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All right today We’re going to add a hundred silver tip tetras to the living room tank currently there’s about 10 12 15 in there somewhere in there, a pair of albino cribs and like one Roseline shark and a handful of a mono shrimp and like 12 ish Flagtail porthole cats so, really trying to liven this tank up and today is that day These are small guys compared to what was in there, but I’ve really falling in love with adult Silvertip tetras; that real bright orange on the males and then a lighter, like, lemony orange on the Female so we’re gonna add 100. That’s what they look like kind of in, in the bucket They don’t look like much but they will grow up and maybe we got to add more because it’s a 230 gallon tank so maybe a hundred and Twenty ish is not enough. We’ll see though. I don’t want to go too too crazy So we’ll start pouring these in All right Definitely looks like a lot of them, but they’re really small now like they look pretty darn Small we’ve got algae in the tank but That’s coming right along and then all the new growth – I started dosing with the easy green and you can kind of see from here The adults, I think, deficiencies micronutrient deficiencies and then as The chain, kind of, the easy green hit when I started dosing after about a month of testing Then it went straight into like, yeah, they just look really good, so I want to get co2 on this tank I’ve got it installed if we come over here a little bit I’ve actually got it already in the cabinet and everything, it just is out so I got a get refilled running the fx4, Got timers got the lights doing all that thing in there. You know I got two empty bottles of easy green I brought home a lot of easy green to make that happen, and then yeah So, ooh – my main goal is, what I want them to do is When my nieces, nephews, that type of thing, come over and they put their hands on the tank, I want the the fish to come follow the hand, but this schooling action is already great. A lot of spider wood up in here What this is, people asked last time what this was, it is a crypt, or not crypt, my bad, a Crinum Calamistratum and so that’s what this big plant is. It’s got a couple little baby shoots coming off but that’s what this is and so yeah, hopefully we’ll get these guys just schooling nice back and forth. I’ve got here my Christmas present from Jimmy which was a Custom hand-blown Mbu puffer which is super duper cool It’s engraved and everything like that so, I keep it right here on top of the tank because, I don’t know, wicked cool and I don’t want to get broken so stays right there and Yeah, I’m excited to see these guys color up Hopefully in a little bit after we’re done here these guys will come up a little bit and Jimmy will get better footage for you Guys so that right now what you’re watching is even more colored up than when I get to see ’cause in a few days that type of thing they’ll probably look even better, but Yeah, so it’s really big difference though, between those big adults and the small guys, and this is what you see at the store Normally, you’re gonna see these little ones at the store and you go, “Yeah, I don’t know those aren’t that cool, but the adults that you can see mix in that group I think are just wicked cool And I fell in love with them when we put them here. my wife actually picked them out originally And those are the fish that I fell in love with so I’m redoing that tank and we’re gonna make it with a lot of this and I already love the schooling action, so Enjoy guys. Hopefully. We’ll have a little montage here, and you guys can relax and watch fish swim around


  1. I had some of these guys in my 120 and the males would fight each other non stop until some one wins. Then the winner will go pick another fight with some other male silver tip.

  2. Looking great, excellent work on the video! My crinum calamistratum's leaves are mostly flat, there are a few of the crinkled. I'm thinking it may be due to lower lighting or that it is still fairly young. Any ideas?

  3. I want to set up a feeder tank that I can pull around 20 small to medium size feeders a day. 1. Is there something out there that populate and mature fast enough for that in a 40 long? 2. If so is there something attractive or fun that does so it not just a feeder tank but can be its own thing? Thanks open to all comments.

  4. Yay!!! Kudos on the Silver Tip school. This is quickly moving up the ranks as one of my favorite tanks on the internet. When some Satanoperca or Retroculus goes in, this might become number one…add in some Sewellia or Gastromyzon and some sidthimunkis and I might stand outside your house with binoculars.
    Me: "But officer, I'm not looking at the McElroys, I'm watching the fish, honest."
    Officer: "Of course you were. Book'em Dano, he's cuckoo!"
    Me: "Will there be an aquarium in my cell???"

  5. IMHO this is the most beautiful tank you've put together. Can't wait to see what the tanks in the fish room will be like. Thanks for the cool video!

