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Adults Eat A High School Lunch

Adults Eat A High School Lunch

– Are you sniffing the bread? How does it smell? – Hi, I’m Lindsay. – I’m Brenden. – Hi, I’m Destiny. – Hey, I’m Nate. – We are going to eat a Los Angeles Unified School District high school lunch. – Oh, nailed it. – First try! (lighthearted music) – I feel like a LA school lunch is bouge. They got some kale in there. – Quinoa. – Quinoas! Vegan options. – There’s no gluten on this lunch tray. – No gluten. – Locally sourced. Very farmers market friendly. – Oh my god, imagine! – I remember taking my lunch everyday. – I was a kid that never
brought their lunch. – My mom actually ran my school cafeteria. It wasn’t like a regular school lunch. She like made family recipes
and everything from scratch. – Oh my god! – I some some really good school lunch, so I will also be judging this meal by my mom’s standards as
a professional lunch lady. (lighthearted music) – Oh my god, I remember when
they came out in calendars! – The lunch schedule! – I love a good lunch schedule! – Today we’re gonna have a
deli turkey ham sandwich. – Fresh garden salad. – Petite baby carrots. – Fruit and fruit juice. This is the lamest. (laughing) – And then I have a hotdog. – Yours is an all-star hotdog. What makes it all-star? – This is an all-star turkey hotdog. – It’s not just a hot dog, it’s all-star. – Yeah! – This is Monday’s hot,
this is a day old hotdog. – Cheesy pillows and sweet corn? We missed that day. – You picked the wrong day to give us. I am gonna call out all
of our other options were like a burger, chicken
tenders, cheesy pillows. We got the ham sandwich from home and a dirty old hotdog. – Friday would have been good. Oh, there’s even a Chick-fil-A sandwich. – I have a question. – [Producer] Yeah. – Is there any dressing for this salad? – Okay, well I’m assuming
this, you know in real life, comes with dressing. – You know I’m kind into,
I’m on this low carb kick. – Yeah? – So this turkey ham deli
thing, this is awesome. – Oh, you’re going no bread? – Yeah I’m going no bread. – Okay. – I will say these are two things that you can’t really mess up. Like these aren’t bad. – I think these fruit cups
are also severely underrated. – I- yes! – I think they’re amazing. – I love fruit cups, I
love fruit cocktail cups. – You gotta make sure
they don’t squirt at you. – And they don’t expire for a whole year. – Ah! It got at me. – That was mostly me. – Ugh. – It’s on my face. – You gave me the end? (laughing) This is, there’s always
a kid that gets the end. – I feel like that’s an authentic
school experience though, that you would get the heel. – Ugh! – I’m not sure that
the Los Angeles Unified School District high school lunch is getting a fair shake here. – Cheers!
– Cheers! – He says do another sip. Take another hit of juice. – It feels like, you know what, that’s what this feels like. – How’s that? It looks like, wrinkled. – I mean, it’s a hotdog. – Okay, it’s well balanced, right? (laughing) – I’m getting notes of mahogany. Is that cloves? – What is something we would talk about at a high school lunch table? – Oh let me tell you what
I used to talk about. Did you see Devon? He looks so fine after
basketball practice. – He does. He is the finest, I agree. – You suck at this. – Remember when you’d
forget your lunch money and they’d have like a PB&J. It was like the PB&J of shame. – What did you talk about in high school? – Sports. So I was at a meet the other day with– – Track? – Ah wrestling. – [Destiny] Oh! – And I lost real bad. – For pretty much all of my teens I had shoulder length hair. (laughing) And was really into music. I don’t really have much more then that. I mean, I have like– – Were you in clubs? – Uh-uh. – No, me neither. – Yeah. – I got in, I tried to do my homework and then I got out. – Yeah I mean my hair was
really long, I had bangs. I looked like Hannah Montana. Wasn’t the vibe I was going for. I was going for more Zooey Deschanel, but looked like Hannah Montana. – I think I probably looked
more like Zooey Deschanel. (laughing) – I spent most of my lunches
either eating with friends, or in the library doing
college prep, or reading books. – You were doing college prep at lunch, but you’re giving me the nerd
card for doing my homework. – I mean, you didn’t think
Devonte was looking fine, so that’s why– – Listen, obviously I think
Devonte’s looking fine, but I can’t tell him so. I don’t want it spreading.
– That’s right. No you’re right, you’re right. – There was this really
cute senior one year that, we called him Coke Guy, but
not because he did coke, but because everyday he’d
go to the soda machine and get a Coke, so we’d watch. – Watch him get a Coke. – I never did the same,
ever said hi to him. Coke Guy, he’s not gonna be watching this. – What if he is? What is he’s at home with his Coke and he’s like “She remembers!” – My picture of your high school, just to kind of paint a picture. – Yeah, paint it. – Is one child covered in ranch dressing and then two other children fighting, and then over in the corner
is a very pretty man, but we’re not gonna talk to him. – Devonte, correct.
– Devonte. – Yep, that’s right. – The hottest goss now, I’m predicting James Charles drama. (gasp) – James Charles. – What Billie Eilish wore that day. How many Instagram followers
does that girl have? – Fortnite. – What do you think? – Tik Tok? (laughing) – They just make Tik Toks? – I would assume it’s
just all Tik Tok now. – I wish we went to high school together. – We would probably be friends. – I think so too. – Well high school’s the
time to actually experiment and mess up with like, just school stuff. – Yeah. – Just experiment with what you like. Experiment with with
what your interests are, because college is kinda like oh now you gotta pay to experiment. – Yeah. – Yeah no, high school was great. I don’t have any super bad
memories of high school. – I wish I had prepared more for college. I was like I don’t care, I’m
not even gonna go to college. I’m gonna take a year
off and I’m gonna work, and make a bunch of money. It was like, no, I was a stupid kid. – Oh. – I didn’t make any money
I was like minimum wage job somewhere that didn’t matter. – I thought this lunch was more healthy than I thought it was gonna be. Like I assumed it was gonna be real gross, or like, real processed, but with the exception of the sugar water, it was pretty decent. – Satisfied’s a strong word, I– – Full? Not gonna die? Yeah. – And I will give them credit, looking at the rest of the menu, it seems like they do
have some heavy hitters throughout the month.
– Oh yeah. If the metaphor of high school, no life, it’s a school lunch. Does that make sense? – Not yet. – Some days are good, some days are bad, but Monday’s, some Monday’s
you’ll get cheese pillows. – I couldn’t put it better myself. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry actually. Listen, high school is
a weird time, right? High school’s a weird time. Your body’s changing. – Yeah. – Your hormones are going all haywire. You think everyone hates you. You’ll get past it. High school’s weird and
then eventually you’ll be not in high school and
you’ll just look back and be like high school,
what a weird phase. – Oh, the blip of time. – Yeah. – A true blip of time. – It becomes so insignificant
in the long run, so if you’re stressing,
just try to work it out, you’ll be okay. Keep on keepin’ on. If the metaphor of life
is a ham butt sandwich and a dirty old hotdog. (laughing) – Mine was better than that. (upbeat music)

