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Adding 30 Clowns to our Lobby Tank EP 3: Clownfish Harem Tank #clownharemtank

Adding 30 Clowns to our Lobby Tank EP 3: Clownfish Harem Tank #clownharemtank

Today on brstv we have our third episode of
our Vertex 120 clownfish build. Hi, I’m Ryan host of brstv where each week
we cover a new topic related to reefing. This week are going to continue our series on how
to set up a clownfish harem tank. In the last episode one of the viewers mentioned we should
add a refugium to the system to export some nutrients. Really no reason not to, so I asked
a friend to build me one. While a fuge this size won’t handle all of
the nutrient export we need it can be a component of a more complete nutrient export plan. Since
a heavy feeding schedule is going to be a major component of our plan to manage food
aggression any additional nutrient export is welcomed. You can see it hangs on the baffles here and
water flows through without a pump. We are lighting it with a kessil 360 Tuna Sun which
is their model for planted tanks. This thing is super bright and some of the guys here
think this is a bit over kill, maybe it is but going big is always more fun and its my
hope that the additional light will help make a smaller fuge like this one more successful. After installing it I can instantly see an
issue here. While it looks cool today I am going to put money on the fact that the sump
is going to turn green from the spill over light. I might have to go back and make the
fuge out black or something less transparent. We will let ya know how it turns out in a
month or so. Other than that this tank has been cycling
for two months now, we have been adding food daily with the Neptune auto feeder to simulate
a nutrient load so the tank will be ready for our new family. We did a lot of research on selecting the
right quantity of clowns for this harem and I heard anything from fifteen to fifty. Fifty
seems absurd but many of the people who have been successful doing this suggest that one
of the keys to success here is managing aggression by diffusing it with the right volume of fish,
too few and they may target select individuals one by one. We ended up going with thirty
which is right in the middle of the suggestions. So enough of all that lets get to the star
of the show, the clowns. Our resident clown guy Lue told me that we had to get the fish
from his favorite supplier, Sustainable Aquatics so that’s what we went with. They have a pretty
good selection of what people commonly refer to as designer clowns. While we would have
all really liked to pick a variety of types and colors one of the things many people who
have had success doing this a long time have in common is starting with fish from the same
clutch and raised together, where some of the dominance hierarchy has already started
to work itself out. We ended up going with these super cool black
and white snowflake clowns which I am going to acclimate right now and get them into the
tank. So this is what our tank looks like with the
new clowns, these guys are super cute and pretty entertaining already. We are going
to give this tank another month and then start adding anemones. I want this thing absolutely
packed with bubble tips for them to reduce habitat based aggression. We are also considering adding ozone to this
system in the future so check back with us in a month or two for an update on the vertex
120 clownfish harem. If you haven’t already hit that subscribe button because this is
going to be the coolest series we have done for sure. We are going to leave ya with some
nice shots of our new clown family , see ya next week with another episode of BRSTV.

100 comments on “Adding 30 Clowns to our Lobby Tank EP 3: Clownfish Harem Tank #clownharemtank

  1. I've been watching your videos for quite some time and I can't believe I didn't subscribe sooner. I must have been drugged.

  2. good stuff, i subscribed yesterday so i wouldnt miss this update. Had no idea it would have been the day after i subscribed! haha now we wait for the next update! 🙁

  3. Great choice of proyect Rian so unusual but great idea for sure one of my favorite's can wait for the next video keep on the good work brs.

  4. Ryan, great video as usual.

    still waiting for that Apex power supply/power outage episode u promised us in the Apex controller E3 😉

  5. Go big with the rose bubble tip anemones. I hate to see people that pour so much money into a tank and end up seeing a maxi mini or a green bubble tip. But I know you guys will go big!

  6. I gotta tell ya, i got into this hobby of reefing partially because of you guys & these videos…still a newb(5 month old first tank) but honestly seeing that harem of clowns just redesigned my future dream tank..looks awesome…can't wait to see more of this series! 😀

  7. Any reason you did not quarantine the fish, and was your acclimation just a float to temp and let loose?


  8. Sustainable Aquatics website sucks has nothing on their site many of there pages have nothing on them. Get it together man always be prepared especially in the Aquarium Marine fish business your losing money everyday.

  9. Check out my new Android App "New Fish Tank Facts"

  10. SA Clowns #1!! Off topic but has anyone had or seen an antennata lionfish in the same tank with Ocellaris clowns? I've seen quiet a few videos here on youtube with them in the same tank doing fine but I'm just sketched out if I add a tiny antennata lion in my reef tank it will grow up and still eat my clowns or it might not? Has anyone seen it done long term? I figure if I throw it in as a baby and get it eating dead krill and shrimp/pieces of squid with no fkind of fish in it's diet plus it growing up with the clowns it will be use to seeing them & it will be less likely to target them as food. Any opinions?

