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AERO X5 Range Open Water – Talking w/ Nick Speed | Shimano Fishing EU

AERO X5 Range Open Water – Talking w/ Nick Speed | Shimano Fishing EU

Well you’ve joined me today,
very near the experience centre on lake Maas. Now I cannot wait for this,
looking forward to catching loads of fish For this style of fishing, whether you’re doing natural fishing
or long-distance commercial fishing, there’re 7 rods that I want to talk to you about
in the Aero X5 range. Brilliant rods, ranging from 12ft to 14ft
including also two waggler rods at 13 and 14ft. But let’s talk about the feeder rods to start with. we’ve used high pressure carbon for these rods. That means we’ve minimised the diameter of the blank,
increased the power of the blank, which for this style of fishing is so important. This means it helps the compression of the rod, it helps the rod straighten up during the progress of the cast, aids the casting distance,
aids control, accuracy, and also playing action. All those are key factors to distance fishing,
whether you’re fishing a float or a feeder. In order to achieve the responsiveness of the carbon
we’ve also looked at using the lightest possible guides, Minimising weight at the top end of the rod is so important, so when you’re in the progression of a cast
compressing the rod, you need that rod to straighten up as quickly as possible to minimise resistance as the line
or the braid runs through the runners. This maximises the compression of the rod and the distance
that you’re trying to achieve with whichever length you actually choose. The rod I’m holding is the 12ft. This is one of the best braid rods I’ve used,
and I’ve been testing it over the past year now in England on local reservoirs, fishing for skimmer bream and bream,
can’t believe how well it performs. Now with all the rods within the range,
there’re some key factors. For a start, they all come with three quiver tips,
to suit the action of the rod themselves. Which is really important, you could be facing a situation
where you’re having to swap in the middle of a session to marry with the situation that you’re faced with. The wind might pick up, the undertow might pick up,
you need to swap to a heavier tip. So we’ve supplied three quiver tips for that reason. That allows you to adjust your fishing accordingly
and carry on catching fish. and the responsiveness of the top action of the rod is so important and by using the light guides,
we’ve created not only a fantastic casting tool from the 12ft right through to the 14ft, but we’ve also created a lovely playing action. So whether you’re on a commercial,
long distance method work, or you’re doing conventional feeder work
for bream, skimmer bream, the rod plays an important part for both of those disciplines. Moving down the rod, as you can see,
the cosmetics look absolutely brilliant. And we’ve spent a lot of time getting the cosmetics right,
making it look a really stylish rod. Now when it comes to the handle,
the reel seat is again, so important. Everything has to feel comfortable. When you’re using a long-distance rod
everything has to sit in place with your hand and that’s exactly what we’ve tried to achieve. Which is a lovely comfortable rod with a reel on. We’ve used EVA at the front which allows the fingers nice soft material,
allows you to grip the rod correctly and then in the middle of the butt section we’ve used cork, and at the bottom of the butt,
where you’re actually grabbing the rod at the base, to compress the rod during the cast we’ve used EVA again. This is a lovely material to grab hold of
and minimise the slippage with your hands. And again, both materials are perfect after a day’s fishing
for you to just wipe down and they’re as good as new. Now let’s talk about the rods in a little bit more detail. We’ve created five feeder rods,
The 12ft is perfect for distances up to 50 meters. Whether you’re on a commercial fishing a method feeder
fishing for carp and bream, or you’re going on your local reservoir fishing for bream and skimmers,
the 12ft’s lovely for up to 50 meters. And then moving up the range,
we’ve then got the 13ft. It’s a distance feeder, which allows you to use both disciplines
and I’ve used this rod for fishing up to 100 meters. It’s absolutely perfect for 70 to 80 meters for a conventional feeder
and up to 100 meters with a method feeder. It’s a lovely thin blank as you can see,
lovely progressive action, for both styles of fishing whether you’re doing
a conventional feeder for bream abroad or in England, or you’re fishing a method feeder. And then moving up the range
we’ve created some power rods as well. Now these come into play when you’re abroad in Ireland
or in Holland and you want to reach that extra distance, but also, you’re fishing a method feeder
