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Aquarium Driftwood Design Tips, Playing with Driftwood in Your Planted Aquarium

Aquarium Driftwood Design Tips, Playing with Driftwood in Your Planted Aquarium

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how’s
everybody doing hope you’re doing well look your boy D was thinking about you
all night last night and I woke up with this huge wood and that’s what I want to
talk to you about today I want to talk with you about driftwood today okay
how many guys probably want to see more about the above the rim tag but I’m
taking a step back from that tank because I have to stare at it longer and
that’s part of the process of making a good aquascape or just tank or whatever
so I’m staring at the bottom of that but I want to show you guys the driftwood
and kind of how driftwood can bring a tank together today I’ve got a number of
different parts of it right here today so here’s the deal driftwood the plants
are the focus of the tank okay the plants are the focus but the
driftwood can just make it pop make it pop pop pop okay and I have a huge
pallet of driftwood that I got my man tom bar and I’m feeling blessed about it
but I want to show you guys a bunch of different types then I’ll show you it in
a twenty hi today so here we go um first things first you don’t want to mix
different types of driftwood okay in your tank you really want to keep it all
the same I’ve got a couple varieties here this is a piece of that forever
I believe it’s Malaysian I love it but I won’t mix it really with this stuff
because you kind of want to stick with the same kind of character of the wood
same colors same character so this is getting set aside this is some wicked
spider driftwood that uh unfortunately the supplier I get it from how to cut so
it’s kind of cut I wish it wasn’t cut I’d rather do the cutting on my own but
you can see this sick this would look in the tank I mean yeah you can just you
know take your imagination there I love that the character of the spider
driftwood but I want to talk today about the manzanita driftwood right here this
is also amazing it but it’s not quite the same so just a little bit different
character you can see this has a little more knuckles and stuff so I like this
stuff right here so here we go the first thing with driftwood you got to have a
tonnage in around okay everyone I know that has like really really sick
aquascapes Tombaugh are Jeff’s the sanski brothers uh you know George
Harmon they all have a ton of it around and that helps
don’t know what exactly which is going to need so you gotta have a ton of it
around and make sure that’s worked for all right perfect so ah you have to tote
it around and you have to have like steering play time where you’re actually
like looking at it and just like just staring at it and screwing with it so
I’m actually going to set this over here for a second and show you kind of how I
approached this little 20 hi here ah when drip wouldn’t you know it hard
skates the hard part so I want to show this I have this piece here now what I’m
going for is I’m thinking okay I want to have like a tree effect with maybe like
some ground and then something coming up and I always like to do everything in
like threes like I like to have a branch here branch here branch here um are at
skate food talks about this has a cool podcast hopefully I’ll get on there
someday we talked about breaking a tank into thirds after a while it just
becomes the design thing but if people want rules that’s a rule to work with so
I’m going to use this one here let me show you guys how I play with it now I
spent some time playing around with this before I make this video so I’ve got
this here up guys you know you can go what’s wrong with this one here while I
need to cut it to cut this up actually just using some hardcore hedge trimmers
but I like the way that comes I already spilled my escapes by the way
from left to right that’s just me I’ve had people that were not into fish tanks
collar on that’s kind of funny but this will go right here or this would go in
here with this stuff by the way you want to boil it to get the tannins out
otherwise it is going kind of dirt bit cloud up your tank it goes away though
also if you find stuff in the wild boil it for sure horse all over and I’ve got
other videos on that but with this I want to keep this light brown part but I
really want to utilize this piece because I think it’s sweet so what you
do is just kind of mess with it I got this one coming through here
I like a little curvature there maybe I’ll use this piece here you’ll notice
these all have the same type of like character for lack of a better word that
piece there and I had another one that was going to go in here somewhere and
you got like I said you got to have a ton of it around because isn’t the more
that you have around the eye here we go this one so I’ll show you all this so
this is what I’m thinking now honest I don’t like to have the driftwood go
the whole length of the tank I’d rather it be like no more than two-thirds so
I’m going to go ahead and show you guys how this will look in here take this
tank 20 high make sure it’s on the camera good take this and just try
experiment there’s no NS no you don’t know Russian like take your time get in
there mess around with it tell me how that
works that’s not working put it in here and kind of play so like do I want that
to come in there I like that I like the way that gives like a stomp effect but
it’s a little too high up maybe I can come up out through there so I’ll take
this out shove this through here and again I played with this prior it sounds
like it’s just coming on like that but you know you get better and what’s nice
is that this is going to be the hardscape or whatever and that’s it
we’re not all right but you know you don’t you don’t know if you can get in
there invested then actually turned out pretty well and then I want to show you
something else that I do here this was supposed to be shot out in the outside
by the way we started pouring rain so yes something I use no look I’m using
14 gauge copper wire I had this be resourceful the dark stuffs great you
get this at Lowe’s Home Depot whatever it’s like 14 gauge buy it black you
might see it while you’re messing it but with a plant you’re going to cover a lot
of stuff up for so I’m just going to show you this tree and roll so since
this over here and what I do is when you get it to that point we really like it
we’ll take this one one of these out and show you this is what I did on the leg
out above the rim tank let’s say that say that’s where I really wanted to be
you’ll take this you’ll wrap this around again plants are going to work through
the plants we’re going to cover this for you if you’re low on wire you can cut
just take it and the wire is nice because you can kind of let you
experiment with certain locations and you take it and you twist it like that
and you kind of hold it in place where you want and it’s not a permanent thing
per se so you can kind of adjust it but then when you get it where you want it
you just grab you know wrench or whatever and just pinch it and just spin
the heck out of it and just make it really really tight on me so that’s
that’s kind of how I would approach then you obviously trim this off but that’ll
hold it where you want to hold it in place then you can cover it up with
plants whatever you know cut that off but you know that’s how we do it and it
will turn out you know pretty tight some people I want to wanted like screw the
wood that’s fine to put a big screw through it that works too getting it to
sink listen you might have to stare at some rocks awhile you take on my 220 is
there rocks for quite a while so never goes quick back the way we want it so
yeah here we go and obviously I do have this stuff for sale you can check it out
having a blast on the webinars I’ve been doing a lot of great feedback on that so
ah almost home buddy so yeah not not exactly the way I want
it but because I let’s go that time that one in a in a way you get the idea I
don’t like to come more than ah you know there’s a third third I might
accidentally stops right there so I kind of like that oh you also don’t want to
use pieces of driftwood that are like different diameters if you wouldn’t want
to use a real huge one and then like a real skinny one or whatever you want
them all to be kind of like uniforms so yeah that’s what I’m doing if you like
what I’m doing subscribe make it an awesome freaking week and tank on liar

