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*intro* Hello my spoopy little humans now, I know it’s been a minute since we have done an unboxing on this channel And my good reason you guys some new oil Hi toys came out and I can’t even believe how excited I am about this I think the last time I did an unboxing what is actually months ago I have been able to find any of these toys in stores and finally I found some online So we’re gonna do a box things and on top of that you guys I have some good news You see all of these toys right here. Well, I am giving them away to you guys. How exciting is that? so at the end of this video guys make sure that you have commented that you have hit the like button that you were subscribed because One of you could be getting both of the brand-new Royal High toys for yourself So again, these are all very new for me So the three toys that we have is the royal high baking class a breakdown Which is a little cheerleader and to be honest You guys it kind of looks like Lea because the brown hair the cheerleader the baking, you know She made the cupcakes in real life. So, um, that’s pretty interesting So we do have a new toy for the baking class, which I have not seen the literally anywhere. I have not opened it I don’t even know what item it gives you and guys I’m just so glad once I saw that it was for sale I immediately snatched another one for you guys because I know you needed it. These accessories are so rare Next up, but we have the royal high school drama queen and she is fierce She is a red winged diva and the description says join this aspiring Actresses singer on the road to stardom in Call Me Bob’s fantastic role-playing game royal high school And then you guys have seen me Unbox this last item before and so what I went ahead and did since I know that there is a call me lab Exclusive one. I did buy two that were completely uh dumped in butts down here guys I went ahead and I bought one that was already open so I could make sure that I get the royal high what I’m looking For and it does have the item code there are just some people who will buy these online like eBay and sell them or whatever And it’s already open for people who are looking to collect a specific item So I do do that just for transparency sake but these two I don’t know what’s inside If I get an extra or any of these codes obviously money come to you guys, so hopefully I get more to give away Okay, so I think we’re gonna go ahead and start with these roblox series feed buying boxes. Here’s the thing I don’t like about opening these just like all the packaging for real I got nails Can you guys make some like nail friendly packaging, please? Okay, like it come on, we’re gonna take all the power coming off first. So this one that’s already open We’re gonna put you to the side two x marks the spot I’m gonna get the plastic and I’m so bad at cutting sign a left-handed scissors, please everybody I need left-handed scissors. Don’t do this to me. This is why I am NOT an unboxing Queen anymore My toy days are only here for roblox Alright guys, so I think already I can tell this isn’t the one because I see green hair That’s not what we’re looking for. But let’s kind of open it to see what’s inside. Okay, so what do we got? What have we got? Ooh? I don’t know what this is. Look at our guide. Okay guys, so I think I found it on the guide It says Knight of the werewolf Jill Frost. So no the arm is off. Ah Okay, we’re just gonna put this together. It’s not like that hard. But here we go. Okay Jill frost Knight of the werewolf So this hair feels different than the other hair. I don’t know what this is But she is a knife here is the lovely Jill Frost, but goodbye. You’re not who we’re here for today So I’m gonna go ahead and give this coat away to honey You guys make sure you’re following my Twitter and I will announce how you’re gonna get it Okay, we have another one guys We need to open this one. And I also don’t think it’s it because I know the one I’m looking for asking. Oh, okay Great. So this one is not the Royal. Hi, when the Royal High one is the pink hair. This one is the roblox high character Again fighting well, you got put it to the side cuz we are here for call me Bob. Okay, so We know that Bob is in here. Let’s open it up. Oh Yes, it’s already open I don’t have to cut it so much better look I Hard to put that hair, it’s Vanessa sassy face. Look at that Sassy little face. She’s giving us she served us a lot. Okay. Okay, we got to pop this in And she has a little cheerleader like megaphone thing. Okay. Oh My gosh, er, she’s she’s complete people. She’s complete So this character is called the royal high drama teacher Can we talk about how it has the ducky ponytail is this because you secretly wanted ducky in a toy? Admit it. I know it’s true you guys this character is so cute. I literally can’t wait to see what the item is So let’s go and lock it. Okay, so I have the code here from the blind box Let’s go and guys. You can’t redeem it It can only be redeemed once there’s always somebody who tries that gets upset in the comments. I’m sorry Alright, so here’s a very close up look at the failed of scripts of a thousand students It shows a ton of revisions. It shows I Robloxian and it is a very tall on top of your head royal high is supposed to be super cute Avis doesn’t go in the hair and I don’t think it really makes sense for the game, but I still think it’s really funny Um, what are you guys take leave a comment? Let me know. I’m so confused right now. Okay everybody so next up I really you really want to open up down here a brand new royal highschool drama queen. Wait a second So this is really crazy I’m looking at the list from the other toy and this is the drama teacher with the pink hair and Apparently this blonde one is the drama queen. So the P girls the teacher and the blonde ones the student I don’t really know. I just I want to open it wide open it. I’m so excited you guys. Oh, oh wait No, not yet. Oh, we got a couple more. I don’t want to cut the item code. It’s very important. I don’t do that Okay. Oh boy. Oh my okay Here she is my beautiful Drama queen. Okay. So we have the little item code up here. We’re gonna want to keep that. Oh my gosh It’s beautiful guys Check out how detailed this character is so there is a microphone stand the beautiful