100 comments on “Adults Eat A High School Lunch

  1. Our school lunches are so much worse. It tastes like cardboard and the best part of the meal is the apple with tajin.

  2. Must be nice to have good food Tennessee schools lunches are always bad and everything is processed 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. My high school lunch in lake Elsinore was pretty decent honestly , breakfast we get choco mini donuts or powdered , hash browns , coffee cake , muffins, pancakes, cereal , juice or choco or white milk string cheese different choices of fruit , lunch had pizza spicy chickens protein packs for vegetarians veggie burgers cheese burgers those cheese pillows lol orange chicken and rice chicken nuggets and onion rings Asian chicken salads Caesar salads always fresh fruits or veggies like carrots celery watermelon grapes strawberries , I remember a time where we’d get fresh cut mango with melon and other fruits honestly pretty good can’t remember much else but very decent compared to this

  4. I loved my high school lunches. We had a pizza line every day , sub line every day, Hamburger/chicken Burger line every day. And the one line that would chang every day pasta, Chinese or other things .

  5. The white Hannah Montana girl was spot on with the gossip …I just graduated this year and that’s all girls would talk about , James Charles , how many followers this one popular girl has, etc

  6. bro, my school legit just sells pizza hut pizza and cheese and bean burritos from miguel jr…. wtf are you guys eating.

