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American Girl Doll’s Chrissa and Bobby Go Shark Diving

American Girl Doll’s Chrissa and Bobby Go Shark Diving

-Here we are back again at one of my
favorite places. Love this place. -Yeah I’m starting to really like it too, it’s so interesting all the fish here man. I’ve never been to this side of the aquarium before. -This is like the
behind-the-scenes area like, this is where all the cool employees hang out. -Maybe you’ll be
a cool employee here someday. -Well first I gotta go through a lot of
schooling. Did you know that you become a biologist I actually have to go to
school for four years? -I knew that but it sounds so boring, right? -Oh the worst! -Hello Mates am I am I late? -No you’re not Late. -Who’s this nice little lady right here? -I’m his girlfriend! -What’s your name? -Chrissa! -Nice sea lion shirt what’d you get that after the show? -No I just bought it
purposely for this trip. -Well it’s nice but remember this sharks in the water! -Yeah I know! -All right, well Bobby over here tells me that you’re so excited to go in the shark tank. -I’m a little excited, um I mean i’m so excited, yeah. I’ve been thinking about it all week. -Great so I
got you some gear here’s your mask and snorkel and we’re
gonna head over there to the shark cage. All right mates I’ll meet you in the tank
all right. -So, Are you’re excited? -So excited I could scream. -Scream of nervousness right? -Literally I’m like so nervous but like excited nervous you know how you get! -Oh me too man, we should probably put our gear on. -Yeah ! -So would you like to go first? -Uh you know I
have to use the bathroom I’ll be right back. -Okay don’t take too long! -Where’d your pretty girlfriend go? -Bathroom. -All right mate you want to go
first? -As always! -All right well I’ll meet you in the
tank okay? -I’m back from the bathroom. You’re gonna go first? -Uh you said I could go first? -Yeah now I’m thinking maybe I should just get it over with you know?
like -Get it over with? -I mean well I’m so excited to the fish so maybe I should
go first. -You know what I’m gonna go first so I can check it out and then
I’ll tell you how it is. -Okay! -All right mate, you ready to go? -So excited! -This is like his 10th dive, I’m serious like he has dove here like every year. -Really? -Yep – Uh, what’s
your name again? -Marcus! -Marcus? -Marcus yeah! -Are you sure this is safe? -Mate I wouldn’t put you in a tank if there was sharks in the water that weren’t
safe. -He’s a trained professional. -Okay -Don’t worry about it it’s just sand
tiger sharks and nurse sharks and then maybe a piranha but you’ll be fine! -Yeah I’ll totally be fine. -All right Bobby I’ll open up the cage for you. -All right I’ll
see you later! -I hope you make it out alive! -What? -I mean I’m so excited for you to dive. -I’ll be fine. See you later! -Don’t worry mate that was just a random guest! -Uh, man! -Hey! -You again! -Yep! -Camile, what are you doing here? -Hanging out! -Mom take you? -Yeah, Julie didn’t want to come doing homework. -it’s like still summer! -Yeah well she likes to get a head start on your summer stuff so. -Hello mate, nice to meet you! -You’re that aquarist guy, aren’t you? -Yes I am, Marcus! -Marcus, love that name! -You’ve ever been the shark tank? -I’m not the age to go in the
shark tank but it looks a little scary so I probably would never go in. -It’s not that bad, just sand tiger sharks and nurse sharks and piranhas and… -Okay can
we stop talking about how many fish are in that tank. -You’re not nervous to go in this tank are you? -No uh, I told you like I really
want to go in this tan! -Doesn’t look like you want to go in. -I really want to go in. I’m going in that tan. -All right! Bobby your time is almost up.
I gotta get your boyfriend out. -Get him out safe -What? -Uh, get him out fast because
I really want to go that tank! -That’s what I thought you said.
I’ll be right back get em out the switch your gears! -Okay Chrissa, it’s just a shark tank. Sharks aren’t gonna bite me and like eat me into many pieces I I don’t know if I can
do this no you’re doing this you’re doing this
and you’re doing this! -Man that was so exciting oh you should have seen me. -Oh, it looked so much fun I like can’t wait to go in that tank. -Me too I can’t wait for you to go in you’re gonna love it. oh my god never knew
baby SandTiger shark could not believe it he was so little. -It was a male? -Couldn’t tell but I think I saw a male! -That’s so cool! -Legit like I can’t believe I just
saw it oh my god like marine science awesome? -It’s awesome! -All right well you can have my gear now Dunna, Dunna, -Dun, na na -You all right? -Yeah I tripped on your foot! -Stupid foot -Whats wrong you got scared? -No no I tripped on Bobby’s foot -Come on Mate I’ll getcha up! -No no no no no no I better rest for a while! – I don’t know looks like it looks your foot looks fine. -Oww but it just it looks red. -I don’t know if she should dive if her foot hurts. –Yeah I don’t think it’s safe enough. -Maybe we should get you home. -Yeah maybe that’s
better because my foot is really hurting me. -Which foot is it again? -My right foot! -hmm your right foot looks perfect. -Then maybe it’s my left! -No it’s better than the other foot -You know maybe I am feeling a
little better maybe I should just go in the tank. -Maybe you should! -All right let’s get you geared up. -all right mate you ready to go in that tank? -Yeah I’m I’m
ready! -It’s just sand tiger sharks and nurse sharks and lots of sharks. -Lots of sharks! Lots and lots of sharks -All right let’s get ya in. -I can’t go in I am sick! -You weren’t sick before! -Yeah but I just feel -You’re going in that tank. -No no no no no -You’ll be fine! – I’m going in that tank! It’s just a shark tank! With ten circling
sharks! -And nurse sharks and piranhas and… – Shut up! Let’s do this! -That’s the spirit mate, I am so excited for you. head head on in. – Oh my god Boby, it was so amazing! Thank you! -Okay -I loved it I didn’t think I would love it I’m so scared before I went in. -You think! -I was but you know what I got in that tank and I just did it in the shark
tank -Yeah you went in! -Okay I cannot wait to
write about this put this on my Instagram -I think you’re very brave for going in the
tank -Thanks -Now we should get home. -Yeah but I wanna go in again Come on, part 2. -Yeah cost me 100 bucks
each -Well anything for me right? -Oh sure! -Can we do this again? -Yes, we can do this again! (Chrissa screams of excitement) -Looks like those mates had a great time. Thanks for joining us on our shark adventure. Right here at the Atlantis
Aquarium. Come back for more in our shark tank. Bye everyone, see you later
thanks for watching like and subscribe do all the things if you like me. Goodbye!

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