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ADDING FISH TOO FAST! HOW TO NOT- Add fish to your TANK too Quickly

ADDING FISH TOO FAST! HOW TO NOT- Add fish to your TANK too Quickly

Dustin with Dustin’s fishtanks there I
wanted to show the 90 gallon neon tank that I’ve got brewing these days and
tell a quick story about it I uh this tank I only had like five or six neons
in last week and I decided to move my neons from my 75 gallon tank way down
low up here to the front of the office or people can walk in and see and
everybody loves a big school in the Aeons so while I’m showing you this I
want to tell the story of what happened I I went and I I did a 50% water change
and I at the top I have a bunch of duck weed and sell this duck weed here and
when I can you miss the next day I had a bunch of algae you can see the algae
here and a little bit of it here a little bit of here and I just like to
give the lesson of what I learned with this tank and that’s this don’t mess too
much with the plants when you mess with your tank I should have left I did a 50%
water change and I removed three-quarters of the duck weed I
shouldn’t have done that I should have left the duck weed alone
done the water change and that way I probably wouldn’t have had the algae
bloom that I had because what I did was I increased the fish load and I removed
some of the filtering so to speak I also added the whisper number three which by
the way I love these filters I’ve had these forever these are like the
original filters that I’ve had when I was like a kid and they they work good
and they’re quiet and I mean I just shove a sponge and that’s how I do it
but so if I had done it over I would have added the filter a couple weeks
before I added the fish and then I would have left the duckweed alone I still
would have done the big water change but as you can see there’s a little bit of
an algae problem and that’s self-inflicted so you know let that be a
lesson if you’re gonna add fish to a tank and you know leave the plants alone
even if they’re a pest plant because they’ll do some good that obviously
after the tank gets balanced so to speak you know that will work out a little
better I basically was running a little too rich I don’t know if you
just saw that bubble that went up that came from the from this year from the
co2 coming from the dirt that I’ve got in there but I’m really excited about
this tank yeah I run my tanks pretty lightly stock so I don’t know how many
more neons I’m really going to put in it more would obviously be cooler but I’m
lazy and I don’t know I also added my stir bait Cory cats which are in here
somewhere I’m not gonna be able to find them but there seem to be having some
fun as well so just a quick lesson you know you’re gonna do if you’re gonna had
a lot of fish don’t remove the plant load so I’m paying for with the algae
but it’ll go away Dustin’s fishtanks signing out

14 comments on “ADDING FISH TOO FAST! HOW TO NOT- Add fish to your TANK too Quickly

  1. Sunlight rules when its working for you…against it sucks…Turn your Lights OFF. Kill all of the light asap. What size tank with plant/fishload? I'd add a some kinda surface plant like mine cause you've got too much nutrients and light. you need to cut back both. tell me more and I'll help you more…

  2. You call him a noob because he doesn't house cichlids? YOU Good sir are the noob for having the idea of 'cichlids or nothing'…

  3. I'm almost ready to set up my 35 gallon Hex. I want to do it as a dirted tank, but I'm having a crisis of confidence….how to start…what's that CO2 thing?….where do I find clay?….Time to take a deep breath………….

  4. Just set up a tank my self I'm the one who asked for the brazilian waterweed but anyway I put some organic garden soil from miricle grow then added some oil dry kitty litter it's a 5gal I think. I got a aqua 20 filter running and one fluorescent bulb don't know the watts tho. Should I have the light cycle as well? And is there anything I missed I wanna add a bunch of tetras in there for fish also quari cat fish and maybe a few shrimp what's the best way of doing this? When can I add plants to?

  5. I also just set up a dirted tank near much natural light. I had it set up fully loaded with plants for two weeks before adding any fish. Because of so much sunlight coming in from the front and back of my open floor plan house, I only put the T5 HO lights on for 4 hours a day. So far, I haven't had any algae blooms. The fish have only been in for a week so we'll see if that changes the balance any.

  6. I have a 46 Gallon community tank with a Spotted Plecko, Red Cap Oranda, a Fancy Tail Guppy and 3 Neon Tetras ( today I just added another 10 neons) …now I ALSO bought new filters for my Penguin 350 Filter to see if that will make the water crystal clear as it's sort of clear/ white fog looking…I have had the fish for approx 6 months to 1 year now and just added the 10 neons today…. if and when I do my water changes and filter replacements, are you saying I need to remove my fish from my tank and allow the water to adjust before adding my fish again or can I do a 50 water change and add new filters same time without harming my fish??

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