blonde hair You guys see a resemblance me neither. Let’s get this OH The wings are so hard to put back in so I don’t want them to fall off perfect. Let’s get this little Okay, so I broke the mic Me knew I was gonna be It’s a cyber Nova video there’s Gabby sub Disaster or hot mess or something and just done wrong, whatever. She’s here She’s here and she’s the oh don’t fall. First of all, it’s blonde so it reminds me of help That’s so bad. No, it’s definitely not made for me. Um, I absolutely love her red areas wing. So can we talk about it? And just the cute little hair. I love that. They actually used hairstyles for royal high for both of these characters I definitely am already planning on displaying both of these We’ll see if QB snatches them like essential the other roblox toys. Okay, so actually the drama queen had two different codes It’s a bonus and then it just like had an extra code on it. So please be something cute Oh my gosh, it says drama queen Are you kidding? Right now, okay this I’m super super super excited Something I actually want to wear really bad. It’s dramatic. It’s a crowd. I’m so excited about this. Hey guys, this is getting weird I’ve reset my character a bunch and my items not showing up at all. That’s not the even the hair I’m wearing look at it. It won’t show up on my character. Oh my gosh, no, don’t tell me the items glitched. It’s brand-new No, it’s not showing up. I guess I can’t even show it to you. I’ll give it a warrior We got another coach redeem from this item. This is the bonus code. So excited to see what it is Oh my gosh, you have successfully redeemed the white Sparkle time pop color Yes Um, this one isn’t showing up either. Oh my gosh. You think it’s working now? Alright people So here is the white sparkle time pop color But I have to say I’m kind of disappointed again cuz I tried on a couple of updos But it seems like the item cuts off the boss, but there we go people Oh, yes, I figured it out All you have to do is wear boy hair with it and then and then it works now. I’m super excited about it Cuz it looks real cute with the little boy head there Okay, and now everybody it is time to move on to the royal high baking class Breakdown aka the Lea burning her cupcakes toys. So, uh, this is one I don’t think I’ve seen anyone open this but I don’t know if it’s been out for very long. It just came to Amazon So like let’s buy them all and obviously gonna give it away, but it’s not gonna be this one Is everyone made packaging so hard we don’t need they’re such packaging please stop Okay, I probably didn’t have to like cut this open Okay happen. Oh my gosh. I think it’s a whole set. I don’t know why I’m so excited about this today See you guys like this whole background you see right here is actually a set Ok free the amount of plastic on this is crazy and I’m feeling first we’ll be attacking. Okay, because I can’t use right-handed scissors. Well And yes There’s a difference because the hand grip inside is like angled not for our left hands and it’s very hard for left-handed people So we have like a little rolling pin. Yeah, we don’t bake cookies you bake cupcakes We wouldn’t use a rolling pin but it is a cute accessory. Oh my gosh for plastic. Ah Okay adults can’t even get this out Okay, so here is the set and it’s actually super cute you guys can see there is a heart in the background There is flour mixing spoons All sorts of ingredients has a really cute blue checkered floor and then these are like all the little Baking pieces that I need to figure out what to do with so I’m gonna try to start putting this whole scene together it’s actually really big and really cute as I was trying to take stuff out of the plastic like everything fell apart and I think the blender goes on top of the counter and then the character gets a foot down Mia and Some messes here. Okay, we did it So Cute, I’ll put together you guys This is like a full-on big huge gorgeous royal highway and I’m super excited about it What do you guys think leave a comment down below? Okay So my last little code I have to redeem was from the baking sets. I’m excited to we get a baking accessory of case Yes oh my gosh kay explosion Okay, so only 360 people have this favorited so probably not that many people have it. We’re definitely gonna put this on. Oh Now this item is a celebration to talk about um, so this is the cake Explosion hat angeas can confirm there is a lot of exploded cake on there. Oh Is it supposed to be like coming out of my head cuz I can’t even see the back of the plate But if this how it’s supposed to be well, they’re there, you know, that’s awesome I just think it’s so funny that I have exploded cake over my head So maybe combine this with the exploding candy accessory from Halloween Haunt. You guys will have like well craziest outfit ever So let me know guys. What did you think of all these crazy new royal hi Are you super excited about it and tell me which one of the exclusive items was your favorite now? Remember guys? I am gonna be doing a giveaway To enter make sure that you have liked the video leave a comment down below and then I’m definitely gonna be giving the codes away To people who are retweeting the video and sharing it on Twitter or Instagram as well So basically guys just kind of like be supportive and I’ll pick a few cool people to win these in addition I’m also gonna give away the codes that I won for these blind boxes for non-royal high games if you guys are interested that Definitely again Let me know I think of although I think I’m really obsessed with a drama queen one just because it’s so cute But I am really excited that roblox is branching out and making all of these new toys Because I think it’s definitely So cool to have a full set and somewhere to actually like play and put your figurines It’s really excited about it. You guys want to see more box things definitely Let me know in the comments, but I had so much fun. I hope you guys enjoyed this good luck winning those codes people I’ll see you in the next video. Bye humans. It can’t get no hotter fish taco shrimp tacos of carne asada When I see a taco truck, you know, I got a father Hey, give me all of their tacos with you where I love tacos It’s a fact you’ve got it tatted on my back. You know, it’s my favorite


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