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I Don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it you guys come do it. Somebody else. Come do it. Maybe i could poke him out Okay so in the last video. We set up the saltwater aquarium completely. It’s ready for fish today We’re going to move them in them And we’re also going to release the sharks into their aquarium this cleared up nicely take a look so for those that don’t know we’re going to be adding in the snowflake eel, as well as The black lionfish check this out Fast this cleared up still got a ways to do instead of in in terms of its fogginess, but let’s go get the fish So the first thing we’re gonna do though is I got to clean this tank and do a big water change for the Sharks This tank is an absolute mess its destroyed Skip the water change and then also had the bright light on it forgot to close my blinds things happen We’re gonna be moving the lionfish as well as the snow As well as the snowflake snowflake eel Little bugger, he’s jammed himself in beside the Sharks and then of course We’re gonna be releasing the baby sharks that we hatched out in a previous video. All right, let’s get started Okay, so the tanks cleaned up a lot more it looks way better I’m gonna fill them back up here in a minute I got a bucket of water here filled up about 25% I’m gonna try to net the lionfish As well as the eel wherever it keeps disappearing And get them in the other tank Lionfish of course was relatively easy. I really don’t want to hurt his fins though because he’s such a beautiful fish So I’m gonna wait till he does is go belly down sort of like that And out he comes and into the net now You’ll be just fine Yeah, he’ll be. All right, let’s get the snowflake eel Where’d you go? A little one? Oh No These guys will go into anything. Look at this see that He’s all tangled up in the wave maker What are you doing? Oh Man these guys will get into anything move the sharks out of the way here Luckily He’s Ecotec wave makers by magnetic See if we can’t get him to come on I think I’m gonna try to do is just twist the wave maker off in the direction that’s supposed to go For like a maintenance type thing. Oh, man. He doesn’t want out Well If I could just get him in the water, oh, this is bad Hope he doesn’t bite me Just see him in there. Just hanging out ugh what a mess Here come out this isn’t fun for me your nippy, huh? He’s gonna try to bite me I Don’t want to do it I don’t want to do it you guys come do it somebody else. Come do it Maybe I can poke him out Oh! Hes out of the water, hes like a snake Okay, okay, okay I Just go out trust me. It’s no fun in here as soon as he gets out this Please just get out Under if he doesn’t like noise can just tap it a little bit oh just touch him come on out Whoa, no, get out. Yes. Oh, oh, oh Here you go I didn’t like that at all Here I got a net for you get in this here It’s nice and cozy get in get in get in get in. You probably like it You can’t promise you go clear the surface No There you go. I almost got you. I don’t want to hurt him Always worried I’m gonna hurt the fish. So I’m trying to net them squish them up against the glass. Okay? So, yeah, totally, uh an awesome fish keeper not scared of anything, I’m almost manly as they get Okay, so as a saltwater fish these guys going to acclimate to the new aquarium much different than they would a freshwater fish where we’re Looking to pretty much just acclimate to temperature not only do we have to battle temperature make sure they’re the same And get them used to it slowly But we also have to battle the salinity which is the how much salt is in the water and it’s never just exact Maybe but in my case is probably a little off so I’m going to slowly acclimate them To their new aquarium and then add them in the meantime I’m gonna fill that tank back up. Okay, so as the tank fizz filling back up and the fish are acclimating inside Let’s go ahead and release the sharks Into their new grow-out tank. I Don’t think they want to come out Nice and slow Come out guys Come on out There’s one look he could swim sort of Hes so cute Want to get your sister? Come on girls like two little girls. Come on out And being cameraman and doing this Oh Aren’t they adorable little things? Waters a little cleft cleaning it. So what they’re gonna be fine. This is their first time touching substrate So it it looks like they don’t want their faces to touch it. But that’s what I get for having to two new daughters They end up being little divas. No, that’s totally normal. I’m gonna go ahead and check on the other ones See if we can get them acclimated and released as well. Oh man, I was just bragging about how clear this tank is look at it now the Sand a lot of it like the dust got in the pre filters and I was just switching them out Did it sloppily and dump it all back in the tank? We start again. Give me a minute fish are almost acclimated We’re gonna add them. Anyway been about an hour. I say we add them I’m looking forward to get them out of this bucket, right? Here we go Here he goes So many crevices for oh I Kind of kept the same idea of the rockwork and how it’s built up so he’ll know where to go now Hawaiian fish Here goes you’re free now Sorry, I know you don’t even look very happy but Your Finn feel good. Whoo some of the spines on the dorsal fin kind of exposed though You’ll be fine Let him get used to the tank and I turn the flow down a little bit. I Think he’s gonna like it Already exploring it. Look they’re both out let’s get a Full look he’s so little in this tank now that extra foot Kind of crazy Yeah, he’s gonna be alright yeah, I Think they’re going to settle in here just nicely in a few days. I’ll go ahead and offer them something to eat I know the lionfish is definitely going to eat. You can’t remain nameless though. I’m getting pretty attached to always pretty cool He already tried to go after a piece of debris Clothing buy so if you guys have any suggestions, let me know. I do have a few ideas With that said I know that many of you guys want updates of these specific fish or specific things in between regular videos So if you’re not following me on Instagram make sure that you do I regularly post like quick clips on there all the time So you guys can get your fill before we put out another video. Anyways, thanks for watching guys. I will see you again shortly

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  1. i couldn't help but think of the baby shark song……………… BAYBAY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO BAY BAY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO BAYBAY SHARKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pq vcs americanos têm mania com aquários em que a água fica azul e não dá pra ver os peixes direito? É algum costume?

  3. the lion fish when u were cleaning it's tank its like ' WHAT IS THIS THIS IN HERE' ( in it's mind) ' look big and scary!'

  4. I love this guy. Very positive vibe. Anyone who likes fish/aquariums this much is alright by me. Lion fish is beautiful!

  5. 3:24 I have a Betta fish in a 10 gal tank. He hates the filter and attacks in so I was trying to figure out a way to stop it. So I took out the filter and the Betta fish slipped into the whole the filter covered and it was the worst thing ever because we couldn't get the fish out. Reminds me of what's happening to your Eel.

  6. I used to have an algae eater and catfish and goldfish all living in 1 tank and I was taking care of our neighbors koi’s and I counted them 1 was missing he managed to get in the filter but I ran home got a net and took him out

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