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Amazing Korean Food and Attractions in Seoul! (Day 2)

Amazing Korean Food and Attractions in Seoul! (Day 2)

you gotta love when your bowl of noodles comes with scissors on the side there are sesame seeds there’s some red chili paste there’s half an egg good morning everyone its mark Wiens with migration ology calm in Seoul South Korea we are walking to Seoul station gig 12 where are we going before we go to gimbap boom we are stopping off at City Hall subway station and we’re going to see another palace first what’s interesting about this palace is that it is located right in the middle of Seoul there are skyrise modern skyscrapers all around but in here it is calm there cherry blossoms we are just going to walk around for a little while and explore this palace most of the buildings within this palace are Korean style architecture but right behind me is a building that was completed in 1910 and it is a western-style building built by Orkin designed by a British architect back when it was built it was used as a residence and a place to entertain guests but now part of the palace it is the National Art Museum that was a nice place to walk around we are now heading to Guillaume Baku you take exit number five from the subway station and you emerge right into the middle of the palace young and I came to young buck going on our first visit to Seoul which I think was about four years ago we’re gonna walk to the front first and take a look at the guards the famous guards this is probably one of the most visited things to do attractions in all of Seoul so it is busy today but I think just like every single day that you come to visit and standing at the front of the gate are the famous palace guards lawyer gala entrance is 3001 gonna have a quick walk through that I am getting really hungry this was built in the Joseon dynasty and built in the year 1395 it is a huge huge complex you can walk around this entire area and there are gardens there are squares and this is definitely seoul’s biggest and most major maybe most famous landmark and site in seoul you could definitely spend a couple of hours here walking around because this whole complex is huge we are walking through the neighborhood now across the street on the maybe east side of the palace and we are approaching the area of book Shan hanok village and hopefully around here we are going to find some lunch we just walked down the road came off on a little small side walking alley and there’s this restaurant that specializes in mon Dieu and also all sorts of different types of noodles it is impossible to resist side alley with this much steam pouring down it wanyan for this one one can we have this one for or okay this one it is a very tight cozy restaurant in here mostly with counter seating but they have a couple tables in the middle all shared tables so you grab a stool this is my kind of dining we got a whole mixed combination platter of different mondo dumplings there’s some shrimp ones and pork ones these are fried ones and then also meatballs I’m gonna have to begin with that shrimp mondo well these are beautiful just big pockets full of delicious things that is amazing there’s a shrimp in there an entire trip and then it’s surrounded by seasoned minced pork oh that is delicious and so hot and fresh there are many things that I love about Korean food one of them is that a lot of dishes that are meant to be served hot the soups are served extremely hot boiling hot in earthenware dishes but they also have cold noodles which are also excellent and when they mean cool noodles they do not joke around there is actually ice within the noodles these are buckwheat noodles and you can see over here there is an entire frozen chunk of soup crock in the soup there are sesame seeds there’s some red chili paste there’s half an egg and you gotta love when your bowl of noodles comes with scissors on the side I’m going to take this and I think what you’re supposed to do is just chop up the entire thing chop up these noodles I definitely need to work on my my food cutting skills with a scissors though but I’m just going to chop it all up okay that should be good and chop up that piece of ice just for fun okay I’m going to stir this around now oh yeah let me just taste that broth real fast yeah that is icy cold and it has a sour chili and kind of sweet taste to it those noodles have an unbelievable wonderful chewy texture to them yeah they’re really chewy and they’re really ice-cold I’m going to go in for one of the deep-fried mandu is now oh it’s so deep fried it it has like little little bubbles of pastry that is fantastically tasty so crispy and then minced pork in there I think mung bean noodles I put up maybe some scallions and onions and garlic I added some soy sauce and some vinegar to this bowl for my next bike yes that is the dipping sauce that crispy rapper makes it incredibly good so I see refreshing we must have gotten lucky though because when we we came here there was no line but now when we’re walking out it is packed there’s a queue and lots of people are waiting for some delicious food thank you well I’m seeing they do thank you know what I think for our next stop we came to this grilled chicken skewer place young and I came here a couple years ago and it is one of our fondest girl’d chicken skewer memory really really good we got that spicy sauce and I couldn’t help but order two skewers oh yeah that is amazing oh that’s like a slightly spicy and sweet barbecue sauce but what’s really good is just how the chicken is so tender so juicy that is a treat on a stick I’m annoyed the reason you have to have two Spears is because you’ll finish that per skewer without even thinking about it it’s so good oh and I am dripping barbecue sauce all over my bag I think we’re just going to walk around maybe go to see similar of this heritage area but I’m at that stage right now where I’m so happy full of food that I can just walk around smiling for a while now once I be honest so nice to meet you man everybody good to me keep supporting him he deserves it totally deserves you have no idea how much it was like we are walking around and exploring