57 comments on “Aquarium Driftwood Design Tips, Playing with Driftwood in Your Planted Aquarium

  1. Can I put any wood from a lake or river n my tank? If so is there anything I need to do to it before I put in the tank cause some pieces I have collected is to big to boil. Thanks guys

  2. Great video. I have a huge pot that I got cheap at Big Lots. I boil all my driftwood these days. I found that the tannins seem to leach into the water for months (you are right though, it does go away over time). It's like throwing a tea bag in the tank. Boiling really reduces the time.

    The "2/3 rule" is a good general way to design an aquascape. I think that the best scapes tend to follow the golden rule or the Fibonacci ratio. This ratio is 1:1.62 , I believe. You find this ratio in snail shell design, plant growth, architecture and even the human body (like the waist to hips ratio in women and the shoulder to waist ratio in men- in what is considered attractive). Even though these two rules are close to each other. One makes the design look even more natural to the eye.

    I hope this doesn't complicate things, since your delivery of the subject is pretty straight forward. Maybe this can cut down on staring at the tank time. Like you Dustin, I've spent countless hours staring, arranging, staring, rearranging, and then staring some more. My wife often asks, "What the hell have been looking at all afternoon?"

  3. If your trying to do a aquascape with wood and you don't have any thing to break in the tank just throw them around and see what you get haha that's what I do every week after a water change in a 55 gallon tank with a pair of angels and group of tetras….I would be careful doing it with a full on planted tank tho

  4. Dustin, im a uk subscriber, love your work. Just wondered if you know of anywhere in the uk best for buyong plants and or driftwood? Im about to setup a planted tank for the first time because from what iv seen in your videos, nothing compares to the natural look of plants, real exited about it. Any tips? Should i use dirt? Heard thats the best way to plant an aquarium with best results? Any help would be appreciates. 180l juwell rio tank.

  5. Tom Barr's manzanita is great, I got some myself in my 75.

    Dustin if a fan wants to share their tank with you where would they go for that again?

  6. NO COPPER! It slowly breaks down and leeches into your tank.  Could be bad for shrimps, but it would definitely kill a reef.

  7. I'm working on a new 55 gallon using deer antlers instead of driftwood. so far i have about a dozen placed, I'm using silicone to hold them together.

  8. Love love love driftwood!  Thanks for the demo.  Good info about matching up the  sizes and looks of pieces, to put together in a tank.  As always, enjoying the videos.  Thanks for  continuing to make them!

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  11. hey Dustin…are you freeballin ?  …you've been playing with your wood ……you really make those shorts pop

  12. Awesome dude, always enjoy watching your videos, your passion for the hobby is infectious, rock and roll dude

  13. Cool Vid I do the same thing
    Also I love how you used the Raekwon Ghost Face Killa Glaciers of Ice Song for the Outro.
    Wu Tang is Classic

  14. YO Dustin ! Have a new acrylic 150 being built. Have to do driftwood and of course a lot of plants that will grow on it. Maybe all .

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