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Americans Try Surströmming (The Smelliest Food In The World)

Americans Try Surströmming (The Smelliest Food In The World)

– They say that when you first
open a can of surströmming, it’s one of the worst smells in the world. – Let’s not do it then. – I don’t want to. Oh!
– Oh! – Oh!
– You’ve broken the seal. – Oh!
– Oh, God! – Okay, nope.
– I’m not. – Oh God, no!
– Okay, all right. – [Voiceover] Oh my God.
(people retching) – [Voiceover] It’s sewage.
It’s sewage in a can. – [Voiceover] Oh my God
– [Voiceover] I’m out. – [Voiceover] Can we leave?
– [Voiceover] It’s so bad. – [Voiceover] Oh, it’s
coming, it’s traveling! – [Voiceover] Oh!
– [Voiceover] It’s traveling! – [Voiceover] Oh God.
Someone turn on the air! – I have the worst gag reflex. I’m definitely gonna heave.
(retches) – It’s one of the worst things
I’ve ever smelled in my life, and I can’t wait to get out of here. – I smelled this from
outside the building. – I don’t see how you
can eat this indoors. – There’s a lot of
terrible smells in there. – It’s like fish.
– Baby diaper. – Cheese.
– Durian, the fruit. – And dead body.
– It smells like foreskin. – And all these things got together and they were like, “Hey, let’s hang out!” – Like regret, like you smell regret. – And it’s weird because
you smell it at first, and you’re like, “Oh, that smells bad.” – It’s like a national park bathroom that somebody just dumped
a bunch of dog food in. – Then another smell
kicks in, and you’re like, “Oh, that really smells bad.” – No, it smells like
dook. It smells like poo. – Then another one kicks in,
and you’re like, “I’m done.” (retches)
– Have people been puking? – (retches) I can taste it already! (retches) I can’t even look at it! – The tin looks like it’s left over from World War II, honestly. (knife clatters)
– Holy shit. – I think it’s just in a
soup of its own fermentation. – (retches) No, no, I thought there were gonna be pieces, it’s just soup! – Oh, it looks like a booger!
– It’s dripping gray juice. – This doesn’t look like a real color. – Vomit.
(retching) – It looks like when you walk by a sewer, muck and bacteria that has congealed. – Taking it out and putting it on a plate intensified the smell. – Has anyone eaten this actually? (fork clatters) – Nope, not doing it. Sorry guys. You gotta draw the line somewhere. – (fork clatters) It’s worse, it’s worse than you think it’s gonna be. – It does not taste even a
quarter as bad as it smells. – It tastes very briny, extremely salty. – You know, I still don’t
want to eat more of it. I kind of just want to
get out of this room. – I can imagine this
probably tastes better with side dishes or maybe
rolled up in something. (fork clatters) – What the fuck is this,
and where is it from? And how do I never have this again? – (spitting) Scratch
that off the bucket list! – I feel like the smell is so overwhelming that it’s informing my
taste buds to not like it. – (retches) Do I have to swallow it? – No. No, I don’t want to. – There’s kind of a really clean fish taste in my mouth at this point. At the very beginning, it was, I don’t even know what that taste was. (retches) – Why is it hairy? – And there are definitely bones in it. Should I stick this
whole thing in my mouth? – How could this be more heinous? (retches) It is the worst thing I’ve ever eaten, the worst thing I’ve ever
smelled or put in my mouth. And I am not exaggerating. – That is the weirdest thing in the world. – It’s awful. Ugh! – The coolest thing about this is that it’s pretty badass
if you enjoy it and eat it. I mean, not many people in the world, I think, could stomach this. – Yeah, my final thought is that I never want to have this again. So let’s close it, and close
this chapter on our lives. (can lid scraping)
Together. – It’s something that’s
culturally sensitive, and people should respect that someone out there eats this and enjoys it. They must have very, very limited access to their sense of smell because it is the worst food I’ve ever smelled.

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  1. This is not what the filets are supposed to look like. You guys must have gotten a really old can.. they’re should be 3-5 filets of fish (headless) in clear “water”. Not like that. I can understand why you can’t stand it. I wouldn’t eat it either. And I eat it every year like tradition. If you come here I can show you how to eat it. With potatoes, onions, sour cream & flatbread. With a shot & good company. I promise. I pay. You just show up!

  2. Try balut from the philippines. No bad smell, though. Its duck eggs, ideally 17 to 19 days old with developed embryo. Cooked 20 to 30 min than eaten with salt, beak, feet and feathers and all. You can buy it as canned food from Andoy's best. 2 years expiry time.

  3. First of all.We don’t eat only Surströmming.We eat it with flatbread,sliced boiled potatoes,chopped red onion and sour creme.
    And I think most of us eat it outside.

  4. Fock youuu… You Americans couldn't even stand the smell of Durian , why bother trying something worse than something u can't stand?!!???

  5. How I imagine Scandinavian people watching this video:

    Meme of Principal Skinner looking down wearing a Viking helmet: "Pathetic."

  6. in my opinion its good if you make it in sam sizes like 5*5 mm or 1/4*1/4 inch on a sandwich with potatoes sour cream raw onion

  7. Grew up with the smell of Surströmming, it aint bad!
    Americans, i invite you all to come to my towns yearly "Kräft* och Surströmmings" Festival Crayfish* and Surströmming in the whole town. It is acually quite cool and you get to experience how to ACUALLY eat surströmming. You do NOT eat it from the can and also not indoors, dum dums!

  8. The orange shirt guys reaction is maybe one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. And when he takes that massive bite I loose it every time 😂😂

  9. I have a pretty strong stomach but I’m not sure if I could handle this. Part of me wants to try it and the other part of me is saying oh FUX no!

  10. It's actually very good if you eat it the right way. I live in Norway and when I visit Sweden I use to take some Surströmming with me back home.

  11. It's illegal in the places that make this to open the can in an enclosed space because the smell pervades and never goes away. Why do people keep thinking it's a good idea to eat this??

  12. I think it has gone bad, the can looks like it puffed up from CO2 buildup when it goes bad. The Surstromming can isnt meant to puff up like that

  13. the big guy with the dreads "holy sh*t" and the look on his face. I've eaten this before, on a dare, and yep – that sums it up perfectly.

  14. Wow, we do love Fermented Fish in Cambodia! We dont' eat raw like this . We cook again with more ingridents

  15. I know what will happen without even having to watch this video. They open the can wrong and well, they will start gagging and say it stinks.

  16. people in the west eat human shits and they trying to show us how disgusting Surstromming is ? !!!! I mean come on guys 😂

  17. This just reminds me how we americans are such babies 🤣😂 go watch the Irish people eat it. Atleast they all actually tried it

  18. Who is the guy in the orange tank top? I want to hang out with him. He seems like an awesome down to earth person.

  19. Wow this Asian guy got it allmost.. 😅 yes this is outdoor food and it tastes better than it smells. Its like caviar salty and tastes unique.

  20. 02:50 ok dude you could successfully manage to make this disgunting for you and for ME now

  21. I’m Swedish and while i dont like surströmming, It’s not supposed to look like a soup. If the can is bulging it’s not fermented it’s out of date and rotten. It should not be opened or eaten under and circumstance. Also when you open a can of surströmming you should do so outside in a bowl of water. You don’t just eat a piece of it like that. You put it on bread together with some potatoes, spring onions, some sourcream etc. This makes it much more pleasant, but i still wouldn’t recommend it at all.

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