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Aquarium Fish Species Sunday: OSCARS

Aquarium Fish Species Sunday: OSCARS

(upbeat techy music) – What’s up Fishtank people, Dustin’s Fishtanks bringing it to you! On a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing, I
hope you’re doin’ well. Today’s video, folks, is a fun one for me. Last week we talked about the 350, this week we’re talking about a fish. We’re bringing it to you Sunday. It’s species Sunday,
we’re talking about a fish that’s like the ODB in the Wu Tang sea, there is no father to dispicious style. We’re talking about a tiger style, we’re talking about Tiger Oscars. We’re bringing you species
Sunday on Oscar fish, folks. Get excited. Today we’re gonna talk about Oscar fish but this story, like most
good Fishtank stories starts in one of two places and we’re gonna go with both. We’re gonna start at the ripe
young age of 14-year-old, blonde hair, bowl cut boy, Dusty, then we’re gonna move our
way to the Amazon jungle to talk about or friend the Oscar fish. Let’s start with 14-year old Dustin, I get teared up when I look at photos of me at this age
because this is the ripe, pure age of people get into a hobby and they get poisoned. Now, I’m now a 38-year-old
jaded, scared man from people like the lady
messing with Greenhouse 2.0, which by the way is coming along epicly. So, 14-year-old Dustin and Oscar
fish, let’s rewind the tape back to Flag City, Ohio
when your boy, Dustin, and his boy, David Jolly,
I love you brother. He had Oscars, it escapes
me of what the name of these two fish are but
he had two giant Oscar fish and a 29 gallon. Now, right now, I’m gonna tell all of you, based on the demographics
of this wonderful channel, 95% of you should have nothing to do with keeping an Oscar. They get too big and I’m gonna get into
all that later, okay. So the fish I’m talking about today I’m gonna keep in a 350
gallon aquarium, potential. But 99% of you should not get this fish. My first encounter with Oscars was two, a black one and a white
one in 29 gallon aquarium. Why do you like Oscar fish? Oscar fish drop whatever they’re doing when you walk into the
room and greet you, okay. I think if I had Oscars, they would like me more
than my wife and kids do. So Jolly has these two Oscars, okay. And one day we come home from school and I go immediately over to his house and one of the Oscar
fish is on the carpet, it is laying on the carpet. And it is stuck to the
carpet, okay, it is stuck. It is a fish that is wet,
the fish has been dried out, this fish stuck to the carpet. Lord knows how long this fish
had been out on the carpet. What do we do? We picked the Oscar up and we
put him back in the aquarium, he was still alive, he shook
like this a couple times, knocked a little bit of
the carpet fuzz off of him and proceeded to live
for eight more years. Oscars, incredibly freaking hardy, incredible personality. And as if I haven’t hammered Oscars enough with their great personality, thank you for everybody who stepped up and gave us footage of their Oscars. People love these fish, they’re fantastic and you can see it by all
the wonderful outpouring of all these people
showing us their Oscars that they know and love. And thanks to the ease of
keeping and ease of breeding, they’re available in a
large variety of colors. I’m gonna show you some
of those in just a second. So yeah, there’s some sentimental value with your boy Dusty keeping Oscars. So the 14-year-old kid in me
has a little bit of a void for never keeping Oscars in myself. Quick note on the young kids, if you are 15 and under, you can compete in a free live aquascaping
down at Aquashella bro, in Dallas, it’s first come, first serve. I’ve got 10 tanks, okay, the first 10 kids to show up, it’s kids only, parents
you come, you be quite, your kid can use whatever they want. It’s 100% free, you don’t
get to keep anything but you could win $100
if you have the best tank out of all those competing. There’ll be more information
available soon on this. Dallas Aquashella bro. So the 14-year-old kid in me
is dying to keep some Oscars but remember, young kids,
just because an Oscar comes up to the front of the tank and
greets you in the pets store, ’cause it’s this big, doesn’t mean that an Oscar fish is for you. This video is not for
99% of you watching this, Oscars get too big and we’re
gonna keep talking about that. But now, it’s time to
go away from 14-year-old Wu-Wu Dustin in the jungle. Folks, I haven’t been
to the jungle recently, it’s been too long, I’m gettin’ old, I’m gettin’ gray and jaded. Greenhouse 2.0 is killing me
even though its about done. When I was in Peru, the first time, we were on the main
