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Alpha M. / Pete & Pedro – Shark Tank S07xE29 Season Finale (FULL SEGMENT) (FULL HD) [Fixed Audio]

Alpha M. / Pete & Pedro – Shark Tank S07xE29 Season Finale (FULL SEGMENT) (FULL HD) [Fixed Audio]

First up is an entrepreneur from season four returning to the tank with a new opportunity for the Sharks Hello sharks, my name is Aaron Marino and I’m here today seeking a $100,000 investment for 10% equity stake in my new company Pete and Pedro So if I look familiar to you it’s because I’ve been here before but last time I Was pitching the Alpha M style? system But at $300 a pop for a fashion formula customers just didn’t bite. Did you that’s what you gave me something more valuable a new direction? Life-changing advice you see I knew you were right. I Needed a lower price point product something that every guy needed and used Well about a month After I was on Shark Tank, I am Stopped my hair what inspiration? struck and Pete Pedro was born a new line of super Awesome men’s hair styling products bean Pedro equals One Oh hair or selling direct to the consumer Which means a higher? Quality product at a great price guys buy it they try it they love it and sign up for the 100 Hair Club where we Automatically ship them their favorite Pete and Pedro product every four six or eight weeks bull sharks I’m back this time with the product that men need and love And I’m not walking out of here again without a deal. So who’s ready to partner with? and share the hair All right, so I’ve got some samples for you guys Notice there’s only four cabinet Different styling aids and the shampooing conditioner Smells delicious like lime and lemon Like a freshly bathed tiger Question You’re in a very Loose club you realized this I had a number of people that get back in the tank is Very small so I’d like to know How fast the other one go to zero? Here’s the thing So I was super excited right I didn’t get a deals like no Problem. I’m still gonna be on national TV, I’m on Shark Tank, baby where dreams are made? You know how many style systems I sold the first day the shark tank aired One Errand let’s let’s call it what it was Basically, the Sharks were right it was your idea Wait with the zero, but great entrepreneurs understand failures part of the success path You know, you have a new deal Why is this one not gonna go to zero is what I want because I’m already Ahead of the game. This is a million dollar Company that I’ve built into making a million sales right now. Yeah right at 800,000 or sales this month And I’m growing at fifteen percent per month How did you do that? I am a youtuber I Talked about grooming I talk about style I talked about hair how many followers yeah right now I’m at 600,000 Yeah, I get 5.5 million views a month on my Alpha M. YouTube channel and my website I’m the savage on social media You’re hilarious Oh, what is the secret sauce the products themselves Each and every one of my products is a rockstar in the respective category you post a video You’re gonna talk about some grooming Element. Yeah, you’re getting ready to go out You sure you put the pomade or the putty and you? Demonstrate the product and it’s how many videos you would would no no, no, no Let me go through it. Hey, enjoy I Don’t like to cut it out. Okay So how many views does it get in the first 24 hours that we’ll get around 75,000. I have a nine percent conversion rate when they go directly to I I Don’t believe it. No, I Should be a painful. Oh, so you’re just so like if I paid by YouTube I also get paid by these brands JCPenney Sponsored a makeover series that I do I’ve done a video for Chevrolet for the new Corvette I’m Talking to a few other big brands now. I mean I’ve promoted Everything from underwear to bomb the socks Remember them I am approached by Everybody how much money do you get out of that? I’m just wondering how much comes from you being paid as a great Yeah, how much is from the actual products to separate? I’ve got two different businesses How much did you bring in just thirty areare sour Heather as an Endorser. Yeah from my alpha M. I did six hundred thousand last year Wow So sad part of the deal Sure. No And Here’s why does a frog tell you why no, it’s not but let me tell you why No, no It’s not because what I have is credibility and the moment that I have somebody else’s money on the line Basically determine that. This is a bad product But it’s you selling it the real product is you This just happens to be what you’re selling right now Aaron there’s no other way to do it because how do you allocate your time if I give you? $100,000 for 10% of the Dog What why What I want you spending any time doing anything else cuz it’s the way the social media and Influencers work. Here’s the thing. This is my full-time job But another part of this is me creating content Engaging with people. Why would I want one of my entrepreneurs spending any time doing anything else except making me rich Why would I do it’s a byproduct of me doing what I do it Is it what put them sure desert you put them together? And then every time you bring in I get 10% of it, that’s how it should work You’re working for me to make Here’s how we’re gonna scale this. I’m an influencer. I don’t care You think I want you doing anything else for anybody else if I give you money So if you decide to build this to be the next Paul Mitchell right You’re gonna be the face you’re gonna be doing everything and you’re gonna be promoting But they’ve gotta be the same thing. They go hand in him. I understand that I pray I’m willing to make Em Merges with Many dogs, all right and two of them come together Because I want you all time I Give you the hundred thousand dollars for 20% I help do as much as I can drugs much traffic second because that’s actually how it works That’s the deal What do you say to my offer Kevin O’Leary has offered Aaron $100,000 for 20% But he wants Aaron to combine his Pete and Pedro hair product company and his lucrative social media business Alpha M What do you say to my offer? I? say that it’s it’s it’s it’s a haircut And your great personality and I can see why you do so well, I need to For me I Don’t I don’t get why this is fantastic For me I don’t think this is the right product so I’m out I Understand, thank you What you’ve proven since you were here last time is that you can drive traffic What you happen to be driving traffic to is this product Or buying it but there’s other products like if I invest in this product and you come out with a hairbrush And there’s a nose an example. Yeah, is that part of? the mini donkey Or is that part of alpha am? Like put with which one? and if your loyalty is Sweats You’re gonna go to where you make the grace my prophet It’s all got to be one thing is For Robert. I’m here to make a deal because I need help obviously I gotta combine the two, okay You’re the product and they Thing you’re peddling is enthusiasm and confidence and there’s Nothing more magnetic in any business field than that Quality, you got it. I Don’t think you need any of our help frankly on building your following Juice social media, but what you don’t know is what I know inside and out for Building your business for 30 years. I know Structure Organization went to hire Whoo-hoo too far. I know Lacks, I’ve made every damn mistake out there our for you $100,000 for 10% of you out Social media business, that’s it. I Want a piece of everything you do? For $100,000 I Want 20% because I had so much more Value. Yeah, and the value is gonna add trust me. It’s just gonna make you feel miserable every day of your life I’ll give you the same off first Kevin because I don’t think Kevin adds anything to this I’ll give you the hundred thousand for 20% of the combined business Okay you can offer three different deals What do you want to do? Okay, Kevin, I appreciate your offer but then I’m gonna Have you know that say thank you, but I’m not gonna accept your offer Why Aaron – it’s too much and I don’t feel you bring the value that I earned Sir, they have a counter I’ll ever get on your love the amount of money um 10% of everything $300,000 for 10% Yeah, I’ll tell you what I’ll give you Half the money if you get somebody else in the deal Mark do it bring on the social media help Yeah, but I’m this guy’s done up their form here Okay. Oh I just think I bring too much value but I Think any of these guys would be great but I’m out Girl is gonna be the face of a brand I’m interested in using your platform to their products So, how about this I’ll give you a hundred thousand for 10% of Any products Today starting with the little donkey Tomorrow they’ll be a sweater a Pocket square Will be other products as people pay you for promotion You you keep that money but I see you as a platform to sell other products of men struggle with Here’s where that gets comfortable does no work is because I need my authenticity And I still have the ability to say no if you’re my partner and you’re saying hey, here’s the next product and You Kiss that 10% of Val p.m. In $100,000 good Yes So I need your Barbara but not for the company I went in the pitch Seriously I Got such a good product But you don’t want it you want me Okay Also me let’s do this. I don’t think you know what you thought I Certainly. Do I know what I saw there? This guy’s of mine you make her and he’s already Good large barber You