the bukchon hanok village which is a traditional village in Seoul a heritage village it’s quite touristy but it is quite pleasant and very enjoyable to walk around walking on the hills there are lots of batik little shops and restaurants and little shops and snacks but it yeah it’s just really a very pleasant place to walk around and explore place you have to check out when you’re in Seoul some of the houses in this neighborhood have turned it to businesses or into guests house or even into museums but a lot of them still remain quiet normal residential areas that are homes that have been part of the family for many generations we’re at um gugak subway station we’re going to take the subway station back to Seoul station and rest for a little while back at our apartment it’s 6:00 p.m. we are on our way to dong Dae moon market you know that Oh before we have a more substantial meal we just decided to stop by at a street food stall for some snacks some pre dinner snacks these are the famous rice rolls in chili gravy and then he scooped it into a bowl and then topped it with perilla leaves and cabbage and I will take one of these compressed rice cakes with some of that vegetable as well they’re very sticky sticky and gooey and that’s like a sweet chili sauce what I really like is the addition of the perilla leaves which have a wonderful minty licorice taste to them that gives it the refreshing touch and then we also got some gimbap some little rice rolls those are wonderful wrapped in seaweed it’s a little bit sour from the pickled vegetables in there and also you get the crispness of the pickled vegetables as well and then finally I think this is some kind of fish tofu and it is kind of crumpled up onto a giant skewer this is like a huge skewer for this amount because it’s it’s boiled in water oh yeah it has a bit of a fishy aroma to it Wow it’s kind of like fish baloney no one is actually really really good yeah I like that they also have some pretty awesome Street food cup dispensers here press the big yellow button hidden cup comes right out Oh after those salty snacks you gotta wash it down with a little bit of water okay myself – oh thank you we decided to go for the grilled fish restaurant kind of pointed to a number of pictures and different types of weirdo bitch but this is an awesome little place it is really small and cozy and you can just smell the grilled fish ro9 here the fish are already partly grilled but as soon as you order them them Dave she puts them back onto the grill and gives them that final char we got four different types of fish some of which I don’t know what they are but I know one of them is a mackerel and one of them is a Spanish mackerel then well it’s a bigger fish some fish fillets and then a smaller dish let’s check it out I’m gonna try this fish first well that’s just solid solid meat other bones I don’t think there’s even bones in here we haven’t come yet it’s just very very lightly seasoned I think just was just with salt but you can really taste that smoky grilled flavor to it all grilled fish is one of my absolute favorite things I think this is wasabi I’m not totally sure and then maybe soy sauce I’m not sure not totally sure what you’re supposed to do here but maybe I will just mix in a little bit I’m gonna try some of this fish oh yeah there are some bones in this one and I’ll try it with some of that wasabi and with some rice this time well that fish has such a like buttery creamy texture to it hmm and then yeah I think that is it’s a very very light Mesabi it’s like a sour light wasabi with some I think soy sauce oh oh yeah I love little fish and oh I can feel that kind of like buttery texture in my chopsticks from this fish I’m gonna get some of that less sabi it’s very very light so you can eat quite a bit of it and put that onto my rice that is so good the fish is so unbelievably smoky flavor and then they know how to grill it so well so it’s not overdone but you know juicy available a key not dried out at all your body composed you know I love mackerel too this one is maybe the driest of all the fishes but at the same time you can actually taste those Omega fats kind of coming out as you take a bite I don’t know if I can choose a favorite fish they’re all delicious but they all have a slightly different texture and and feel to them along in and we couldn’t resist ordering some kimchi jjigae which is kimchi stew got some kimchi there’s some pork in here and some tofu we can taste that pickled flavor on them kimchi jig is up a wondrous dish oh yeah and it’s just a little bit spicy and then the kimchi and there might be some onions and some green onions and maybe some leek in there but they’re so soft and just sort of disintegrates in your mouth yeah that’s wonderful as is the fish fish in all forms is something I love but grilled fish plus off the kimchi’s and the different sides that was just an absolute winner of a meal this entire alley is filled with grilled fish restaurants and looks like chicken hot pot restaurants and I had we I had no idea which restaurant to choose so we just chose that one and that was an incredible meal you I am still dreaming about how good that fish meal was that we just ate but we are now in the heart of dumb Des Moines shopping district there is both street shopping and there’s a lot of malls around this area as well this entire shopping district is known for its very long hours some of the shops in the malls are open until 5:00 a.m. or 4 a.m. and some are even open 24 hours so if you ever have a craving to go shopping at 2:00 a.m. or 3 a.m. and buy some new clothes dongdaemoon is the spot it’s been a long but wonderful day and at the beginning of the day I actually had no idea what we were doing but it sort of turned into a one day soul travel and food guide all in one if you had one day in Seoul today was a pretty good day I would say I’m going to end the video right now thank you all very much for watching please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it also leave a comment below and make sure you subscribe for lots more food and travel videos and I will see you on the next video

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