channel of the Nanay river when Senor Devin Graham said, hey, we’re gonna park the boat over here and we’re gonna take this
skiff, the little boat, across the way to put it
in front of this channel that empties right into the Nanay River. And it was in this aiming
net that I first saw Oscars in their native habitat. Yeah, they’re all over Florida. I saw an Oscar fish
come up in the same net. Now, let me give you some context of this. You all love Oscars
’cause their aggressive, cichlid type feeders, they
bam, they bam, they bam and that’s cool and
you feed them goldfish. Even though you shouldn’t ’cause goldfish are parasite
ridden and disgusting. But, I have this thing where
I can actually envision what an Oscar does in the wild. See, we’re pulling up all these
different types of catfish or whatever and there’s tons of them. We probably had almost 500 of them in the nets as we’re pulling them up. But while we’re pulling them up, Devon pulls out this Oscar right here and shows it to all of us. I can envision Oscars
as a natural predator picking off any of the
weak, dead, you know, not doing as well catfish that are coming out by the thousands. Imagine an Oscar fish, folks, there’s 500 catfish
coming out of this channel and this Oscar’s just going dink, dink, dink, dink, just pecking off these fish left and right. It was truly a cool thing
to pull one up in the net and see it in its wild colors. Let’s talk about the origins of Oscars and speaking of wild caught Oscars, how about the history of Oscars, the 2.5 history major is
oozing in me right now. Huge shout outs to Jean
Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, those of you who keep Apistos might recall the Apisto, Agassiz Apisto. How about throwin’ it back to 1831 when he first discovered the Oscar fish, 1831 folks, you’re watching this in 2019. Oscar fish are as old school as it gets, you didn’t mistakenly
think it was a marine fish but that’s neither here nor there. Oscar fish found in 1831. Now I want to talk about some
of the varieties of Oscars. The wild caught ones, obviously
are a little more bland, there is the tiger style,
the red tiger Oscar, which is the one that’s probably the most readily available
one in this wonderful hobby. There’s also an albino version. And there’s somehow and I don’t feel good about this at all, actually, I consider the Oscar to be masculine, kind of macho, ram you in the face, kind of wild dog and
so, it being masculine, to put long fins on an Oscar, putting feminine what I think is kind of a masculine
fish, kind of disgusts me. If anybody’s keeping a long finned Oscar, drop me a comment on why
you like it and love it and all that good stuff. And then, my personal favorite
is the orange varieties, this Mike Daugherty’s fish
down at Imperial Tropicals that I saw at the Aquatic Experience. I love the way that they’ve
actually gotten these to be more of a solid color, I think that’s really, really sharp. But I know a lot of you
are thinking to yourself, thinking to yourself, you’re like yo, D, how you gonna keep Oscars
from eatin’ all your plants? You’re like a plant guy,
you like the plants, D, how you gonna get the plants? Let me show you how I’m gonna
get the plants on there, I’m gonna take it and what
I’m gonna do like this, I’m gonna get those Oscars,
they’re gonna be like oh, shimmy, shimmy ya, Dustin,
we’re gonna eat all your plants. I’m gonna say you know
what, ya little Oscars, you’re not gonna eat your
plants, you know why? I got bullet proof plants, baby. I’m gonna take these little fighters here, right like this, whatever’s left after the Newport Aquarium when I get done setting up
that 18 footer for them, I’m gonna take the Baptisia like this, I’m gonna grab it likes this, I’m gonna say hey, you
little Fishtank people, you little Oscars, I’m gonna
grab a bit ole log like this and I’m just gonna take it like this and I’m gonna go, whoop, whoop, whoop with wire, folks. Wire, you gotta use the wire, take the wire, wrap it around and you wrap it, wrap it,
wrap it just like this. Camera guy, you catching this? You wrap it around just like this until you get it nice and tight then you wrap it wrap it wrap, then you slap crap your Oscar
planning troubles away folks, with the wire like this, folks. And when it’s nice and tied on there, you put it in there and you wave it in your Oscars face. You say yeah, try to eat
me, cause I’m Baptisia and I can stand up to ya. And that’s what we’re
doing, ya fish tank punks. Do me a favor, hit the like
button, subscribe button. Share if you care and drop me a comment of what you think about your Oscars. And thank you for all your Oscar footage, it’s awesome. Tanks on, later! (upbeat club music)

