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40 comments on “Amalgam Fillings vs. Canned Tuna

  1. You won't be saying that when you get cancer from eating your canned tuna son. Time to find another protein source so you can try and get muscley

  2. stop worrying and live life,people who stick to the healthiest organic foods still get cancer,do some research…there bare literally thousands of so called "cancer causing" products…hair dye,mouthwash,talcum powder,deodorant ant common colds among them…stop being a fuckin hypochondriac !! lol

  3. There is also selenium in tuna fish which helps the body to remove the toxic mercury consumed in fish. Selenium mitigates the toxicity of mercury. How much selenium is found in a mercury filling? This guy is comparing apples to oranges.

    This video doesn't makes sense unless his intentions are to be deceptive.

  4. I'm a dentist.

    There is nothing wrong with using amalgam fillings. They are superior to composite resin in every way except aesthetic.

  5. They ruined my life for 6-7 years, I lost most of my 20's due to social anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, stopped having dreams at night, gluten intolerance, double vision, aching weak muscles, very bad short term memory… I am now chelating with ALA and the anxiety has gone, depression gone, I'm dreaming again, my tiredness is not half as bad and I am regaining muscle strength… Can you understand how I don't agree with your statement that mercury in your mouth is fine?

  6. He's a dentist, which in laymens terms means he has only seen one side of the story, from the ADA. Stating that he is a dentist as if this holds some kind of merit in this situation just goes to show how out of touch these people really are

  7. I tried eating raw cilantro for chelation once. I got so nauseous from doing that it was unbelievable. Now if I just smell cilantro I get nauseous.

  8. Evil selfish man? are you sure you're not mentally ill?

    Because I'm pretty sure you are… there is nothing wrong with amalgam fillings, I have 8 myself and I place them onto my patients constantly, I've never had a single complaint and certainly no one has died from "mercury toxicity", you have been deceived or you are mentally ill, that is all.

  9. There is NO evidence to suggest amalgams are safe. They are a slow cumulative poison. The symptoms start of acute and build up leaving most people believing that it is just that they are aging. Mercury has no place in the body, it has been shown conclusively that amalgams leach mercury because it is not a compound bond, so to suggest that the mercury isn't released is beyond stupid. The half life of mercury has been shown to be over 20 years in the brain. And 10+ years in some other organs.

  10. You are poisoning people and it's not right, you are only concerned with the money obviously because the evidence is out there. You have been educated by an industry focused on profit and to be honest, what is your purpose in life. Dentistry is one big scam, dental theory in erroneous, Weston Price showed what diet prevents tooth decay. You are just living a pointless selfish life doing nothing for the whole of humanity but poisoning them and taking their money for it.

  11. There are hundreds of people on forums online who have been poisoned by their amalgams and have cured themselves using chelation methods. I have blood tests, hair tests, and urine tests. And nearly all my symptoms have gone since removal. I am dreaming again at night, on top of that I don't get bloated from eating gluten. The evidence is unquestionable. Mercury poisoned me and took some of the best years of my life. Now go fuck off back under a rock you egocentric prick

  12. I am a dentist, I know what I'm talking about, you're a lunatic with a tinfoil hat who probably thinks aliens are out to get him.

    There is nothing wrong with amalgam fillings, the mercury content is extremely low and even if you had every single posterior tooth with a massive amalgam filling, the mercury particles would not be anywhere NEAR enough to cause damage. Before we apply amalgam fillings, we squeeze most of the mercury out, the remnant is unbelievably low.

    You are a crazy fool.

  13. WHAT?! You are completely retarded.

    Amalgams are NOT 50% mercury, they're nowhere NEAR 50%, once again you know not what you say. Please, for the good of humanity, never speak again.

  14. What are you, retarded?

    I'm telling you outright, they are not 50% mercury, therefore, the burden of proof is on YOU, who are asseverating otherwise against the null theory. Furthermore, I regularly use these materials and I know how they work and what they contain…whereas you're just talking completely out of your ass.

    Please, for the good of humanity, never speak again.

  15. "In dentistry, amalgam is an alloy of mercury with various metals used for dental fillings. It commonly consists of mercury (50%), silver (~22-32% ), tin (~14%), copper (~8%), and other trace metals."

  16. You lifted that from wikipedia and you did not cite its source, by that logic I could just say it has 1% mercury and say I got it from "somewhere".

  17. I am a dental assistant that studies the inserts of every product that we use. The insert of the Kerr Countour Amalgam Capsules breaks down the content of the alloys and there is anywhere from 38-43% mercury in the alloy. That is pretty high, actually. I do agree that amalgam is superior to work with and great in a wet environment. Also,composite tooth resins are made with BPA containing acrylates. So what is worse? Memory loss or cancer??

  18. Wow, there is a supposed dentist on here who thinks that amalgam fillings have very low mercury content. I agree with valarie though, the resins (with names chemical names longer than some books) are not time tested. Who knows which is better in the long run. Though mercury is pretty scary stuff.

  19. Archedgar- amalgam fillings are absolutely approx. half mercury, where did you go to school? They also absolutely leach mercury into your body via vapour, this my friend is indisputable. They estimate ( depends on which study and the amount of amalgams you have) between 1-20 ug uptake into your body per day. You need to learn to read, if you are in fact a dentist I have lost even more respect for your profession.

  20. Asked my dentist about replacing my amalgam and he looked at me like I had three heads. Told me I SEE NOTHING WRONG, if you really want I will shave a small bit off and cover it with white filling. He refused to listen that it is not only about cosmetic appearance. I have been taking b12 sublingual methylcobalamine and believe it has been reacting with the filling. From the X-Ray, My sinus is attacking the mercury-filled tooth and I was put on antibiotics. I have also stopped taking this b12

  21. Does this apply only to canned tuna? If not, which tuna should not be consumed (pacific, atlantic, farmed)? I wish this was a bit more specific.

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