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Amanda Fisher of GE Power Takes the World to Work

Amanda Fisher of GE Power Takes the World to Work

Hi my name is Amanda Fisher and I work here at GE Power. Today’s day three and we’re gonna show you how we test our gas turbines. I grew up working on cars, so growing up I always wanted to do the same thing. So now I’m an engineer and I get to work on these: a big gas turbine. Lots more horsepower and lots more fun! I’m here at test stand 7 where we have one of our 9HA gas turbines hooked up and ready to go. Here we have the ability to test it to its limits in a full-scale, fully-loaded test. So let’s go on in and check it out. So this is where we do our full-scale gas turbine testing. And all of these sensors and wires and hoses that you see are all used to test our stationary instrumentation. So all the sensors on the gas turbine have to go somewhere so we can get the data off of them. That’s what you see here. But all these wires here every single one of them is an individual sensor. And then this cable here is actually a fiber optic that runs to the laser probs. We use these to detect vibration within the blades and that’s my main focus on this unit. We can’t buy sensors just off the shelf that will survive the harsh environment that’s inside of a gas turbine. So here we have a laser probe and these are used to detect any kind of vibration in our rotating equipment. The sensors literally live an environment that’s hotter than a volcano. So here’s where we get to do all of our development work and design these sensors that we need to collect all the data to validate the unit. Here we have our spin rig that we use to do laser prob development. Laser probes allow us to detect if there’s any vibration within the blades and rotating equipment. So as the blades pass by the laser probe, we get time signals of arrival
and departure of the blade. So now that I showed you inside of the test and where I work, I’m going to take you upstairs in the control room to show you the people running the test. So now we’re here in the control room and I’m going to introduce you to my friend Chris. So hey everybody, today we’re running the 9HA.02 on test stand 7. Anything from gas fuel to liquid fuel. Multiple speed sweeps. So everyone’s gonna get a lot of good data today. I’m gonna introduce you to my friend Brandon and he’s gonna tell you a little bit about what goes on up here during a test. We take roughly 5,500 pieces of instrumentation and convert it into digital signals. We’re gonna collect about 100 terabytes of data total. So thanks for joining me today. I hope you guys learned a little bit about testing that we do here. And stay tuned for tomorrow where you guys learn a little bit about repairs.

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  1. Thats one big log of data, pretty wild how it is wired soo much to be analyzed. Imagine these precision machines run fairly smooth… Wow

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