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You know this past weekend was absolutely amazing as well as devastating let me tell you a quick story So you guys know this last weekend. I was at reefa Palooza in New York And before I left, I had a ton of things I needed to do including the past two videos that you guys watched I filmed those both The day before I left as well as I needed to prepare my talk in one of those videos I set up the saltwater Aquarium everything in one day again Just really busy wanting to get ahead want to make sure that those that couldn’t come still had videos to watch while I’m gone By the way, the lionfish is doing absolutely amazing. One thing you’ll notice directly beside the tank Is the lid that we made weighs about 60 pounds no way Absolutely. No way that snowflake eel could jump out but in my haste and and rushing and trying to get ready and having so many things to remember I Think you know where this is going. I got a message the following day for my wife saying this is what I woke up to The snowflake eel was on the floor we all know they jump I’ve shown you guys many times They jump I made such a small mistake Entirely my fault and the poor guy jumped out of the tank. I feel horrible about it That’s how I started off my morning at wreath blues. I still had to give my talk This is how it went in about 20 minutes. My talk is scheduled to start I guess start heading over there. I grab my laptop I’m nervous Always nervous to give this talk. I’m going to pour my heart out Yo So so many of you guys came from all over the world to see me people came from India Canada all over the United States flying in I Gotta say I absolutely appreciate that kind of support and love it’s reciprocated. Of course. However, it certainly makes me nervous No pressure, right? No pressure for this talk. All right running in now Click my check. I’m coming. I’m coming. You lost people in there. No. Yeah, it’s Danny remotely just for you You guys always set records for these things when I show up absolutely phenomenal. Let’s see how this goes Oh, Boy took a look my man Christian in the back This goes, well guys see what happens We’ve seen this now My wife is actually supposed to come on the trip with me but things came up so she had to stay home with that said my talk was actually at 2:30 at around 3 o’clock my phones in my pocket I could feel it start vibrating either some notifications from the gallery or a text message It was really the only two things that’ll make my pocket vibrate No, I was only scheduled to talk for an hour and I didn’t even use that entire hour I think it was like 35 minutes 40 minutes We did a Q&A and then of course for an hour – afterwards, I did some meet and greets with you guys Absolutely loved the entire experience. However, I finally had an opportunity to check out what was going on in my pocket No text messages, but I did have a ton of emails telling me Nothing is communicating with your phone anymore from the gallery. You guys know that my pumps my lights And I also have cameras out here that I can remotely control and view from my phone. I thought okay, maybe the internet is out Or or perhaps then they’re doing maintenance up the street or something and it’s just a temporary thing. I Text my wife and say hey is the internet okay for you? She says I’m not home. I’ll be home in about 30 minutes I said cool when you get home Check the gallery make sure everything’s fine. Then. My phone goes nuts about 30 minutes. Later And it’s her she needs to FaceTime me and it’s an emergency. I FaceTime her and she starts showing me this She was walking through like six inches of water three inches of water, but leave the entire gallery was flooded And the thing is I have a floor dream, but I plugged it because the damn mice outside Told her to calm down find out what’s leaking She says there’s no lights out here. The power is gone. She’s like, I don’t know what to do. Fantastic I haven’t shown her anything because she doesn’t really have much interested being out here I’m always in control out here and everything is typically running smoothly. But of course the one weekend, I leave a pipe bursts on the return for the 2000 gallon aquarium Really though it was just a pond hose that broke and essentially snapped off and now the way that I designed this tank is that if even if it has half the amount of water in it that it Needs the filtration can continue to run it can continue to suck water out and pump it back in but that’s not what was happening for about half an hour So it was sucking water out of the tank and pumping it on to the floor about a thousand gallons worth Unfortunately, there were a few things on the floor that tripped the entire building everything offline period no power no Filtration no life support systems running. Absolutely nothing and About this much water on the floor out here I’m trapped in New York. I immediately jump on my phone and try to book flights to get home right away I’m thinking it’s a two-hour flight. I got to be there two hours early. I can be there by midnight I can save this No flights till the next day Whoo, if it’s not hard enough being me and trying to convince my family that hey all of this is normal Don’t worry about it. Just let me do it. Now. I have to ask