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Hey, see you guys want to go see every one of my pitch tanks Alright little disclaimer here, uh, couple things three things one. We got a film on this little camera I may or may not have broken another camera and I need to use this until then so Quality and the picture little things would be a little bit different secondly Everybody says that every time I go on a trip something happens in the gallery, so we’re back from Florida We’re going to take a look at all of my aquariums. We’re going to see that nothing’s happened It’s just sometimes things do happen whether I’m here or not Whatsa dentally sometimes it does happen when I’m gone, but that is the last trip of the year, unfortunately I’m not able to make it to anything else except aqua, Shella Chicago I’m going to leave link in the description below so you can get your tickets now, make sure you get them now Otherwise, it could sell out like the last time it was in Dallas and people were getting turned away at the door It’s an amazing show. I hope to see many of you guys there I’m going to do my best to make sure It is the best show that you guys attend by doing some really cool things first and foremost let’s just get to the fish when we walk in the door the 375 gallon aquarium with the 5 punt or the 120 gallon sump I don’t want to look at it anymore This is a 500 gallon system. Which contains? The redtail catfish you guys will remember that we got this little guy When he was only what two and a half three inches long now, he’s about 22 inches long I don’t know the dates. I didn’t really look it up before filming this video, but It’s probably been around a year. So next time you see a cute little cuddly red-tailed catfish We’ll keep in mind that that’s gonna grow to an absolute monster in a very short period of time Now a lot of people say that this aquarium is a waste of a large Aquarium for just one catfish and it is a bear tank But I think he serves a larger purpose and showing exactly what you might be getting yourself into We’ll keep him for a little while longer before we repurpose this aquarium and turn it into something absolutely stunning Let’s move in to the actual gallery and take a look at The tanks first one up is this Lake Tanganyika tank with the loo the lemon cichlids also the lolli loop on the end Of course the little oscillator this is going to be difficult to focus on these little guys This camera just wants to do its own thing But as you can see there, they’re absolutely adorable. They are putting on sighs everybody in this tank actually looks absolutely phenomenal Nothing, really new the plants aren’t doing so well But we knew that coming into this That these guys might not make it but they’re lasting a lot longer than I thought I thought I never really liked this tank with plants anyway, I think what I might do here is remove all the plan to add more substrate and This tank should be good. Of course, all of the fish will grow far more in time and that will fill out this tank I do know that it looks incredibly empty then of course We got to get rid of this reflection, this is a very difficult camera to film with unfortunately sorry guys, this is the vieja aquarium Everybody’s doing absolutely phenomenal this dominant male here looking incredible This tank, of course is doing well besides the idea and the fact that the original tank actually Entire bottom cracked and I was able to swap it out without anybody knowing I do like and I feel like I have to show everything in the gallery whether it’s good or positive and Unfortunately, the negative stuff always gets the more attention that’s just, you know, the more views and whatnot. So And it seems like a lot of bad things can happen in a big fish room or when you have a lot of aquariums But not really we just make sure that we jump to the bad stuff because of two things one if there’s a learning lesson there and two they just do well on YouTube for views, but the vieja are doing absolutely Fantastic, they’re just stunning absolutely beautiful. Fish the planted tank This looks horrible on this camera, but see if it of balances color. Oh, it’s filling in nicely I’d say within a couple of weeks we’re gonna add in some a Nice large school of tetris, of course, I didn’t clean these tanks or anything when I came in here So I got a little bit of algae there. I’ll scrape that off. No problem My favorite tank right now though has got to be the wall root egg. It’s not that bright in person It is showing up really bright on camera. I actually took Susan’s plants These are just a plastic fake plant and then drape it across the top As you see here, we only have three pieces of wood in here we have this one this one and this one and we’re just making it look like Logs or roots are coming through the water surface we left the rocks as is we tossed in a little bit of leaf litter and this tank is Looking really good the wall row here, of course in the back All of them are fine. This is one of the plecos he’s getting in a bit of natural sunlight there There is another pleco in here somewhere Vampire. I’m not sure then we have of course the holding tank. I know what