  7. "We serve healthy, organic foods!"
    *serves a round pizza drowning in grease with 13 pepperoni on it and a side of cheesy broccoli that's probably 5 days old*

  8. at my school when someone didn’t bring their lunch money they would have to eat a sandwich that contains just cheese and bread 😂😭😭

  9. When we didnt have money for lunch we could only get 2 slices of wheat bread with a slice of fake cold cheese in the middle… nothing else 💀 so pbnj sounds good to me

  10. Fr tho school lunches are so much worse… We never get a fruit cup, no salad unless that's all you're eating that day, only milk or drinks that around two dollars from a vending machine. You guys even got to skip the lunch line lmaooo

  11. when they speak they perform as if they are trying to impress 3 year old children (with the self-conscious theatrical gesturing) – but of course that is exactly what they are doing.

  12. Is it just me or did anyone else get those soggy ass pizzas in a bag, old trail mix they would pick the tiny chocolate chips out of, and expired milk. Just me? Okay, cool.

  13. I never got anything like that all the food I got was stepped on
    My school activity had to shut down for 3 days cause it gave the whole school food posioning,
    And that LA Lunch is something me and other kids I know which we had

  14. I was too lazy to make my lunch but didn’t like school lunch so I basically lived off of coffee for all four years of high school

  15. dude what is this ?!? american students get like a full on set meal for lunch? this has never been a thing in aus.

  16. If this is how American school lunches are… all I can say is here in the UK the lunches just aren’t at nutritious.. literally no veg or fruit, just greasy burgers, chips, pizza etc

  17. Um that’s not even bad. My school lunch was so bad. Except the fruit cups , chocolate cartons that i always had trouble opening and the uncrustables I was way to shy to ask for. Oh and I always missed taco tuesdays 😭

  18. I’m going to high school and my school hires Taco Bell and those fast foods to cater for our school lunch . Subtle flex 💪

  19. What fancy school gets edible lunches like this?! School lunches are like mystery meat with a side of depression!

  20. idk about yall but my pizza sells pizza, spicy chicken, hamburgers every day and then you have the regular food schedule line

  21. 0:32 *laughs * imagine 😂 * yes… it’s hilarious to imagine eating healthy… typical heartless mindless brainwashed people… USE YOUR DAMN HEARTS AND BRAINS!

  22. You should give them the school lunch that a good ammount of kids get that can't afford an every day home lunch and can't afford school lunch.
    That's right.
    Just two pieces of bread
    And one slice of processed cheese
    …this was me…for almost a whole year

  23. Forgot their lunch money & got a PB & J ??? In the South we get turned around in line & told “Sorry”

  24. I just bring sriracha from home and the teachers doesn’t even care so school lunches were ok
    But sometimes I feel like the lunch ladies hate me

  25. IK they did not give them NAME BRAND fruit cups. We get cocktail fruit cups and most of the time I can't tell if it's fruit or "fruit"

  26. I don’t know why people hate school lunches so much I mean yeah it’s not good but it’s not bad either and it’s only like $2.50

  27. My high school lunches are not really bad at all we have many lines for example pizza, taco, deli, Mexican, fast line, pasta, hamburger, and salad line. But i guess we have a variety because my school as 4000 students

  28. What school did you get those lunches from, at my school just the salad, sandwich or hotdog is the main course not all as 1. Especially not juice or pre packaged fruit cups and carrots. they buy surplus and put it on the plate

  29. This is actually way nicer than the lunches at my high school, because it's all cooked properly and the veggies look reasonably fresh. Plus a heckin fruit cup AND juice.

  30. My high school lunches were actually pretty alright…as long as you stuck with the sub station or the sandwich station 😂😂😂 I miss the Grilled Chicken Swiss with bacon on whole grain bread. We also had a slushee machine.

  31. They get juice THEY GET JUICE THEY. GET. JUICE!! In Brooklyn we didn’t even get juice at lunch we get water or some milk the only time we got juice in the morning if they even had any left 🥺🥺😩😩

  32. Yup all of high school is now tick tock!😉 At my school we don't even get the dirty shriveled hotdogs, we get trash sandwiches every day!

  33. In my school if you didnt have a lunch or lunch money they gave you some old ass bread and they slap some old ass cheese on it.

  34. Least they don’t serve hard-as-a-brick grilled cheese sandwiches, drowning-in-grease pizzas OR cardboard pizza, and burritos that somehow always ended up with the beans and sauce on the outside of the tortilla wrap💀😂😂😂

  35. If i had that quality lunch then i would just pack my own. That's not lunch but just snack. I've lived in Asia and school lunch wasn't that malnourished.

  36. This is what our kids get in grade school too lol i am a lunch lady at my children's school, and this is the stuff we serve. Except we have dressing and condiments for the hot dogs lol

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