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Algorithms and Online Dating Won’t Change Your Ancient Brain | Helen Fisher

Algorithms and Online Dating Won’t Change Your Ancient Brain | Helen Fisher

People think that modern technology is somehow
changing love. It’s not changing love. The basic brain system for romantic love evolved
millions of years ago. It’s not going to change whether you meet somebody on Tinder,
on or in the library or on the skating rink or in church. The brain doesn’t change.
And the moment that you meet somebody in a coffeehouse, in a bar, on a park bench, wherever
it is they ancient human brain clicks into action and we court the way we always have.
We smile the way we always have. We flirt the way we always have. We listen the way
we always have. We try to size up the person the way the brain has always been sizing people
up. But modern technology is changing how we court. In fact, you know, I work with,
the Internet dating site and I’m their chief scientific advisor. And they have an algorithm.
There’s all kinds of algorithms out there. But these are not dating sites. These are
introducing sites. Once you go out with the person and meet them wherever you’re going
to meet them the ancient human brain clicks into action and you court the way we always
have. But they are introducing sites and they’re algorithms are very useful. I mean, you know, most of us have this love
map of what we’re looking for and you’ve got to pair up somebody. You have to offer
dates of the right age, the right proximity whether they’re five miles away or 50 miles
away. The right background, the right educational level, some of the right interests. So dating
sites can go so far, only so far, with their algorithms to give you the broad basics of
what you’re looking for. That we can provide for you so that you spend less time, you know,
kissing frogs.

22 comments on “Algorithms and Online Dating Won’t Change Your Ancient Brain | Helen Fisher

  1. I see dating sites as a lot like gambling, most of the time you lose, you may get a few minor wins but you're not gonna win the jackpot.

  2. "This video brought to you by the one stop shop for all your dating needs!"

  3. 'The brain doesn't change…" Umm, yes, we know now that is changes at the molecular level with Each New Experience.

  4. No. I've actually been "sizing up' potential partners quite differently now that I've uncovered Narcissists personality disorder. lol

  5. NOBODY thinks technology is changing love. NOBODY thinks that. People think how we meet is very much changed.

  6. Well, many people seem to be hearing this as a 1-for-1 analogy between evolution and courtship. All this woman is saying is that these sites are NOT the ones changing your behavior, you subject yourself to that.

  7. We avoid eye contact like we always have, we stammer like we always have, we talk awkward stuff like we always have (assuming we can come up with something to talk about in the first place), we blush like we always have… 🙂 Ah, isn't love great? There's no other such force to turn a human being into a socially crippled stammering husk of awkwardness, a mere wonky shadow of one's normal social self, a self to turn into in front of the person you most adore at the said moment. Some people need ice breakers, others are natural Titanics.


  9. This old man has a really weird style.

    Anywho, dating sites are mostly for desperate rich men and single moms.

  10. And that's it. Unsubscribe – the quality of the 'Big Think' videos has been dropping for months and this shameless advertising with minimal insight is the last straw for me.

  11. what does it say when you want to find life long partners within 5 miles? that's how i find my dinner place everyday; a bit of tongue and chick here but, using just some features to predict partnership might create a false sense of compatibility but hey maybe that works for vast majority.

  12. Because neuroplasticity isn't a thing?

    Everything human civilization is built on is based on the adaptability of the human brain. Sure, there might be parts that are less adaptive, but if that 's the case she really should be more specific. She didn't even name any parts of the brain that are responsible, and if she's not doing that then I don't see how her expert opinion on it should be respected at all.

    In evolutionary terms, modern courtship sits at the same level polygamy, organised marriage, and slave wives. The same level of evolutionary development can be responsible for all sorts of things, so the claim that it's fixed rings false. Vague conclusions about 'the brain' from someone on the internet that has a pretty obvious conflict of interest doesn't sound like thinking big to me. Sounds like a commercial.

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