATE |||
    I never learned what the "Writing Helper" issue was. But I did learn that my WordPress was still under the I switched it to the and PlugIns now work. Including the one mentioned in this video. Thank You.

  9. Not valid anymore. The plug-in is out-dated. It can be installed and you can edit it but it will not show like how you edit it in the search engine.

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