her to fix one of the most devastating Occurrences that the gallery and really my hobby has ever had so I tell her first things first but I need you to do they start shop vacuum everything up before you do that open the control panel and slap all of the power off I don’t want it jumping back on or maybe something will happen worst-case scenario You get a little shocked and by little I mean it’ll electrocute you shut all the power off and shop back luckily I have some friends that came over and helped her. They had to shop backs going three hours later She messaged me and says all the water is gone what next? pretty simple Walker through all the walls I need you to reset the breakers go on the panel flip that over But unplug everything to the 2,000 gallon aquarium the only thing that’s gonna be able to run until I get home is the air but with 2000 gallons of water and you’re at least a thousand gallons plenty of dilution. They’ll be fine It’s like an extended power outage and the waters gonna be heated just not filtered. They’ll be fine So everything’s back up and running in the two thousand gallon aquarium We have four five freshwater stingrays and four, Asian Arowana Not a big problem. This is getting a do-over Immediately. It’s not gonna look like this anymore I have a plan anyways, Asian Arowana Can be aggressive with each other trying to kill each other at times but based on the size of the aquarium the fact that there Was four and there’s a massive amount of room in here. They’re getting along fantastically But like I said, we lost a thousand gallons of water to the floor. There’s only two thousand gallons of an aquarium that’s half the tank at the aquarium drained leaving them with half the the territorial space what happened next All hell broke loose. Okay. So now I want you to take a look at the guy in the back Notice his fins if you can see him the lights are off in here right now I’ve been keeping them off at the time being just to try to dilute some dank aggression and whatnot, but look at him Fins are perfect Look at this guy What the hell has he gone to wait for the other one to come around the two reds Same thing all ripped up this guy Beat up the other two, but remember I said there was four I Came home to not only the tank half empty and I have to replace the pipes and you know get things back up and running But one of the Arowana the script is specifically Was dead Now it’s never fun losing a fish it’s never fun losing a big fish it’s never fun losing a very expensive and rare fish luckily I was no no Where’s Claire stew being clear to being attached to that fish as heartless as it sounds there’s so many fish in here It’s really difficult for me to build individual bonds with them I love them all but it was nothing like when I lost buddy with that said It’s still such a devastating occurrence a nice wake-up call and Being a public figure such as myself of so many people watching and I have to I Have to share these experiences I have to What do I do from now though, where do I go from here well as the saying goes you never really fail you only ever learn so this is a great learning experience and a fantastic Opportunity to make this never happen again Of course if things can happen they will happen for you freak occurrences happen We all have our houses What if a water pipe burst there’s nothing we can do about it these things happen And that’s kind of what happened to me a pipe Busted or a hose busted a pond hose very very thick But it happened I need to make some changes I need to make sure nothing like this art word is to happen again Luckily, my wife was here. Luckily. My friends were able to come. Luckily. I was able to communicate And get everything backed up and going unfortunately The 2,000 sitting empty for so long like 24 hours or so. She’s probably a little bit more 36 hours I couldn’t get a flight to the very next day That was the fastest I could do it cost me $1,000 to book it, but what am I gonna do? But that said everybody’s okay. I know you’re probably gonna ask about Frank these guys lights on He’s looking Frank peered from the side Frank’s girlfriend and then Frank both are doing fine. Don’t worry about it. Oh The Sharks are doing great as well eating if you follow me on Instagram I’ve been doing some feedings on there and sharing all of other stuff there I even revealed Frank’s girlfriend’s name there let yesterday I just have fun there and you know short clips and whatnot, but the Sharks are doing fine. They’re eating and Every time I add food, we’re gonna do a feeding video eventually. I’ll feed every fish in here I’m thinking maybe all hand feed every fish that I have except Maybe these guys, I don’t know. Maybe I will they spend most of their time just over here no lights on this tank at all What they’re doing just fine if I when I drop in food they go after it they eat it all it’s awesome Love this tank. Love these sharks. Anyways, guys things happen to the best of us and You know at the end of the day when you do have some problems or you do have something that happens in your hobby Try to take from it as opposed to run from it, I guess I’ll see you guys getting on Sunday when we make some massive changes to this. Mm. I think that’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll see

