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Americans Try REAL Street Tacos

Americans Try REAL Street Tacos

– So you’re not fucking with
us, we’re just eating tacos. This is just normal happy — – Her face says something right now! (upbeat rock music) – Am I allowed to ask what it is? – Smells like, taco. – [Both] Cheers. – It has like that morning
breakfast kind of taste. – It looks more like Taco
Bell meat to be honest. The way that it’s all minced up. – You gonna finish the whole thing? – Oh yeah. – This is really good. – Yeah. – Beefy. – Yeah, I don’t know why
that feels dirty (laughs). – I knew it. – It was delicious, perfect. – I like a little avocado,
guac, something creamy, something, just to like
slide in to those D M’s. This looks like there’s a
lot more fat in the meat. – I’m excited to get
this taco in my mouth. (upbeat rock music) – It’s a little too chewy for my taste. – Fat on a steak, that’s
what it tastes like. – I like it, whatev’s man,
it’s in a tortilla, I’m cool. (laughs) – You know what, it tastes
like the inside of my cheek. – Yeah. – Now that you’re saying that. – Cheek! That’s what I figured it was, ’cause like, face isn’t fatty. – It’s funny how once
you say it, you’re like ‘ohh, I don’t know,’ but
if you hadn’t told me I probably would have
eaten it and not cared. – You know, this is the
cheekiest dish I’ve had all day. (upbeat rock music) – I’m getting nervous now. – Yeah this is not going
in a good direction. – Is this just earlobes? Are you feeding me earlobes? – This is the earlobey-est
meal I’ve had (laughs). – Is this vegetables? – Nope, definitely not. – Is this seafood? – Again, nope, this is
some weird part of a cow. – Smells like play-doh,
first off, I’m sorry. – Whoa it smells a lot like
play-doh! That was dead on. (upbeat rock music) – Hmm. – The texture’s a little tough. – I dig it. – Yeah, it tastes kind of like noodles. – It does. – There’s something like
blackhole-y about putting a stomach in my stomach. There’s something that’s
like a wormhole… ‘But if I put this stomach in my stomach, then I ate your stomach’. – I am all for food that
doesn’t waste the thing that we’re eating, so. – Yeah! – Give me the stomach, give me the cheek. Gimmie that butt. – Gimmie that cabasa. – Let’s eat it all. – What do you think of
that picture, what is that? – Oh wow, wow! – Is it a tongue? – Oh tongue! – Is this a tongue? – That’s the tongue I’ve been waiting for. You ready to French kiss your taco? – I guess so. – It tastes like pot roast. – It does, that’s exactly
what I was about to say. – You could tell me this is
anything and I’ll still like it. – Boom! – Yeah! (laughs), we are unstoppable! – This is good! – Yeah, mine was dope,
scary, weird sounding, but– – You know what, once
you chew it a little bit, and then your tongue is
right there next to it, and it’s double tongue,
your tongue and the tongue, it’s so much tongue. – I’m less afraid to try
difference tacos on the menu now. – Don’t be afraid to eat
weird parts of animals. – Sometimes the weird parts
are the tastiest parts. – Yeah I’m probably just going
to stick with what I know. – Yeah! (laughs)

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  1. Personally I loved the two kinds of food. I love the Tacos but at the same time i like the hamburguer, or the Hot Dogs or chips, Doritos, candys. And make a mix with mexican and US Food is Amazing!

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