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Alappuzha Fish Curry & Puttu | ആലപ്പുഴ മീൻ കറിയും പുട്ടും | Hotel Brothers [with English cc]

We are starting on a small trip, starting from Kochi and ending in Kochi. We will be covering many places like Kollam, Madurai, Dindigal, Coimbatore and Palakkad, before coming back to Kochi. Watch this and enjoy. We are doing food videos in this trip. Though travel is there, it will be covered with food. We are concentrating on food. We are starting our video from Alappuzha beach. When we started from Kochi, it was dark. We are in Alappuzha beach. We will have breakfast from somewhere nearby. This video will end after a lunch from Kollam. Rest of the videos will come one by one. Able and Vineeth are with me. Vijilesh will join us from Kollam. All four of us are going in this trip. This time, we are not covering the activities of Alappuzha. We will go and have breakfast. Veg or non-veg? Non-veg. We will have some non-veg delicacies near Alappuzha beach, and start our trip. Able, are you coming? Hello Manikkutan chetta, Vineeeth speaking. I and my friend, travel vlogger, Ebbin chettan, are going in a Tamil Nadu trip. We are now near Alappuzha beach. We are searching for some good restaurants to have breakfast. We want some non-veg items. We have to include some non-veg variety in breakfast. We are on our breakfast hunt. Vineeth asked his friend. He asked Manikkuttan chettan. I haven’t seen Manikkuttan chettan. He suggested many places. One is Halayees. Some of our other friends also suggested it. But we are not going there this time. Indian Coffee House was also suggested. We will do a video on the best Indian Coffee House restaurants some time. Brothers Hotel is said to be a place where we get local non-veg dishes. We will try from there. We will have breakfast from Brothers and lunch from Kollam, before continuing on the trip. We are in Brothers restaurant. It is not very close to beach, around two kms from there. We will have breakfast. We didn’t take prior permission to enter their kitchen. We will ask, and enter if possible. Or else, we can take food videos. This has a nice ambience of an old house. He is the owner of the hotel. He has allowed us to enter kitchen and take videos of cooking. Non-veg dishes start from 9 am. But egg curry is there. We will see what to eat. Here, dosa preparation is going on. Ghee roast is being made. On the other side, chicken and mutton curries are getting readied. King fish curry is already done. Idiyappam is being made in coconut shell. Should we have idiyappam and fish curry, or wait for chicken? We will think about it. When we came out from kitchen, we heard about Brothers Lodge. I am hearing for the first time. I have less info about movies. Room no. 19 in Brothers Lodge is said to be very special. Many movies like Manichithrathazhu were written here. It is a lucky room for movies. Currently, script writer Madhu is busy with some script there. We will try to talk to him. Or else, we can see the room, and then have food. Ebbin chettan liked this place. Manikkuttan chettan’s suggestion was good. We came accidentally. But I am happy. Cinema is a fantasy for us. We came by chance, as per Manikkuttan chettan’s suggestions. This is something I don’t know. I have less knowledge about movies. This is a lodge where many movie scripts are written. I was planning to do breakfast video casually. Lunch in Kollam was supposed to be main. I changed my plan. Now this is about luck room no.19. This is interesting. I am learning many new things. I am Ebbin. Food is my main agenda. Food and travel. I feel that your face is very familiar.Have you appeared in media? I have done three episodes in Safari TV. I do YouTube videos regularly. I have not seen him before in person. You don’t watch TV, right? I watch Safari. You didn’t know about Brothers? No, I don’t have much idea about movies. I used to watch old movies. I watch movies. But I never thought about the background. Duck roast is very famous here. One of Vineeth’s friends suggested this. He suggested duck roast only. But the time is not right now. We will come for duck roast, some other time. I know nothing about all these. I am just a baby. They have guest logs from the time before I was born. There are comments from actors like Adoor Bhasi. Reading all those comments gives a special happiness. Vineeth, what do you feel? It was unexpected luck. Yes, it was an unexpected diamond. Say thanks to Manikuttan chettan. A special thanks to Manikuttan chettan for telling us about this place. Thanks to Vineeth also. Let us have food now. I am starting with fish curry. Let me put it like this. Pouring the gravy over puttu. I am taking a piece of tomato. I took a piece of fish too. Let us mix fish gravy with puttu. This puttu is made with rice and wheat flours. It is in two layers. Let me try just this fish. Good fish with a sour taste. This is made with pot tamarind and ground coconut. This is Alappuzha style fish curry. Now let me try puttu with fish curry and pieces. As coconut has been lavishly added, it has a sweet taste of coconut. Curry also has the taste of ground coconut. Taste of fish and the flavour of tamarind too. It is not very spicy. Just enough spiciness. Sometimes they add too much spice. This is not like that. It is spicy, but not too much. Vineeth, how is idiyappam and egg curry? It is egg roast, not egg curry. It has a slight sweetness of onions. Idiyappam is tasty with coconut on top. Is idiyappam soft? Yes, it can be easily separated. It is not very wet. I liked the taste. More than the taste, I liked the ambience of the place. It has the ambience of old houses in Alappuzha. When we sit inside this, we get an old world feel. That has to be said. Though I said close to beach, it is two and half kms from there. If you are travellers like us, you can start after eating from here. Fish curry is very good. Yes, fish curry is without compromise. Spicy fish curry with puttu. After that, a good black tea. We can have this in between. I like it so. Everyone may not like so. You should have black tea. More videos will come with Madurai food and attractions. We are increasing the frequency. Keep watching. Give your comments. Be happy always. We will meet again. There are many movie makers here. Nishad sir is here. There won’t be anyone who doesn’t know him. You have a new movie coming? His new movie is Thelivu. I saw the teaser. It is a police interrogation story. So we saw the director of Thelivu. Happy to talk to him. He is our friend. Aravind is a Food N Travel friend. He is the third generation owner of this. This was started by hid grandfather. This is about Brothers. I already said about tastes. I ate only two items. There is a lot left. Duck curry has a story also. We will tell that story and do video some other time.

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