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Amaysing Fishing | Local Business Spotlight

If you’re planning on going
deep-sea fishing, over to fit and feather, or even fishing the aqueduct, there’s
nothing like coming here to Amaysing Fishing to get all your bait and tackle. I’m Big Willy from Amaysing Fishing. I’ve
been fishing all my life. Born in Rogersville, Tennessee.
My dad’s an avid fisherman; my mom fished. We’ve been fishing everywhere. When I came to Lancaster, there was no bait shop, so I opened one up. I was checking out your website. It looks like you guys actually organize trips?
Yeah. We have monthly ocean trips. We do all of our youth (inaudible) at
Apollo Park. The main thing is we do a trip every month, and we take 19 guys out
right from Lancaster. We fish an island that’s probably six hours away
from Catalina – it’s untouched. So the fishing is excellent. You don’t have to
do anything but serve yourself. Come with a good attitude, and then we’re going to
put you up some good fish. Who taught you how to fish, and what
are the lessons that are learned when you’re teaching somebody to fish? My dad
taught me how to fish. One thing he was like, “you got good bait, you’re gonna get
good fish.” This guy was just always about the bait.
That was something that he would drive 60-70 miles to a certain place just to
get this key bait. He had a certain ice chest for it. He had it taken
care of better than some of the kids. The bait had to get
there with no problem. So, if I’m taking one of the charters to St. Nicholas
with you, what would you show me? We’ll grab one of the nicest rods out. (Something you can
do a little bit of everything with.) This is a Phoenix.
It has our snakeskin wrap on it. And this is a nine eight. So, you could be able to
cast, drop to the bottom. One of my favorite setups would be the Daiwa Lexus,
and the 400 series. One thing about St. Nick is there’s a lot of protected area
in that military island. And this right here will put them down – Big Sheep Head,
Lean Cod, Yellowtail runs through there, or some of the big white sea bass come
through there. You want to have plenty of power to bring that fish down. The tip
is fast so you’ll feel them. And then, once it gets into the backbone, that’s
where we start stopping them there. What we make is the world’s strongest
fish attractant. And that’s what we’re kind of famous for. It’s the only fish
attractor on the market that pulsates, pumps out nine iridescent colors, and will work
on any fish. You can add this to any bait. You can add it to lures. You can add to cut
bait or live bait. This will bring fish in from near and
far. And sometimes, on a bad day, it’s gonna make it a better day. Fox Sports – they sent a team of six people out. We went right up to fin and
feathers, and we did a video of it. I mean the cameraman started fishing because
they were just leaping out. They caught bluegill. We caught five, six different
species during the winter time. These guys were highly impressed. Highly
impressed. You’ve got some of the best guys hiding out
here. It’s just a small town, but they have some really good fishermen

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