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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

An easy to do Fish Tacos recipe on Outside the Kitchen – Episode 1 with Matt Conway.

A chef once told me to create great food
you need great ingredients Like fresh seasonal produce and locally sourced
seafood but there’s one ingredient that’ll make any dish go from ordinary
to extraordinary and that’s cooking it in nature welcome to Outside The Kitchen We’ve asked guest chefs from around the
Greater Port Macquarie region to step outside of the commercial kitchen and
join us in the biggest venue on the planet the great outdoors here they will show us how to cook
something gourmet so that you can learn to be the super chef at your next
barbecue or picnic Matt Conway is the owner and chef at Port Macquarie’s the
Burger Rebellion famous for its gourmet burgers paired with craft beer and
recently voted in the top ten burger joints in Australia by TripAdvisor if
there’s someone who could show us how to get the most from a barbecue it’s gonna
be this guy. Today’s venue Settlement Point in Port Macquarie it’s only about
a five minute drive from the CBD You feel like you’ve landed on the edge of
paradise hey Matt thanks for joining us here at
Settlement Point. Now there’s literally hundreds of these picnic spots set up
all over the region to be honest I struggle to think of anything other than
sausages or bacon and egg rolls or chicken skewers to cook at is there
something you could teach me how to cook yeah mate can I help you with that. Today
I’ve got fish tacos with some Hastings River Whiting. We’ll do a little slaw
with that and a little pineapple and lime sals. Beautiful that sounds perfect
so where do we start So we start with making the slaw we’re
just doing wombok a little bit of red onion and some grated carrot. Small bunch
of coriander, good chunk of flat leaf parsley here so that’ll go well in it now Matt you grew up in Port Macquarie
do you remember coming to settlement point as the kid. Yeah we used to come
fishing here with my family and I would also walk across the river there and try
and get some muddies over at Pelican Island so I’m very lucky to come back
with all my toes to tell you the truth dealing with the crabs over that side so
pretty much that’s your base for your slaw so now I’ll make a bit of a
dressing for it so a little bit of mustard here get a white wine vinegar
what I’m also gonna do chuck some lime in Lime juice
is going to go with the salsa that we’re gonna make as well so we don’t want it super thick either
just a nice consistency Now we’ll make a bit of a salsa. So I think
with this one we use a couple of these large rip Ricardo’s Tomatoes grown
just up the road. Really thin small dice of your red onion here cucumber just
adds a little bit of freshness doesn’t yeah and it just brings some body to it
as well so what I’ve got now is just some fresh mint oh that just smells so
fresh okay and here’s a here’s something I prepared earlier. That looks like
pineapple. That is looking gorgeous Now it’s on today main part of the dish
we’ve got some awesome Hastings River whiting fillets here, so what we’re gonna
do is take this down to the river down there and just give it a wash While we’ve
been over there we’ve had these tortilla steaming so what we’re gonna do now is a
little bit of this citrusy dressing going on here. What I’ve got here is a
little Mexican spice mix for the fish so we’ll do it in here we’ll give it a
little bit of a little bit of a rub in the bowl here so what I’m gonna do I’m
gonna do a little trick so what I do here at Bunnings for $6 or $7
you can pull out one of these barbecue buddies and you can cook on top of it now that they’re turned it turns a little bit of
opaqueness in the middle still you want that opaque to disappear and then you’ve
got a nice white flesh So we’ll do three, just like that. Perfect
little size these Hastings River Whiting salsa on top. Look at that
should we dig in That is perfect. Tastes so fresh with the
herbs that’s delicious thanks Matt for showing
me this recipe it’s perfect for a picnic spot like this but the best part is it
tastes delicious but that one magic ingredient that just
makes the whole thing come together is cooking it outdoors. What do you say we
dig into it finish this up Fantastic mate sounds great if you’d like to
download the recipe or learn more about this region go to Next time on Outside The Kitchen We take a French chef and get
him to cook in an iconic Aussie setting

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