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Anti aging Beauty Treatments and Tips : Anti Aging Beauty Secrets – VitaLife Show Episode 120

Anti aging Beauty Treatments and Tips : Anti Aging Beauty Secrets – VitaLife Show Episode 120

Welcome to the Vitalife show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today we’re talking all about
anti-aging secrets so if you haven’t seen any of our videos
make sure you check them out on YouTube it’s the Vitalife Show and we always are talking about natural
ways to look and feel your absolute best and using some really easy
techniques that you can do at home and whole food supplements to really
help you to maintain your collagen in terms of beauty to keep your body as healthy as possible
so for today’s topic one of the first and foremost things in
terms of anti-aging secret is to really take
a look at your stress levels lot of people don’t realize that the
facial expressions that they make in times of stress can over time cause
wrinkles and deep furrows to actually form and you know when you have that weathered
look on your face you can often tell who the very stressed out people are based on where they are forming lines on
their face so always be aware of your facial
expressions and if you don’t need to be making a certain
expression then don’t do it because it’s that constant contraction of the facial muscles in the wrong way
that actually causes those wrinkles to form so it just be very aware that and also
know that your hormones also can wreak havoc on your collagen
levels in your skin especially on your face
so making sure that your hormones are balanced as well especially in women of course as
were aging our hormones can get out of balanced managing your
hormones is really important as well in terms of managing the stress
and managing course those wrinkles that can be
forming. Second always maintain your water so a lot of
people don’t drink enough water this is one the most simple things that you can
do to help to keep your skin hydrated from the inside-out the other thing that helps to
protect your cell membranes especially in your skin cells are essential fatty
acids so we’ve all heard about those Omega 3’s especially I love high quality omega 3’s
the best form in the safest form now to get them is in a high quality fish oil
supplement so we actually have created VitaFish Oil here at Vitatree nutritional it’s the
absolute world best fish oil supplement easy to take orange flavored no fishy
taste or aftertaste and is concentrated in those omega 3’s
especially that DHA its that DHA and the EPA that help to maintain
the cellular structure the cell wall membrane which is made up of
essential fatty acids we want to make sure that this membrane
is very fluid that’s exactly what you get VitaFish Oil to make sure you
check that out at also anti-oxidants
we’re all exposed to free radicals on a daily basis in our environment so making sure that we
have sufficient antioxidant in the diet is the best thing you can do as an anti-aging secret. So although
superfoods, the fruits, vegetables especially the berries which are highly
pigmented fruits are so important all the
superfoods are highly concentrated antioxidant to get at those free radicals that have
accumulated and that caused the damage to the skin overtime we always want to make sure
that we’re also using chemical free product so anything that you put on your
skin can have a potentially harmful effect in
actually speed up the aging process so I always am looking at ingredients
anything that I put on my face always needs to be natural or as natural as as humanly possible and try to eliminate
those chemicals so there are great you know lines out there that you can
use externally and one of the easiest things you can do and add into your
routine is to use coconut oil and coconut oil used you know anywhere on your skin even on your face
will not cause breakouts completely natural and very
hydrating so this is wonderful its a bit shining so you don’t want to do this
before you go out on a date that you can certainly do this
near bedtime a bit of coconut oil all over your face
is a great moisturizer and you will see your skin cells actually come back to life
just from using the coconut oil now facial exercises we have a number
fantastic videos here on YouTube so be sure to check them out just look the Vitalife Show and facial exercises you’ll see a lot of the exercise that we have put out
there and facial exercises or facial yoga
is a wonderful way to actually tone muscles of the face to help to maintain the muscle structure
in the face and this is what helps prevent sagging skin helps to minimize the look
of fine lines and wrinkles and it can be dramatic in terms of results and keeping
your skin looking and feeling youthful so be sure to check out all our facial
exercises on YouTube here: and be sure to comment
and I want you to really be trying the exercises and let me know you can take
a before and after picture yourself and really see the dramatic differences in the way that your face will look and
feel after doing these exercises because it
does bring circulation to the surface and helps
with keeping you young. Also supplements that
help to build collagen this is where it’s at so I actually created the Vitatree
Hair Skin and Nails formula I really want to check it out at helping to maintain
and build your collagen levels and elastin levels so the key secret
ingredient in here MSM which helps with your carotene cross-linking as well as silica. Now silica
natural mineral which helps to restore the balance and moisture beneath
the skin surface which is really important because you
know you may be drinking enough water but it’s not maintaining itself beneath
the skin surface and silicea is one of those essential mineral that we all
need to be taking of course in whole food form in all of our Vitatree supplements thats you’re getting and lysine. Lysine is a protein
it’s amino acid which again is the building block for healthy collagen carotene. I thank you
for joining me today be sure to like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter at @vitatree remember your health is in your hands
you have the ability to live a healthy and beautiful life the Vitalife and we’re here to help
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  1. Hi, I've tried using coconut oil before bed time, I can notice now new fine lines.. Is it possible its because of the CO?

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