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Alaskada Donmuş Gölde Balık Avı(TÜRKÇE ALTYAZILI)-Alaska Ice Lake Fishing

Alaskada Donmuş Gölde Balık Avı(TÜRKÇE ALTYAZILI)-Alaska Ice Lake Fishing

that’s when you know the ice is just gonna be really safe I’m trying this yeah when when you’re using rope to save yourself don’t when you know it’s gonna be safe this is just like a safety precaution I think I mean I’m not really that worried beyond tonight if I fall french fries can say well I’m ice fishing I may or may not fall through today not intentionally but it might happen we’re on about two inches of ice on a new lake this might be the last time I go ice fishing ever especially if I fall in for sure never ever gonna go ice fishing again but we’re gonna do our best try to catch some fish today should be fine so I’m rigging up a tip up here got a chub this is like this is a flare fish this is a fish that I would actually catch e ate a minnow to all the chubs are eatin minnows so let’s take this boat no no no we we’re good we’re good yeah I just through no no we’re good there we go right if this tip up goes up it’s gonna be my new PB calling right now we got a tip up boys oh it’s spinning – oh it’s spinning – get it son oh god here we go it’s about to go down you had it oh man he was rolling though they do those the job – oh my god if that was on the chub dude that’d have been a big in it’s hard to get those hooks in them win that big chub though they gotta eat it just right we suck but that’s a good sign we got a flag Oh God now it wasn’t spinning it’s official we suck I suck really really bad at ice for sure oh yeah dude oh dude this is the job this is the job oh how how how how how do they gotta be grabbing the tails how how I’m switching it up going going back to the minnow we’re thinking the the chubs are just a little too big you know either that or I suck well that I mean we do no that’sthat’s a confirmed fact but I’m gonna drop the minnow down instead a little bit easier presentation gives me a little bit more confidence if I miss another fish then I know how just sucking that’s not that not the big chub that’s doing it yeah oh oh God first fish I don’t want it all staying in the same area oh this ice is breaking yeah this ice is for sure boy there you go first first fish boom son she done did it right there good fish good fish all right let’s not stand together we’re gonna fall through the ice you got another fish I suck at fishing but we’re solanum here that was a big fish that was a big fish that was a big in Wow we got another one don’t get off don’t get off we definitely need to move over here this is the Jew this is the juice this is definitely the juice oh wow 19:19 to the jaw 19-inch almost an MA there you go thanks son alright well I’m moving over here yep I’m moving I’m coming over here this is the juice we got a tip up it’s going to boy is going got it got it he was on it he was I had him too how how yeah he like when I hooked him he was there like I was I saw that running I quit someone any you guys watching you guys want my channel let me know I quit I’m done yeah it’s going it’s going it’s going he come off this is a joke what is going on this this is a joke like this is literally a joke give up I’m done quit holy crap I quit well we missed about 64 tip-ups today I’m switching to a little jigging spoon that’s what those news were catching them on here the ones you guys saw earlier well well sweep impose and stuff so we’re gonna we’re gonna rock this guy look them right through the lip Oh lively lively guy there we’re gonna drop them on down see if we can catch us a big and my tip up fell over how that happened oh dude there’s a fish on it Oh got it got it got it yeah buddy it’s a big into or stay on oh yes yes there we go yes on get there right in that corner yeah just laying over I was like why is that I had the tip of fall over sweetie there we go yeah this guy he’s not a bad little that little fish there first fish for me we’ve missed about 75 so far but we’re gonna get a release yeah so I caught one fish on a tip-up so the key to tip up success since obviously I am an awful ice fisherman I think I got him dialed in as this trains ruining my audio so the key is to let the let the tip will fall over and not realize it for five minutes and then you go get the fish I’m not sure why we were having such bad luck earlier I set the hook just like I did on one of the other ones out what was any different but that’s the key I guess is just just let it chill don’t all run over there at once and that’s it yeah we’re gonna keep on ice fishing I’m still jigging we’ve still got a couple tips out we got about an hour left or so of ice fishing so hopefully we can catch some more flag nice nope nope nope back to sucking oh god I’m awful at this game I’m 1 for about 37 that one was slacked the so I’m not feeling too bad yeah I don’t think he was there it’s spinning oh wait this guy’s dead he’s toast he’s mine come on dude they they hear us running and let go or something he literally stopped right when we got there feel the POW yep I quit I quit I’m done I’m packing up for the day I can’t we are currently walking back you know I I’m basically just throwing in the towel ice fishing maybe fishing in general for now ice fishing Ben you guys want my channel just leave a comment but on the bright side we were now in about an inch of ice since its melted and I may or may not fall through the ice again I’m gonna keep the cameras rolling and enjoy it’s always a good sign when there’s open water this is not a good idea again you have any final you have any final words yeah I’ll be doing a giveaway on my channel on Sunday so I don’t know how my wife should debates to you they all made it so I think I’m all right oh I said that last time

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