  6. Might not be the right place for this but i remember you getting some Garra rufa any word on how good these are for algae eaters?

  7. Looks alot different. like the fish spawned and grew. Now it's an expensive tank. Happy belated new year. The tank needs a rock pile.

  8. Hey I have a female guppy that has been laying on the bottom of the tank for 3 days and I can't see anything wrong with it please help

  9. awesome tank, my tank in the classroom is looking great. the only thing is the debree when i scape my tank from adding in the water sorta of scattered. it was a long haul to spruce it up. my kids love fish swim around.

  10. "I don't wanna get too too crazy"
    :::add 100 fish:::


    Edit: wow that's a beautiful tank stand. I love the carvings.

  11. The tank looks so different from the last time I saw it. It is really neat! Love the spider wood and the different plant colors look awesome 👏🏼

  12. I really love this tank! Thinking rescaping my 75g to something similar – thank you for the inspiration. Silver tip tetras are now on my 'google' list, need to research them see if they'll work with my current stock – Thank you!

  13. Awesome video, its thanks to you that I found this fish and now I have to have them I'm getting 50 I hope that's enough of them to get that school going. keep up the great videos and thank you for the help that you give to the community.

  14. Just wondering how big is those tank? It says 230. It truly looks like 70 to 90. I could be wrong but I thought a 230 is 7 to 8 feet long 2 feet wide 2 feet high ish

  15. hey cory i have a big green spotted puffer but the belly is black and not getting better and he is not eating since i know , i was wondering if you have any idea ?

  16. When you add 100 fish Cory do you get them all from the same breeder? Is there concerns for interbreeding? Great video thanks.

  17. I had to watch it again, big groups of little fish moving and schooling comfortably with lots of space. I'm totally Jealous, my largest tanks at the moment are only 55-gallon, too narrow of a tank to pull anything like that off. I feel the smallest tank I could do, and get that effect, is maybe a 40-gallon breeder. If you filmed an hour loop, I could probably watch it most of the day before getting bored. Considering I watch snails for hours at a time. I might be a little to easy to entertain.

  18. I got 4 silver tips when I first got my tank to get it cycled. They’re all still going strong haha. They are a little bit of a bully fish towards my mollies and guppies. Is that normal?

  19. How well would silver tips mix with peacock gobies? Already have school/colony of 13 gobies in my 125. And would roselines be a possibility? If not, looks like I'm with a ton of nano fish, so win win really. Thanks for your time and what you do man

  20. You mentioned the long, Lacey, string, plant in this video. But I can't find it anywhere because I don't know how to spell. Somebody help me out please.

  21. Absolutely stunning set up !!

    I had a lovely tank of 40 neons then added 14 Silver tipped tetras who quickly took over the top two thirds of the tank where they battled relentlessly whilst pinning every Neon at the bottom , picking them off when they dared to move a little higher ! Had to get rid of the Silver-tipped sadly

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  23. Hey Cory. How long does a big tank of c02 like that one last before you have to refill it? Also where do you go to refill it?

  24. I'm not normally a fan of yellow- or orange-colored fish (besides goldfish), but those silver fin tips really pop against the black background.

  25. Just bougth quite a big school for my 50 gallon… at my local store nobody wanted to have em and i thought they were great … had to pay for 15 but got way over 20 maybe 25! … I really like them and not everyone has em!

  26. If one had a large number of marble hatchetfish, would they show any interesting behavior, or would they just hang out at the top of the tank an not move much?

  27. I keep trying to find videos about having small fish in a big tank. I really want to do a 150+ tank with swordtails, cherry barbs etc fish but like huge amounts of them but all the big tanks I see always have huge fish in them. I’m thinking like a really huge freshwater community tank but I can’t really find anyone doing this

  28. will anyone suggest ONE species that I can have in a school of 2-3 dozen in my 75g tank? They will be the only fish (except a few bottom dwellers) that I will keep…
    Thanks! Joe

  29. Love the new fish. Tank looks awesome😀👍Just got my order from you guys, did a vid on it. As always rhnx for sharing😀🐟💕

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