100 comments on “Aquarium Fish Species Sunday: OSCARS

  1. I have an albino longfin! She’s very pretty but wasn’t my first choice lol she’s a rescue. To each their own I guess 🙂

  2. Hahaha I’m pretty sure that the red Oscar in your intro is Hook Joey The King Of DIY’s Oscar!!!! Lol he’s living in New Brunswick Canada since he’s been re homed, I’m far south from The King Of DIY in Nova Scotia and I have the pleasure of giving one of his other fish he rehomed, Stein the Bichir who’s now happily living in my six foot 125 gallon cichlid community tank with my Oscar Severums amd Geophagus

  3. My paradise fish also jumped out of my tank, it was on carpet, dried, not moving. I thought it was dead. Picked it and it was moving. Kept it back in tank and it had lost a feeler and part of fins and tails. But it lived and recovering well. Planning to get a 125 gallon in future and 1 Oscar with few other fish.

  4. I’m excited for you Dustin!! I’ve kept Oscars for 15 years and they’ve been awesome!! If I get a big aquarium 150 + gallon, I’m for sure gonna get some back! Wild ones from Florida canals/Everglades!

  5. Anubias on some rocks and driftwood are pretty much indestructible, unless you get a pacu or something like that

  6. Awesome Vid on Oscars, my Oscars you posted in this video the Albino and Tiger Oscars are in a 125 gallon Aquarium and they love it, one of the Best fish I ever owned thanks again.

  7. For tjose who want a tiny tank alternative, paradise fish are for you. I wouldn't go under a 15 for one but in my experience they're a lot like Oscars. They greet you instantly and go BERSERK on anything you feed. The also love a planted tank, so imo they got Oscars beat, not to mention they can pull off the gorgeous fins

  8. Just ordered the stand, heater, filter and gravel for my 75 gallon and I neeeeeeeeddddded thissssss 😎😎 love the old dirty Oscars. Man I have some pink convict cichlids, you should totally revisit them in a species spotlight….

  9. Golden Oscars would look awesome in the show-tank aquarium for your greenhouse, D! (Not the Acadamy Awards kind, of course!) If Lady Gaga walks into your new greenhouse, don't give her one. She doesn't deserve it! 😉

  10. Long finned oscars is just not natural at all. Got to plant out my Oscar tank I think as well. Good vid Dustin.

  11. I've had my oscar since I was thirteen. Shes now 4 years old. In my 75. My pond is actually being built for my RTC and her. <3

  12. I have a long fin oscar!! And she is beautiful!! No specific reason why i love it. Just think theyre different and unique!

  13. LOL! Love your rewind story man! It took me back to my days when my mom was the one responsible for me falling in love with the hobby. Hadn't seen the YT fish keeping family in quite some time, so I'm eager to look at your resent videos to see all updates on your greenhouse.

  14. I had to Google this after & make sure he wasnt but I thought for a second he was the shamwow guy also. The way he was slapping the cup down with his head piece mic lol

  15. Love Oscars! Had two for about 4 years. Gave them to LFS when I went to college. They were like puppy dogs, and they were huge. Favorite fish ever. Great choice for the 350.

  16. I got an oscar as one of the first fish ever way back. Woke up one day and he was the only fish left in the tank. Learned from that one.

  17. In my 'youth' I had Oscars and Jack Dempseys together in a 29 long tank. Scratched their heads all the time. Heater malfunction took care of all of them. Somewhere I read that if you put an Oscar in, let's say a 29, it will only grow as big as the tank permits. True? Also hated feeding them live goldfish. Found Oscar pellets worked well. Video a wonderful remembrance of my earlier years. Great idea about wiring plants to log. My gold severum and plecos uproot my amazons all the time.

  18. Ok I have no idea if this is anything special but
    I have a albino Oscar with a golden pattern I’ve only ever seen one that looks like it it’s probably not rare but figured this comment section would know

  19. Beautiful fish, grow really big with so many great colors. Great personality makes it my favorite fish. Great share bro 👍

  20. My passion now is big schools of small fish. However, Oscars have a special place in my heart because I had them in the first tank that was mine to take care of and not my parents. I had two Oscars, a Bichir, and a Pleco in a massive tank and they were fun.