  11. I feel like the only way I'm ever going to see the update to this tank is come see it in person 😐

  12. how do I move clownfish eggs without harming them ? we have clarkki clowns that have now laid eggs for a second time . we were able to move some eggs by scraping them off the glass and transferring them to a separate container. the container is suspended in the tank and has an air stone in it. we would like this second batch to live and would appreciate the much needed advice

  13. Hi, I was looking at getting a 180 gallon dual overflow aquarium and have been looking for an acrylic or glass sump. many places I check only sell sumps that go up to 40 gallon breeders. Where can I find or have someone customize a sump for me that is longer and maybe only 16 inches high so that I can have a pretty big refugium with several macroalgaes? thank you for your time BRS team.

  14. I have a 40 gallon tank, and was really inspired by this vid and the Reef Central thread. BRS, would the same concept apply to my tank, possible 10 clowns, and several BTA's.(I have a fuge and psk 100 skimmer)

  15. Wow! way too cool. I'm definitely following. Also loved the music track in the back. Is that an original musical composition too? 😉

  16. Can I keep 2 Clownfish and 2 Blue Legged Hermit Crabs in a 10 gallon saltwater aquarium?

  17. Is it possible to have a 20 gallon coral tank? Because my mom said that the biggest tank I could have is a 20 gallon.

  18. How much do all of the fish cost!? I searched up the cost of one clownfish and the one that looks like nemo is 20 dollars the black and white ones where 50. That's over a thousand dollars!

  19. what do you reckon to adding a large amount of young clowns with no dominance traits showing to a establshed pair fi you have the right hiding space and size

  20. love clown fish..however everyone keeps telling me to add 2….im new to reef keeping….can i add 15 at a go and see if they get along…many told me they ll kill each other…is it true?

  21. I have a 100 gallon tank 48x32x15 I have one blue tang and one yellow but how many clownfish could I put in there? You said your range was from 15-50 for a 120 what would it be for a 100?

  22. Question about my bubble anemone, in about 3 hours it deflated and the mouth opened up really big. .? What's going on? Is it dying and what should I do?

  23. I want to start a similar project of my own but would it be an issue if I used fake rocks and anemones? I plan to use live sand, but should I just go ahead and get live everything else?

  24. hey BRS tv
    One of my clownfish seem likes stress out when the lights off at night this week . he looks pretty health and happy during daytime, but when the light offs, he swimming like crazy around the tank and his mouth and bottom part of his belly turns white like losing color, and turns back to normal in the morning everyday. Do you know what happen to him, any advise or solution for that ? 😢😢😢

  25. how many clownfish can i add to a 29 gallon tank if i do weekly water change thanks? Also do i have to add them all at once?

  26. In earlier videos, you suggested not to more than double the number of fish in a new tank, how are you adding 29 fish to a new tank without an ammonia spike?

  27. Hi, I have bought a 15 gallon tank,  instant ocean  salt,  the pump, a filter and a heater. However I. Have been reconsidering having a salt water tank but have already spent money. I have also bought all the tester kits. I would use tap water for the tank not rdi, and live sand but not live rock. I only want clown fish, I wanted tangs but my tank is to small is that correct? Basically is it worth still setting up a salt water tank, and how do I maintain this size tank? Just 20 percent water change a week or month?Would really appreciate the help and advice

  28. How would one deal with the ammonia spike from adding that many fish?
    Most places suggest adding only a few in at a time as it gives the filter time to build up the bacteria required to deal with the waste.

  29. I got some clowns recently along with a BTA. I put the clowns in the tank simultaneously with the BTA and the clowns are all in the BTA. I've had them for a couple days now and I haven't seen them outside of the BTA at all. I've offered some food, but I haven't seen them eat. Should I set up a separate tank with just the clownfish in them and put food in that? Super worried.

  30. I'm starting a new reef tank and want to start with a pair of clownfish. Which species would be the best for me?
    -My tank size is 20 gallons

  31. Ryan is the biggest dude. This series is unreall, entertaining and informative I find myself playing this in the background of my day. Rewatched episode 1 yesterday amazing how much you've come along. Respect and thanks to you and all of BRS on behalf of all of us!

  32. This tank is awesome! Great work.
    I wanna start up a tank like this. How much $ would I need to invest in a project like this. Where can I get the best equipment?

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