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Aquaponics for Dummies – The Easiest DIY Indoor Aquaponic System

Aquaponics for Dummies – The Easiest DIY Indoor Aquaponic System

What’s up ladies and gentleman so this
is Phillyaquaponics, and as promised I will be doing a walkthrough of my
apartment aquaponics system. I will show you guys how this system works. It is super easy. Anybody could set it up. The only tool
that you will need is a pocket knife. If I could set this up anybody can,
so let’s get started. So over here in the back of my aquarium you’ll see a 375 gallon per hour pond water pump. This pumps water up from my aquarium through this black pipe that
comes out the water and goes up and then into the side of my grow bed right here. This blue stuff is standard aquarium filter
floss that you can get at any pet store. It’s basically a meshy material that has
a high surface area that acts as a filter. It filters out the solid fish waste. It
catches it, and my red wiggler composting worms actually break that down, so most of them live
inside of that material. I put this on top of it to prevent algae from growing on it.
Over here you see about 15 pounds of expanded clay
pellets called hydroton that acts as my grow media. My grow bed is a standard window grow box that I got at
Home Depot. The way I set the water level is a piece of a PVC pipe, which I cut a rough whole in the bottom of the window growbox and shoved the
PVC pipe through it. This black thing on top of it that’s
acting as a media guard, it’s actually two 1-inch hydroponic net pots that I have put on
top of one another to act as a media guard. It fits on top of the one
inch PVC pipe nicely. So the way this works: The pump is attached to an automatic
timer down here, which turns on and off every 15 minutes
so the water floods and drains out of the grow bed, and it fills to the
level that is set by this standpipe. The plants take out the
nitrates from the water, making it clean for the fish. The fish poop in the water, fish poop contains ammonia, and bacteria in the water and in the grow bed convert the ammonia to nitrite and then nitrate, and then the plants take the nitrates out. So this is a 29 gallon fish tank. I have four goldfish in here. My light is hanging from chains which are then attached to S hooks that I made out old wire
hangers and then this is all held up on top of this shelving unit
that I had in my garage, which fits nicely around the fish
tank and actually fits on top of the aquarium stand that I am using as well. That’s pretty much it. The stuff you see in
the back is just cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil, which acts as a light reflector for the plants. Thats it. I hope this helps you guys. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. Thanks for watching… bye.

100 comments on “Aquaponics for Dummies – The Easiest DIY Indoor Aquaponic System

  1. hello… the pvc attachment… is that a bell siphon type setup or just a single piece of pvc that drains into the aquarium?

  2. i have a 29 gallon tank to and it can be a real problem to clean. but i have a axolotl which is a sensitive fish, can't have a lot of water movement and i can't have gravel because its mouth is like a vaccum and he'll choke. do you think this setup would still work for me? Plus light is an issue too. They live in the dark.

  3. really good idea, just want to know do it need always light for the plants? and if need how much watt light need to put on top?

  4. that was good buddy. do you adjust your ph in your water? i believe my plants like slightly acidic water. you know the ones 😉 and no nutrients would be needed atall then? no boosters during flowering? u get good yields? id like an aquaponics setup but i just wonder how feasable it really is

  5. thanks for this video! for anyone in the philly area interested in learning more about aquaponics, riverbend environmental education center has an awesome educational aquaponics greenhouse!

  6. how much weight do you think your tank can support? I am going to use a ten gallon tank but worried the grow bed might be too heavy.

  7. honest tip:

    make a list of the things you want to talk about in you video on a piece of paper or something. I like your videos but I can tell that you get nervous when you don't know what to say so you start to ramble, a list would help keep you on track and help you focus the video on where you think it should be.

  8. Couple things:

    What is your reasoning for filtering the fish waste? I thought the point of aquaponics is to use the waste as your nutrient source.

    How do you know to water every 15 minutes?

    Do you have a timer on the light as well or is it 24/7?

    Nice vid, thanks

  9. can you send the plans of the build, or just make a video
    I'm planning to have one too,but on smaller scale 7.5 gallon

  10. Since I have a spare external canister filter (400L/hr) that I haven't used in years, I'm trying to figure out how to use it for an aquaponic system, i.e. where all the tubing needs to go. Let's see if I got it correct.

    1) canister inlet tube needs to go into the tank (to suck the water out of the tank)
    2) canister outlet tube needs to go to overhead aquaponic system (to pump the water into the aquaponic system)
    3) on the other side an outlet tube that goes back into the tank (to cycle the water back into the tank)
    4) an extra outlet tube in the aquaponic system – to prevent overflows in the aquaponic system (tube above the water level of the aquaponic system and the other end floating above the tankwater level).

    Did I miss a basic but yet important step? Besides making sure nothing leaks, of course.


  11. hi, i builded an aquaponic system for my aquarium. my pot is 25 cm high.
    Water level is 15 cm high. I try use hydroton 20 cm high, but the hydroton is not is swimming. What is my wrong? İs water level high?

  12. I want to make somthing like this but have a few questions. do you need a bubbler or does the system aerate the water? And how often do you need to change the water, or do you never have to?

  13. Love this video, I am all for dual purposing … Looking to plant some Stevia… New to this but would like to implement with my lone Super Trooper Survivor and huge Plaeco and it tanks to this system… Question on Lighting, lights for the plant, stay on all day or does it go on a Lights out for the night moment? … fish need their sleep and Plaeco feeds at night or when it's dark.

  14. How does aquaponics work? Do I need to have all this equipment that takes out the water or can I just simply use the water from water changes to water my plants?