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  1. Dude, don’t you see? You are in the first few chapters of a Stephen King novel. Some kinda fish demon (and I don’t mean a Hydrocynus goliath) has taken up residence in there, and it’s only a matter of time before it gits ya! And don’t think your fish will stick by you. You look after them, feed them, and even nurse them when they are sick, sure. But they’re your pals second, and minions of the fish demon first. You’re going to go in there late one evening, just after sunset, and you’ll realize that of all the eyes staring right at you, two are not in the water. 😳

  2. To make you feel better. One of my mosquito rasboras died too. It was a champ, we shared a strong bond, RIP

  3. Should of hydrated him I've seen several eels jump out and dry out but if u get them back in water within a few hours they revive and go about living the skin drys to keep the inside wet so he does not dry inside and I've seen up to 8 hours one was laying on carpet jumped out and was revived

  4. The aquarium disaster is going around dude my community tank had a nitrite rise for the first time n almost a year my 6 year old betta very first fish got rot fin from a broken heater making his tank cold

  5. thank you for sharing this. indeed things happen and one cannot have 100% control over everything.

    sharing freak accidents like this is very seldomly done of people of your stature in the hobby community, but it is indeed a very good reminder that it does happen, no matter what level of expertise one is at already. what is important is how we act on it and that we learn from the experience.

    again, thank you for sharing. more power!

  6. I think if you are capable get an assistant or teach someone you know or someone of your household how to do these things teach them little by little and when you are not there, they are.

  7. I've never watched this dude but he kinda reminds me of the aquarium version of Brian Barczyk.. Not tryna diss him even though Brian's not a good person. He just gives me those vibes.

  8. I actually lost a ton of fish when I wasn't around in my house because I'm the only one who knows how to take care of a fish

  9. Asked a roommate to watch my fish while I was gone for a long weekend (I think I literally said “watch” and text me if something seems off)

    Fish died like a day after I left and sat for several days 🙁

  10. It's ok my fish died I was devastated my family tried getting me a new fish and that one died don't feel sad I cried when my mom brought me McDonald's

  11. Had a similar experience with my frog shed, part not worth even 5 euro broke causing me to lose all my frogs.

    There was a power outage, causing my pump run dry (the return valve broke allowing my pump to run dry), my airco turned off. Came back after a weekend work in an frog shed that should be max 30c/68f but now was 45c/113f.

    Frogs could have survived if the return valve worked, now everything just dried up. 40 tanks with 4-5 frogs average all died. Years gone. Quit the hobby that day, maybe I'll return to it.

  12. I just got really paranoid Even though i just have 2 tanks. One of which has 3 ropefish… and i ducttape that goddamn lid shut! Still, i keep thinking about stuff that could go wrong.

  13. I'm not saying I wouldn't be sad if my fish died and I thought It wad my fault but like everyone makes mistakes so don't let things like this bother you

  14. Het happened To Me to one's In my room One Of My aquariums het League in one of the pipes the next day i wake up en sea thad the tank was like 3 kwards cone my fich wore oke but the pump en my heater wore dead i have planty of spear pards tho fix it but i never noticed something was off en im luckily i check every morning a wake up

  15. Things happen. If you have never had an accident while keeping animals, you haven't been keeping them long enough. So sorry

  16. am i the only one who thinks this guy is weird and just…. weird!! ..i do love his videos and his content and yet a part of me tells he is a subtle psychopath.. no offense bro. maybe i'm just mad snowflake died…

  17. I would literally empty the WHOLE room and redo everything, this would give me an ocd mental breakdown.

  18. My grandmother used to own freshwater shrimp along with a few smaller fish. The same day she got them, all the shrimp disappeared. She got new ones a few days later but they also disappeared. She stared looking around the tank, she continued to look under a hollow log to find the remains of 6 shrimp and 3 alive shrimp. She also found the fish she had been missing from the tank under there (Dead of course). Let’s just say that log was never seen again.

  19. You're right that accidents do happen and often when we're least expecting it..
    The aquariums I have in my bedroom are: a 20 gallon, a 10 gallon, a pair of 5 gallons, and a 3 gallon (all active with fish). I've had episodes of tanks leaking in the past, and one leak soaked half my bedroom floor. So, now I keep everything in check – looking for leaking, making sure all the airline tubing has check valves. The works.. It's another part of being a fish keeper. :/

  20. You have too much going on at all times and something will go wrong, but in your case it's all about being on top of all the issues. Keep it up 👍

  21. i had a Box Fish that nuked a setup i had a long time ago. Tomato Clown just would not leave him alone. talk about learning a lot from a disaster.

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