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Am I A Fish?

Am I A Fish?

♪♪ Put him over
there by the fish tank. We’ve got to get
back into surgery. Copy that. Alright Mr. Warner,
you’re going to sit here while the grogginess wears off and we’ll come to
get you in a little bit. Can you nod if you
understand me? And that counts. [Snorts] What? [Mumbling] Where am I? What’s going on? [Gregorian chant] Oh my gosh. I died and was
reincarnated as a fish! NO! NO! NOOOO! I had so much to live for! So much potential! I haven’t even caught
all the Pokémon! I don’t even know
what kind of fish I am. I can’t see my reflection. What if I’m one of
those fish that forgets who
they are after 10 seconds? Okay, I’m not one of those fish. But I still don’t
know how to be a fish. I guess, just keep swimming? [Snorts] Oh, breathing is exhausting. I’m so winded. [stomach growling] Oh, and hungry. I wonder what fish
flakes taste like. [slurping sound] Tastes like Windex. [spitting] You look delicious. What am I doing? You have one botched
surgery and become a fish and suddenly you’re
a Donner party of one? Unless…
I must be a Beta fish. A great predator has awoken. But first, I must find my queen. Hello, my my. What a shiny dorsal
fin you have. Why do you flee? I am no monster. Why do you all stare at me? Having a lark, are we? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Well everyone knows
the dangers of the Great White. But they neglect the
treachery of the Great B on land it is the
Alpha who rules, but in the sea it
is I, the Beta who is king! You scoff now,
but you will come to fear me. Every fin shall bow. When I say float, you will say, “How high?” And when I say breathe,
you will say– [silence] Okay Mr. Warner, we’re ready for you to go now. You have not seen
the last of me! Hide your fingerlings, for I shall return
and eat every last one of you! And when I am finished
feasting upon your flesh, I shall pick my teeth
with your bones. [laughing hysterically] Hey guys, thanks
for watching! And you know what you
need in your life? A thousand CC’s
of Studio C! That’s right, get all
those closed captionings in. No, that’s not what it means,
I don’t think. Get all those
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100 comments on “Am I A Fish?

  1. Honestly I have no clue how Jeremy looks like he actually got his teeth removed

    “Tastes like windex” lol hilarious 😂

  2. at 2:57 for like one second there are two clown fish, one smaller than the other and then that one fish that looks like dory from finding nemo (i dont know what the fish is called) and i was freaking out.

  3. Like comment and subscribe? What about share? I was about to show this vid to my bestie when apparently they don’t want us to share

  4. I remember when this was posted! I thought it was hilarious! My friends and I quoted this for a while afterward. We thought it was so fun. I think we had this memorized and would just say it over and over again. It is so weird.

  5. I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. But I wasn’t cray-cray or emotional. I was just tired. I HATE WISDO. TEETH!!!!

  6. Is it just a coincidence that I had an ad for wisdom teeth removal right before this video

    Coincidence I think not

  7. Yep I knew an anesthesiologist. he told me that sometimes he would hear the craziest things while people were put under.

  8. Nobody notices this random dude in the corner screaming
    about how he is the fish king

    Edit: I commented this before I saw the rest of the video XD

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