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Ahi tuna tacos | sesame crusted tuna recipe

Ahi tuna tacos | sesame crusted tuna recipe

Tonight’s quick dinner is ahi tuna tacos!
I’m gonna show you how to make it super quick super simple coming up! hi I’m Debra you’re watching The Last
Minute Cook where I share delicious recipes that are quick so that you can
make dinner at the last minute and feel good about what you’re serving, so if
you’re new here subscribe and hit the little bell to be notified of my future
videos, I post about two times a week. Sp for tonight we are making tacos with a
beautiful filet of ahi tuna. I found this at Costco and snagged it and using
ingredients that are simple, just a few of them, so I’ve got one filet of the ahi
tuna and for the marinade that I’m gonna put on this I’m using two tablespoons of
soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of a vegetable oil like a canola or whatever that you
would like, and I’m also using a half of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. You
can substitute rice vinegar or whatever you’ve got, and about 1/4 teaspoon of
ginger that’s it and then I just whisked all of that together and so we’re gonna
go ahead and get…. oh also, you want to make sure you pat dry your fish so that it
can absorb all the yummy marinade that you’ve got. I’m gonna pour right on top
just kind of get that all on there, I’m going to have to use my hands because I don’t want my fillet to
fall apart. Okay then the other side and then, I’m also using a bit of just raw
sesame seeds, just so. You can keep them on hand you can just roll your filet
right into the sesame seeds so let’s do that and just make sure it gets nice and
coated I’m gonna do the sides and we’re gonna make sure we pat it in there
really really well. You want to coat it on there we’re gonna lose some of these
sesame seeds when we get this on the skillet. All right so I’ve got about a
pad of butter it’s not quite a tablespoon just enough to…
this is not a nonstick pan so I want to make sure my fish, my beautiful fish
doesn’t stick, so I’m just going to put a little bit of that there. This is gonna go quick, about a minute at
the most per side. And then we’ll flip it About now… okay Could have gone a little bit longer on those sesame seeds, I think. I’ve got to get this fish off my pan because we
don’t wanna overcook this beautiful fish. So since this is for tacos we want to
slice it fairly thinly and we’re just gonna go this way. Okay I’m gonna check
the doneness level also so what I see is that we’ve got the outside nice and
seared we’ve got a nice fleshy pink inside. That’s what we want! So I’m gonna
go ahead and slice this for our our tacos, okay so just nice and thin we’re
gonna be topping these with some good delicious toppings and if you’re on a
keto or carb restricted diet of course you don’t need to put this on flour
tortillas, you could serve this directly over a bed of lettuce which would be delicious…
for the taco we’ll do… this is a cabbage blend I’m just gonna put a little bit of
that there and I want to go with a little bit of tomatoes I’m gonna do the
same thing from my Keto friendly plate over here as well.
Okay get our tomatoes on there and we’ll go with just a sprinkle of cilantro. This
cabbage blend already has some cilantro in it so we’re just gonna add some for just a
little dash of extra flavor there. We will also have a little fun with some
avocado so for our taco like that beautiful … and then this is a sesame soy
dressing, just a store-bought, you can use whatever you like for this just to give
it a little bit of enhanced flavor there but I think this would also be just
delicious without any additional dressing. Okay so there we go,
beautiful, and then for our keto friendly I just want to show you this, Look! Yum! Okay and
then for our plated without the tortilla same thing got the bed of lettuce
tomatoes a little bit of avocado. I’m gonna put on our little strips of ahi
and you can serve it just like this, you can avoid the dressing and the added
sugar or anything that you don’t want in your diet and serve it just like this.
Spectacularly beautiful, perfectly cooked just a quick sear on both sides, a few
ingredients and you have a beautiful gourmet quick dinner!
Enjoy your tuna tacos or your tuna ahi tuna salad . Thank you so much for watching
don’t forget to subscribe if you have not done that and don’t forget to
connect with me in the comments below I’d love to hear from you. Thank you so
much. Buon Appetito!

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