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100 comments on “Aliens: Colonial Marines / Fish in a Barrel II

  1. I got this game collector's edition for $5 from Best buy, I loved this game for $5. Funny story, I got conned for $100 from My bank got me money back and I dodged a bullet. Thanks for scamming me, you knew what I didn't 🤣🤣🤣

  2. T minus 800 . Civ , fear not : DNF is way better than this crap . You'll survive . Maybe a little bit of long overdue ball tasing afterwards will make it all worth the agony and pain .

  3. Hot take: Alien Resurrection is the best worst Alien fanfiction and it knows it.

    God how I wish the franchise had taken the hint and stopped there.

  4. This game makes me so sad because there is the bones of an excellent game in there. It certainly looks pretty good. Some of the environments are absolutely striking and the sound is great. Y'know everything sort of sounds like it should. But then an alien pops out of an untextured wall gate or somebody does or says something incredibly brainless T_T

  5. i got this game i'm supposed to do but i'd rather get my meme loot shooter finished so lets take sega's money and finish borderlands 2.

    the fact gearbox never got sued for that shocks me.

  6. I hate that a lot of games is now about marketing instead of showing your work. When half the budget goes to some kind of fucking book tour where the creators of a product assure you that it's "actually legit lol!" it's hard to find anyone with any integrity.

  7. you know Civvie, I know Requiem is bad, but I am a fan of schlock bad horror and I kinda liked seeing aliens and predators in a small town with traditional horror movie tropes, I love that movie it's so much more fun to watch than AVP 1 . I may be a unique and special ugly unwelcome snowflake but you know, I'm not nobody. hahahah. I totally am nobody.

  8. The one question I have is how does the chestburster burst through body armour? The stuff is designed to stop a bullet so how does a baby xeno do it?

  9. Seriously, next time they decide to make an Aliens or Aliens vs Predator game, have the lead writers and lead developers locked in a room with all the Dark Horse comics from the 90's for them to read, and don't let them out until they've finished them all. Oh and force them to play the original AVP (maybe even the Jaguar version!) AND AVP2 AND Primal hunt. but mostly AVP2 and Primal Hunt.

  10. It's weird. The little montage in beginning felt like they're describing CMSS13… but they've been talking about this abortion the whole time?

  11. Honestly, the only thing that kept me from really enjoying this was the way the aliens would completely ignore the other marines and come directly at the player, and some of the other dumb NPC AI moments. If they had fixed that stuff I would have been pretty pleased with this game. I was expecting it to be so much worse after the initial reviews and the demo footage backlash.

  12. I've watched Prometheus four or five times and I can't recall what the plot is or anything that happens in it. I can't recall any of the scenes. I often come across scenes on youtube in my recommended list watch them and think wow that looks like an awesome movie. I then dig it out and watch it and it's like a mind wipe, the next day I can't tell you anything about it, what any of the scenes are or what the plot is. By the way I don't drink and I don't do any drugs, not even prescription antibiotics, nothing. Prometheus WTF? Apparently the translation of the name Prometheus is 'Forethought'. maybe I'll have the forethought to either take notes or not bother watching it again.

  13. Wow same deal with ALiens on the commodore 64 back in the late 80's. Avoid the aliens and save your ammo, so don't shoot them so much, mostly!
    Want to know what I'm talking about watch this. By the way I beat that bitch!
    I'm sure it used to look way better than this, Fuck my mind! No wonder I gave up the drugs and booze.

  14. I only played this game after all the fixes were added to it and while it wasn't what they advertised I did actually enjoy the game. I guess the story helped a lot in going past those long and drawn out shooting levels. PS I finished it on the hardest difficulty .. never again. xD

    PS: I could share the game through Steam if you want to play Stasis Interrupted.

  15. its a shame this game is so shit because the gun models, their kinetics, and their sound effects are all pretty punchy and good. postal 2 would do well to rip some weapons from this game

  16. I actually like the point that someone with an alien embryo growing in them would be a goner long before it hatches. Logically it would have to eat up your internal organs both to make up space for itself and to gain nutrition to grow. It does still completely contradict the movies.

  17. "All I know for certain is that playing it makes me want to blow my entire life's savings on surge protectors and empty my fucking wrists. What is that, like a seven? It's probably a seven" – Shammy

  18. The pattern stands because when randy pitchford actually does end up finishing something, he turns it into shit (duke nukem forever)

  19. The only people who don't like the Alien Prequel movies are people with low IQs that can't see the overarching story/big picture. If you don't understand it, that's fine. Doesn't mean it is bad, just that you don't understand it 🙂

  20. Yes! Someone else who hates aiming using iron sights! It's a game, it's supposed to be fun! Not training to be a real soldier, fuck that noise!

  21. 05:49 – 06:01 OH MY GOD! fucking thank you! Thats why i dont play ANY other competitive shooter besides cs:go, its fucking EVERYWHERE! WHY!?

  22. This was the game that forever stopped me from buying games on release and pre-ordering, it was that bad.

    Fuck this game.

  23. lol, I dont think the AI is bad at aiming, just they literally disabled AI dmg to aliens.. lmfao. They're firing rubber bullets

  24. I don't fault them for trying to come up with a reason why the chestburster cannot be extracted without killing the host, which the movies never did. If nothing else the placenta explanation is plausible.

  25. 1:20 it’s two years later, we’re three episodes in with this new Watchmen show, and that unrelated photo of Damon Lindelof has never been more relevant

  26. Worst, most painful thing about A:CM is that there was some love put into it, at one point or the other, but the final abomination was an abomination (yeah you made me write that, Gearbox). It's obvious it switched hands too often, was both overdeveloped and rushed… Like, I once made a tour for my friends of the in-game Hadley's Hope, showing them every single location from the movie that was in the game, it was a blast. At the same time, the Alien AI was broken because of a typo in the code. It stayed that way for 6 years before a modder noticed it. And yes, the game still has active mods!

    Even better – The Bug Hunt DLC wasn't half bad, a damn interesting take on the coop horde shooter genre. Obviously underdeveloped, but it STILL has an active player community after all this time. Just imagine how this mode would fare had it been given more work, maybe a standalone title.

    That, or we, Aliens fans, really want to have a good time after spending nine years of our lives waiting for this game since it's announcement. I mean, Alien had a masterpiece horror game in Alien Isolation, one of the best games I ever played in my life (flawed, but still), and Aliens, a much, much easier title to make a game of, didn't have a really noteworthy title since 2001's AvP2 (which was awesome).


  27. Is this game moddable? Maybe some OCD benevolent type will patch it into awesomeness like Wesp does (present tense to this day) with bloodlines.

  28. A:CM's unplayableness was apparently because of a single, SINGLE, error in the coding. ONE -1- typo fucked up this entire game. Once a modder found that out, the aliens suddenly started acting the way they should. Can you believe that?

  29. This game makes me so sad, because when it was announced I imagined a more procedural deal where you could play coop and use different paths and different tactics such as welding doors and deploying turrets because that was what I saw as gameplay potential in the movie Aliens. AND I STILL WANT THAT GAME DAMNIT. ( yeah, alien swarm and that halflife mod that I cant recall the name of came close but didnt quite scratch my itch)

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