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Amazing Fish Bone Facts  | Ordinary Facts # 02

Amazing Fish Bone Facts | Ordinary Facts # 02

Hey bro, now I have more bones than you. No its not possible because we are twins. No I’ve just swallowed one fish bones today. H Days Channel. In this video, I’m going to find most amazing facts about fish bones. So here they are, seven most amazing facts about fish bones. 01# Fish Bone Necklace. Ow! Ladies you love Necklace a lot but what about the fish bone necklace? Yes fish bone necklace is very popular recent days. In Africa some territory makes necklace and ornaments with the fish bones i. e. vertebrae bones from dried fish. Ow I can remember the 2010 official
world cup song from Shakira. Shakira – Waka Waka ( This time for Arfica) (The official 2010 FIFA World Cup Song) Hey did they put on Bone’s Necklace? Who Knows? 02# Eating of Fish bones. We eat fish but in some parts of the
world, small fish bones are paid and eaten. In Japan, several use of fish bones like Surimi paste they made with bones and plus some meats. Processed into Satsuma Age/Chikuwa. Then sliced cold to eat in Salad. Its look like its a eating world. 03# Turning Bones into Salt & Flavor Well, eating fish bones is not the end, you can make delicious savory that will make a different flavor in your meal Just dry the fish bones two or three days in the sun Then grind in a coffee grinder. Then the powder you can use it in soup or stew. 04# Removing poison from soil. Fish bone is widely comprised of calcium & phosphate You can permanently or chemically remove the toxicity of the soil In west Auckland 18$ is expend to clean up soil per square feet of land. to bring healthy foods, crops & vegetables. Hows it like Bro? (Twin Bro replied) Ow I cant do a hard work, I will use chemical instead. Ow no no no, you should be Green & you should take a organic way. 05# Fish bones to make Art 30 years of old Anthony Bagumira made beautiful wall hangings from the fish bones. Bagumira loves this art from age of 10. The art products are very beautiful & most importantly natural. Is there any other fish bones art? Yes we have more arts. Fish bone hairstyles. 06# Sunscreen filters from Cod fish bones. Researchers from Porto Portugal has made sunscreen filters from Cod fish bones. The calcium & phosphate is modified with Iron & Iron Oxide They said that the creams may use for protections from sun or embedded in fabrics. That’s good, that’s really good at least its better than wheat floors (joking). (laughing) Next. 07# Incredible Painting with fish bones. Do you any fish bone artists? Yes in Fujian Province, China, Lin Han Bin has already spent 20 years to produce stunning patterns & landscape using fish bones. Most bones he used are the wastage. Those were collected from restaurants or hotels. Ow its like people are good uses of wastage So what can do with my …. ( showing Beef Bones) … Well this is the end of the video. If you like my video, pls like, share & comments And subscribe me to get more videos like this. Peace. Hey Bunny, what is the best option to untangling hair when the comb is lost? Ow its the Fork that may use instead of comb. Ow no, its the fish bones baby!

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