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Alaska’s Deadly Sharks | Alaska’s Deadliest

Alaska’s Deadly Sharks | Alaska’s Deadliest

NARRATOR: Unlike their cousins,
the great white sharks, salmon sharks hunt in packs. Together, they push the
salmon against the fjord wall, then drive them
towards the surface, cutting off escape routes. The shark misses on
the first strike. But endurance is its specialty. Tight circles around
the fleeing salmon should tire the prey out. At least, that’s the plan. Another miss. He dispenses with the gymnastics
and goes for hot pursuit. Salmon shark have
excellent eyesight. Eyes are positioned far forward,
enabling sharp binocular vision to locate their prey, an
enormous advantage for closing in on small, fast salmon. Traveling at speeds up
to 50 miles per hour, they’re one of the biggest and
fastest fish on the planet. Once the feeding
begins, the sharks are relentless,
gorging themselves in the salmon-packed waters. Like wolves, a
group of sharks all strike at once, devouring
everything in their path, storing energy for reproduction,
migration, and leaner days.

41 comments on “Alaska’s Deadly Sharks | Alaska’s Deadliest

  1. That’s the kind of WILD I’d like to see about nature either animals or plants…full of actions and the narrator is just excellent!!! He made the whole video even more exciting…👍🏻👏🏻

  2. Salmon is probably the best and most nutritional food on earth! I'm so jealous of the Salmon Shark🎃

  3. I never knew such shark species exists, let along knowing there are types that hunts in packs! What a relentless beast. Lucky for us, they can't walk on land. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

  4. Salmon have to deal with sharks bears and other predators, and are saltwater and fresh water fish, AND have to swim UP Stream to mate and lay eggs????
    Wow….. Salmon are awesome.

  5. A most excellent shark! They probably have one of the highest percentage rates of prey take downs in the animal kingdom.

  6. Those are mako sharks who renamed them, lol you have short fin and long fin but thats a mako. Salmon shark how come there was none when i was a kid

  7. Was this is freshwater? I know some sharks, like bull sharks, can live in freshwater, so I wondered if Salmon sharks could.

  8. im only 8 years old and I really want to become a marine biologist and study about all the different species of fish reptiles and plants that live in the ocean.and everyone in my class just really wants advise from me because I study a lot about the ocean and because we did a assignment on the ocean and everyone points to me if someone says who knows the most about the ocean in the class

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