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Alan Haynes: Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2019 – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Alan Haynes: Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2019 – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

(music) [Alan Haynes] I’ve lived here my entire life
and it’s a great city great town. But when you grew up it was small enough
town you knew everybody in town. You go to picture show or go to a restaurant you
knew everybody in it. (laugh) No question about it. (music) In my case fishing became important. (film projector) When I was a little kid I had some adults that took me fishing right here on this lake and I remember the very first bass I ever caught on it. (laughs) Woody Brookshire says
I want us to build a sporting goods store in Tyler and I want you to run it. And I
said I think it’s a great idea but I want to own part of it and he says well I
hoped you’d say that too. [Announcer] John Bass for the Sportster. Brother this week it’s the Sportster’s spring sports spectacular. Our biggest sale of all time. Check Monday’s newspaper in your area for the Sportster spectacular sale tabloid and don’t miss
the greatest sale and show in town all week long. [Steve Night] Through the Sportster
initially, Alan provided the gear that made people better fishing, when they
became better fishermen they became more active fishermen. [Alan Haynes] This store was a
destination. [ Martin Wood] If he didn’t have it you didn’t need it. He just had so much knowledge as a fisherman that he could really help people. [Brent Smith] Always looking for
new ways to promote and to sell fishing. [Alan Haynes] Look at the size of that bass. (laughs and cheers) [Fisherman] That sir is mister Alan Haynes right there. Having fun. (laughs and cheers) (music) [Alan] I was in the sporting goods business and I determined early in the game that I would do everything I could do to the help
fishing in Texas. [Dave Terre] Alan brought some of the things and tools that he learned as a business owner into public advocacy for anglers and specifically to the Texas Parks and Wildlife and involvement with us and trying to make fishing better. [Steve Night] He understands the conservation part, bringing more people into the sport. [Martin Wood] And when the opportunity came along to support to the Fishing and Wildlife
Conservation Act, Alan was totally on board. [Steve Night] That kind of to me lit the fire
under him. And he was very active going to Austin and pushing that issue. [Dave Terre] Alan was an integral part of establishing the East Texas Woods and
Waters Foundation. That organization did so many great things to improve fishing
like the Mineola Preserve. It was a huge piece of property that he really wanted
to set aside for the use and enjoyment of current and future generations of outdoorsmen. [Alan] Seems to me that, to enjoy the outdoors you have to have places to go and things to do. [Brent Smith] It was important and is important you know facilities like this Nature Center. They had the youth fish days which are huge. [Alan] The reason I helped start the kid fish program, people that were nice to me when
I was a kid. I felt like it was payback time. [Dave] Alan was also an important leader
in a planning committee to start the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in
Athens which is the Inland Fisheries Division major outreach center. [Brent Smith] When he starts something he puts everything he’s got into it. [Steve] He won’t quit. He has selective hearing and he can’t hear the word no. (cast) [Martin] As great as it is in Texas Alan wants to make it better. [Steve] Alan is an advocate for fishing and in all the outdoors, because he loves it. [Alan] You know it just makes you feel good that you’ve lived this long and somebody appreciates what you did. (music)

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  1. 🐟🌿 How lovely ❤ Thank you for blessing us with your love and work Allen, and all involved with you and in the video.

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