100 comments on “Alpha M. / Pete & Pedro – Shark Tank S07xE29 Season Finale (FULL SEGMENT) (FULL HD) [Fixed Audio]

  1. Kevin might be a successful businessman, but he is a grade A asshole. I would never work with him even if he made me a million this year

  2. Aaron eventually did sell out a little, just not to these douchebags. You can tell that these guys are out of the loop when it comes to Youtube and social media.

  3. This is show just showed me how badlyyyyyyy they cut up the conversation between people in tv. I was wondering how I would feel if I was made to seem mad because of the music playing and my certain reaction that’s cut from another part of the filming. Crazy

  4. Dang it the comments made me think that they gave him an offer but bcoz of barbara they backed out but it was barbara in the end

  5. Alpha made those men look like a bunch of boys. Well played sir, well played.
    And look at him now with millions of subs! Pete and Pedro is also flying!

  6. They want a piece of alpha m but he is only offering the hair products only. Alpha m is a persona. Gonna buy a persona? Wth. He's just the model for the hair products.

  7. Aaron is a genius. Just by going on shark tank he gets more exposure and more money. He doesn't even need to make a deal and he'll make even more money just by more people seeing him on tv and viewing his youtube videos

  8. Good choice, Barbara, because the man you just invested in, is kind of, the digital father of millions all around the globe.

  9. The sharks as they call themselves are clueless when it comes to the next generation of businesses and YT he is selli g shares in hiels Pete and Pedro hair company if on of them has 2 companies and they want to sell share in only one of them and someone does this to them "no I want the combined of both companies" they'd think its dumb

  10. He do 600k wvery year with alpha m why would he sell 10% for 100k? The investor payback would be something as 2 years without putting growth in account. Seems like a very cheap valuation.

  11. Alpha never Compromises on Credibility. What he basically said was I am not gonna endorse any shit you throw towards me. 🙃🙃Damn this man is my role model

  12. 20:39 how to counter attack the baddest of the bad situations. There's no denying his loyalty and authenticity. He is really an Alpha. For those of who don't know him, I'd suggest to visit his channel Alpha M. Currently 5.69 M subs and he's really great for changing lifestyle. ❤ I've been following him from a long time and really I am very much improved.

  13. For 100k she got 10% of something that already makes 600k a year. That's 60% ROI even if he stagnates (which he certainly didn't)

  14. Dont know when this was made but look where he is today he makes crazy money and is running a grooming and fashion channel like how better could it be

  15. Alpha stays alpha hell ye i bet that guy with the 20% of everything is fucking jelous now haha 5M+ subs on youtube blowing and growing alpha killin it lezgo luls

  16. Can we all take a moment to realize how much of a savage Aaron is. Robert wants in on all Alpha products and Aaron straight up rejects his offer and takes Babra's offer

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