and you want to achieve that ultimate distance. When you want to be maybe 10, 15, 20 meters
further out than your competitors, that’s going to help you catch more fish. So we’ve created the distance power feeder. Now this is perfect for rivers as well, it’s perfect for all terrains,
whether you’re on a lake or a river, a commercial, an open water commercial
where you want to fish a method feeder, we’ve tried to achieve everything within this rod
to allow you to use it for all varied disciplines really. Again, ultra-light rod, reasonably thin blank for what the rod is for,
but it’s got that extra boost of power here. That’s really important for casting and control, and especially when you come to these natural waters, you may be having to face with undertow,
extra flow, especially on rivers, and also rough terrain that you could be faced with
when you’re trying to bring that fish over the rocks or boulders, you want to keep your line away from the snags. So it’s got that power there, if you’ve hooked a big fish
let’s say a barbell on a river, it’s got that control and power in the top two tiers of the rod
yet it’s got that lovely playing action in the carrier section. Then moving up, now this is the boy.
And believe me I’ve had some fun using this rod, This is absolutely amazing. This is the distance heavy power feeding rod. Now when it comes to control,
using extra heavy leads, let’s say you’re on the river IJsel in Holland
or you’re fishing in the river Trent for big barbel, or you’re going to that lake and you want to get even further
distance with a heavier feeder, this is the boy. This is the rod that will do the damage. As you can see it’s got some real power here,
it’s got some real force. Again, we’ve achieved the same principle
as what we’ve done with all the rods within the range, a lovely playing action. Now the heavy power 14ft
is for when you want to really punch that feeder out. We’ve tested all the rods with distances,
and we’ve not just put the word distance on the rods for any reason, we’ve put it on because they are for distance fishing
if you need them for that situation. With this particular rod I’ve managed
to cast 155 meters with a feeder, that shows how much power there
actually is within this rod. And this is for extra distance, or you’re facing a situation where you’re in a snaggy peg,
you need to get your line off the water, pick the fish up from the snags. Control,
this is a rod about control. Or you could be facing a situation on a reservoir where all of a sudden the wind picks up,
it’s blowing an absolute gale, and you just want to carry on
hitting your target. It often isn’t about fishing a massive distance, it’s about being accurate and casting to the distance,
and achieving that distance. And as we all know, on reservoirs like this,
open water reservoirs, the wind can pick up, and all of a sudden the 13 ft rod, you can’t hit your clip
you can’t get to the distance where you’ve baited up so swap to a 14ft rod and you can carry on catching fish
and having a great day. That is the principle behind using just that extra foot length
within the rod to achieve that principle. So they’re the five feeder rods, now let me quickly talk to you about the two waggler rods as well. Now we’ve created two waggler rods within this range. 13ft and 14ft. Now especially when you’re fishing
a slider, or a conventional waggler, 13 and 14ft rods are really important. The 14ft rod allows you to use an extra heavy float whether it’s a slider or a conventional waggler
it allows you to reach that extra distance. But more importantly it’s got line control, so lets say for example you’re fishing a waggler on a river,
you need that extra foot length within the rod to pick that line up, get the line behind the float,
get in control of the float, and when you receive a bite you can connect with the bite
and the fish, because of the extra length Because it’s a longer rod as well,
it’s got a little bit more power in the base of the rod. That aids casting, aids distance, aids control, it’s just the perfect tool
if you’re looking for a waggler rod for natural fishing. It’s absolutely brilliant. Then the 13ft, this is more like an all-round rod, whether you want to use it for stick float fishing,
light waggler will work, it’s still got a lovely playing action as the 14ft has,
but of course it’s just a foot shorter. But that allows you to use lighter waggler’s
and feel the power of the fish a little bit more. So let’s say for example, you’re going on your local reservoir
roach fishing or small skimmers, this is the rod. This is where you actually feel the power of the fight,
even from the smallest of fish, because we’ve created a lovely parabolic action
with both of the rods. So there you have it,
the Aero X5 range.

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