I want to do here It’s gonna happen this week most likely on the weekend. So we’ll just skip that everybody’s fine in there Susan Susan’s looking really juicy lately She’s really actually quite large probably 10 inches something like that. Then we have the bats, of course I think this guy is the only one will end up keeping Can’t have all of these bats and then the biter so everybody like I’m saying here is absolutely fine. This is another Lake Tanganyika Aquarium with the gold head copper saps right here. There’s plenty of them and the the Julie’s Or the Julie chromis, I believe they’re called. I can’t remember and then lots of these Shell dwellers as well desimilus The only thing different in this tank is a couple of the plants came loose We do have new growth here and there so that’s a positive sign. I don’t have any spawning just yet But within the next few weeks I suspect we will because a lot of the shells and a lot of the sand is being rearranged everybody’s making their territories, which is a positive sign fish make territories for only one reason typically and that is to attract the opposite sex and or Set up for mating it’s usually has to do with breeding One of the one of a fish’s main things they want to do is breed survive and breed survival of course comes with eating and Protecting itself, but breeding is its number-one thing. Everything wants to appropriate or reproduce especially humans That is the 7 120 gallon tanks. Each tank is a 40 gallon sump I’ll have the identical lighting on them. I will be adding more lighting to some of these and then of course the 2000 gallon aquarium First and foremost, let’s take a look at these guys. This guy’s missing a Scale probably just due to a little skirmish Otherwise doing just fine. There’s one of the pearls down there another big pearl here so you can get a different angle And then the others in the back there ultimately everybody is doing Absolutely phenomenal. I do have some changes and things that I’d like to do here shortly. I Want to break down all these tanks and talk about them individually, I want to make some adjustments and changements changes Um, we’re gonna do a specific video on the 2000, so we’re not really gonna be showing it much today There’s some big changes that I would like to do in here not with the stocking but rather the scaping And talk about them things that I want to change and get your guys its feedback This tank is probably gonna be okay There’s not much. I want to change there. We talked about that one This one’s got to get a couple hundred textures here shortly. This tank here is done that tank I know what I want to do for escape. It just came to me this morning and I want to do it We’re just gonna go for it see what happens and I think it should turn out pretty good or at least look pretty good, but we’ll We’ll just have to wait and see I guess Suz it I’ve got plans for these guys here shortly the Cap’n there’s a lot of things that I want to adjust and make changes to of course But I know that many of you guys are gonna come along For that ride as well when I was in, Florida I was able to do some pretty incredible things in person that I’m gonna be bringing you guys that video here shortly So I hope you guys say that I think you’re definitely going to enjoy it. How about another peek at the 2000? I just don’t like this camera on this tank. I can’t adjust the lighting or the The ISO or anything on this camera is just like a point-and-shoot type of deal but This tank went to the other guy to come by Yeah, these guys are just looking a little bit washed out. But ultimately still looking at a break down here more over here Yeah, ultimately this tank and everything did just fine with me leaving it always does that every once awhile something happens? But the honest what do things happen when I’m here more often that I’m not and it’s usually my fault I do a lot of flooding and I forget that I’m filling a tank, etc. You get the idea. Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed today’s video and this rapidly quick update I got a lot of things I got to catch up to and some a lot of videos I want to make for you guys to think you’re really gonna enjoy them if you want to stick around for that You’re not subscribed to this channel Matt yet? Make sure that you do so you don’t miss it Oh before you go I should probably also mention that I will be bringing out two more one hundred and twenty gallon aquarium systems out here shortly I don’t know when but I do have the spots already picked out and So that means we’ll have nine of these 120s kind of wrapping the entire area let me know your thoughts on each individual tank if you can and what I should do with them, especially the three sub decline and Susan’s tank because we have we have some fun and interesting things planned for Susan. She’s not going anywhere. Don’t worry about it

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  10. Great video as usual Joey! I havnt been on your channel for a while and so much has changed. I actually posted a video of my albino red oscar Toby if anyone wants to check him out. He is adorable!

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