  21. Hey Dustin you know the video you did on snakeheads i have some iv been keeping them for a while now for about 4 years i used to have a channa maruloidese it tried eating a bichir its own size a died. i also have a channa aurantimaculata now and channa bleheri i live in the uk thats how i have them

  22. Oscars are just neat looking and have such character, but I could never keep one lol I only have a giant plakat Betta in a 20 gallon planted tank, he flares at his own reflection 😂

  23. I’m 13 I keep 2 oscars named Joey and Velvet in a 120 gallon bow front from juwel. Velvet is around an 8 inch red map Oscar and Joey is around a 6 inch tiger

  24. There going to drag the driftwood with they decorate the tank not you lol if they want to move something they will find a way or destroy everything trying

  25. I like Oscars, but not for the 350. I think you the 350 should showcase what the greenhouse is all about. It should be densely planted and stocked with fish that won't eat/uproot your plants and rearrange your aquascape to their liking.

  26. I have anubias in my oscar tank, but it was defnitly is trial and error in the begin. Me oscar doesn't bite them to shreds but if I put them in a place that he doesn't like he pulls them off and stuffs them in a corner were they don't bother him. Morimo mossbals are a big no though with my oscar. They kept rolling in the holes that he digs (he absoluty loves these holes and lying in them while watching what is happening in the living room). So eventualy he got so angry at the mossball that he started shaking it until it was completly destroyed .

  27. hi . what plants are you talking about. i couldn't understand what you were saying. "mobidis"? … want to try to use it in my oscar tank. .. thanks

  28. Isn't this like the 30th Oscar video you've done? Btw thanks for telling me to put dirt in my tank my tank you fu#&> crackhead! I've been in the hobby for 5 years and I decided to put dirt in after seeing you protest about it… biggest mistake of my life! Ruined hundreds of dollars of plants! I hope your greenhouse gets caught in a bushfire!

  29. awesome video bro one of my top favs you showed the oscar so well makes me like them after all these years in the hobby keep up the good work. Peace

  30. I've had Astronautis oscellatus on off for 50 years. They really year up tanks. They often end up as only fish in tank. They can be tough on other fish.
    Corre tion. Long fun Oscars. Yuck

  31. And that's not including other fish cuz I usually keep my Oscar's with a small group of convicts or fire mouths and a pleco but only the fire mouths or convicts if I can get them at the same time so there not fighting

  32. I tryed to have an oscar, i bought a 3.5" beautiful oscar and put him into the 90 gallon with a 2" jack Dempsey, three 1" jack Dempseys, a few rainbows and black skirt tetras. Long story short that 2" jack Dempsey killed the oscar twice his size after a few days but hasn't messed with any other fish since.

  33. Dusty , is grapewood ok for freshwater aquariums ? Of course I boiled it for 3 plus hrs then let it soak for a minute, I did put it in my 75 gallon with my 30 plus tiger barbs and the water turned slightly yellow , but then I read it's not aquarium safe since it's made for reptiles so I took it out and I'm soaking it again , what's your take brother ? , I think they say it's not safe because it's screwed together although I removed the screws , it looked beautiful in my 75 gallon, but your the man so whatever you say I'll do …. true sub, Ohio.

  34. Somone help me my Oscar is not eating or wanderoing around the tank hes a albino and hes a baby he deosnt even try to move out of his corner and had him for a month only ate once sorry im not good at spelling im 11 years old btw 🙁 hes in a 75 gal Hes alone

  35. I'm going to keep an eye out for how the bulbitus does with the oscars. I work in a fish store in Fla and we have a HUGE, biggest I've ever seen, red tiger oscar and 3 or 4 others in a large tank. This huge oscar has adopted me. So funny how he acts when I walk up. Of course I slip him a special treat now and again helps. Who knows some day he and an albino tank mate may end up at my place in a 150. I had red oscars back in 1970's and you're right in that the ones now a days are much nicer colored than in the olden days.

  36. The first fish I can remember having that was actually mine was a red oscar. I cringe to say this but I had him and a pleco in a 30 gal tank. (In my defense the idiot at the store told me it was okay and I was a kid so I didn't know any better. No internet back then either. Back in ancient times google was a mathematics thing.) I loved that fish. He was like a dog with scales. When I would do water changes he would rub up against my hand like he wanted to be petted. I guess he saw me petting my dog and decided he wanted his share. It's been over 30 years and I still miss that fish.

  37. Im in that 5% with my red oscar and 125 gallon. I love my oscar. He is definitely my favorite amongst all my fish. My jack dempseys being second, and my blood parrot third 😊

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