  15. i would like to try this aquaphonics thing
    so i need (example)
    2 containers for the fish and veggies
    a pump to pump the water up on to the veggies
    the veggies container must have a drain plug that goes back in to the fish container
    the pump must have a timer plugged that turns on every 15 min
    did i get that correctly?the drain plugged is what i dont understand
    if the deai plugged is let say about 4 inchess aboved the bottom of the veggie container then
    that means theres always water stuck on the veggie container?

  16. Doesn't the root just sit in stagnant water after its shut off? can you post how how high you have the pip brings water back to the tank

  17. do you still have this set up? i would love to do this i have 6 gold fish that are horribly dirty…and i love plants…i wish i could actually see this in real lifej…its hard to understand everything from a video…but i think i'm going to try doing this…

  18. PhillyAquaponics can I put these expanded clay pellets into filter instead of stock filter fills of Fluva Spec III aquarium and plant some water liking plants in it?

  19. Hi How do you manage the water level in the Fish tank as it would go down when the pump floods the media bed.

  20. There are many factors in studying home aquaponics. One place I found that successfully combines these is the Keiths Ponics Site (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful info i've seen. look at this awesome website.

  21. Cool!! Two questions: the PVC pipe that sets the water level, do you have to put caulk around it where it joins the bottom of the plant container? Also do you germinate seeds right in the clay pellets? Or do you have to start them in potting mix and transplant them? Thanks.

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  24. Wouldn't you want to leave the solids to decompose and eventually process into nutrients for plants? Especially utilizing worms breaking down dead roots. You'll end up with a smelly anaerobic sponge for a filter filter also, I would think.

  25. In Japan every small fish was around 15 cents. Here it's a $ and 50 cents. It suck 🙁 I wish I was still in Japan.

  26. When looking into plant growing,,int the past, I learned that foil is pretty bad for light reflection. Invest in a piece of reflective Mylar. And, it will look better. it wont get all wrinkled. And, its non conductive.
    That said, great video. I think this is pretty much how ill set up my 55.

  27. I don't understand… is this a flood and drain system? Do you have a hole in the bottom of the standpipe to let water back into the tank when the pump is off? If so, doesn't the water level of the fish tank get awfully low? Also, is the plant tray resting directly on top of the fish tank? Thanks for posting your setup.

  28. Ok so I appreciate that I’m 3 years late to view this, and know that you probably don’t even get notifications for it anymore. But I’m wondering what the timing on everything is.
    When do you add the fish and then at what point is there is enough waste to sustain plant life? Am I right in thinking it’s a gradual process and you don’t just add everything at once lol.

  29. you stull need to feed the 🐟
    2. Do you ever have to go into the tank to move stuff off the bottom.
    3. Do you have a timer on you lights?
    4. Does it matter what type of fish or plants are being used.

  30. How does the pot drain? If the pipe in the pot is up to the water level, how does the pot drain when the pump shuts off?

  31. Do the plants feed on the solid waste from the fish? or the ammonia. Im a bit confused because you used filter pad

  32. Do you think you'd be able to do this with crabs? They have quite a bit more waste and it's brackish water so I'll just grow something that they would be able to eat themselves….

  33. Yes dude I am starting my own aquaponics/fish tank project…I just wanted to know how often you empty and refill the tank with fresh water??? Because here in South Africa we currently have a serious water shortage and my tank hold the same amount of water I am alowed to use in a day, so saving is key… NIce setup you got there BTW!!!

  34. buenas, primero agradecerle por el video, le quería preguntar si tienes un manual de la técnica (acuaponía). Gracias

  35. Hey PhillyAquaponics, I'm trying to grow my own aquaponic system for a class project, but I'm struggling with determining how much to feed them for optimal plant growth. For example, I'm growing 9 freckles romaine lettuce in an NFT system, but I'm struggling to figure out how many fish I need, and how much fish feed to give them so that they excrete enough waste.

  36. is it and sustainable ecosystem entertainment or food or bait are plant life or water filtration, can you grow rice or stuff in it …is there a smell

  37. Do your plants ever have a “dry” time or are their roots under water at all times? I set up this system and it worked great for one week and now I am getting ammonia and nitrites. Wondering what I am doing wrong

  38. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover aquaponics diy try Fast Track Grower (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  39. Hi there. Thankyou for the informative video. I would like to say, as someone who learned the hard way, PLEASE don’t ever place your outlet strip in the floor like that. You need a drip loop. I had mine just like that and woke up in the middle of the night to the smoke alarm and a house full of smoke because water had somehow splashed it or run down a cord and it caught fire. I’m lucky I had working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Be safe!!

  40. For a setup such as yours here, what would you be growing? How many hours per day would your lights have to be on for success in growing leafy greens , lettuce and herbs? What type of lights ? LEDs, hps, mh or fluorescent?

  41. I like the simplicity of your set up. I have two questions that I didn’t quite get. A. Are your worms in the filter media which is in the grow media and B. What size grow bulb are you using?

  42. Nice setup. It is nice to show people that you don't need to go broke buying equipment when you could build it yourself. It is more satisfying anyway.

  43. Why have a pump rather than put holes in the bottom of the plant container to soak up water themselves?

  44. Wow amazing video, I have two questions: are u using a 10 gallons tank? where did you buy the growing bed?

  45. I just moved to warmer climate was living in wisconsin and in house. So too hot is my concern now and space is a concern. My question is how much is it costing to run your system. I am just weighing my options. Is this recommended way for apartment gardening? I dont have a balcony and floors are fairly new. What would you say is an absolute no in auqonics garden to grow?

  46. @PhillyAquaponics  hey mate. What type of timer is that. Also how to prevent root rot. And 😅 when first starting ho3d you set ph levels and that also when the plants drink up a bit of water do you put plain water in the tank or ?

  47. Hey i have small question.. Do you use any other nutrient source for plants besides fish poop? What are they if any? And how much quantity of them?

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