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Aquarium Fish Unboxing. Rare Plecos, Puffer Fish, Corydoras, Cardinal Tetras, Rice Fish

Aquarium Fish Unboxing. Rare Plecos, Puffer Fish, Corydoras, Cardinal Tetras, Rice Fish

Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-Op, welcome
to another unboxing video. The other video we did, did so well, over
400,000 views. We did another one. This is a combination of lots of shipments
we got into the store, we brought in here to the facility as well. So, stay tuned, check it out, lots of rare
fish, that type of thing. In the description and the comments down below,
we’ll put a link, and at the end of the video to the other video in case you can’t get enough. If you like what you see, maybe check out
the channel and think about subscribing. All right. Another unboxing. This one, I think it’s going to be kind of
a good one. I’ve got some cool stuff from here. Heat packs. This is right before Christmas. We had to really … It came late in a day. The box had a blowout already. Trucks overloaded, that type of stuff. Lot of stuff probably stacked on top of this. Let’s get a rope and put the heat pack out
of the way. What do we have here? The Shouldenti puffer, shuldentee, shuldenee
00:01:06 puffer? I don’t know. The Congo puffer. We’ve been selling them pretty good. This is probably the third one you guys have
seen at this point or whatever point we’re at. We’ve got pea puffers. All right. Next up, we have the white killis. They’re some of the rice fish. I brought some in to sell in the store. Those will sell well. I think kuhli loaches. Black kuhlis. Then we’ve got Siamese algae eaters. Then we’ve got blue phantom plecos. Six of those. Just small guys. They sell at 25 bucks. Corydoras hasbrosis. 30 of those guys. More Siamese algae eaters. Bolivian rams. 12 of those guys. German blue rams. Blue cobalt gobies, stiphodon gobies. Nice. Last for this box, we’ve got powder blue gourami
females. All right. So, now, got to open up the other box. Stay tuned. Box number two, here we go. What do we got? First up, the orange empress killis. These are more rice fish. These are amazing. Hopefully will sell well. Reticulated hillstream loaches. All right. Looking good. We’ve got otocinclus. Got an elephant nose. Scarlet badis. Black ghost knife. That’s not good. Whole bag of sunset honey gouramis. Too cold. They’re like freezing cold. That’s not good. What are these guys looking like? Bag of health, L200, green phantoms. They’re really cold as well. That must’ve broken early, because they’re
cold. It’s no good. Cardinal tetras. Should be two bags of those. Cardinals, cardinals. What are these? Ember tetras. More otos. Going to get all these into quarantine, start
getting them to warm up, and we’ll go from there. Good morning everyone. Standing out in a blizzard essentially. I got to go to the airport because I got to
pick stuff up. When you saw that other video, I said, “Oh,
I got to go to the airport. It’s snowing.” Guess what? It’s snowing. I can’t really show you because it’s dark
and it’s cold and I got to go to the car, but wish me luck. This is what I got to do to get black worms
and fish. So, here I go. Well, I made it. I’m at least in the store at this point, but
I’m afraid of getting out of the store. There it is some giant hills over there that
I have to go towards to get out of here, so I got to unload the black worms and plant
… Not plants, the fish. Get those put away and it’s about midnight
right now, so standing outside my store, kind of just enjoying the snow. Enjoy it before I got to fight it to get back
out of here. Obviously, I’ll document when I’m packing,
because that’s why we watch this, right? So, stay tuned. Look what we got shipped. Looks like golden frogs? They don’t look very golden, though. These look like normal frogs to me, even though
they are golden. Okay, that’s maybe strike number one. What else we got? We’ve got female dwarf gouramis. Those look good. I’ll take them. What do we have up next? What did I order? Balloon platies. Nice. They’re all right. Then I should probably just take these straight
home variatus platies. You guys, if you’re watching in my fishing
videos, I’ve been looking to get some of those. I’ve got them. Let’s take a look real quick over here. 16 pounds of live black worms. I’ve been waiting a long time to get these
in. Got to get them processed. That’s going to take me a while. Haven’t had them in probably three or four
months at this point. Brutal summer in California. So, all right, I’m going to get to work because
it’s really starting to come down. I mean, don’t get me wrong. This is really starting to come down for Washington. I realize most of you guys are like, “You
call that snow?” That doesn’t look like it, but when I’m staring
this down and it’s already midnight. I still got to get here in the morning and
physically work. All right. Cutting it loose. All right, Murphy’s big day. Gets to eat again. You guys love that. This one’s all like frozen together. He really wants to eat. He’s been lunging at me today. Hopefully, he doesn’t eat too fast and hurt
himself. Some good crunching going on. Belly’s getting bigger. Like a stuffed toy. Rip it up. This is a mabu puffer. It’s a freshwater puffer, largest freshwater
species. Eventually, it’ll be 30 inches, maybe up to
three feet. He’s about, I’d say, 10, maybe 12 inches at
the moment. You can see how easy and how many clams he
eats now, so you can imagine how powerful they are when they get bigger and how much
they eat. When they do go to the bathroom, it’s kind
of like a Chihuahua went to the bathroom in your aquarium. This is a 360 gallons, kind of minimum. We change half the water everyday. It’s a automatic system, so even Christmas
when no one’s here, it’ll change water. I finally feed him enough? Oh no, he’s still going. They can swallow the shell and they’re designed
to kind of pass that shell through them. You got one more, Murphy? Are you done? You’re saving leftovers? Lets take a look at your belly. You’re pretty full, but not too full apparently. Typically, mabu puffers like this are peaceful. They live with other fish. No problem. You mostly are worried about fish aggravating
them or beating them up or annoying them. This guy’s about a year or so, so he’s growing
reasonable fast. You can see him moving broken clams through
this gills there. Looks like he’s polished off dinner, so have
one last little bite. All right. Well, the first taping of this, we ran out
of storage, so I’m redoing it, but we’re going to do it in reverse order. I’ve got platinum hatchets here. I wonder if that’s two box or bags of it. What’s this? More platinum hatchets, so 25 of those. Then we’ve got some sultan plecos here, if
it’ll come down … L264. Three of those. Those will be going home and getting quarantine
and going on the website most likely. We’ll probably leave one here at the store. I’ve got bristlenose plecostomus. Ordered some of those. I didn’t have many of the brown form in stock,
so I ordered, I think, 12 of them total. What else did we get? We got rasbora kubotai, which is a green neon
rasbora. Those are popular. We’ve got Corydoras sterbai. Let’s see, I got 24 of those. I’ve got two bags. Here’s bag number two right here. Then we got wild caught scalare angels. These will be here at the store. Nice barring on them, so that’s box number
one. I’m going to hit up box number two down below. It’s already opened, so it will only take
a second switch. Here, we’ve box number two. First thing out of the box, yellow princess
killis. These are some of the Japanese rice fish that
I saw when I saw in Japan. I’m not sure what the yellow princess variety,
but I decided I was going to order every single variety available to me. They were not cheap. I ordered 12 of each. I’m going to take them all home, attempt to
breed them, and see what are the best color for them and stuff like that, that I have
available to me. Here’s cardinal tetras, 50 of those. We’ve got 50 more cardinal tetras. Here we’ve got the marble hatchetfish. Next up we’ve got German blue rams. I think I ordered 18 total of those, should
be a couple of bags of them. What are these? Blue rams. Over here we’ve got the orange empress killi,
which is Japanese rice fish again. These are orange variety. Those are one of the best ones I think I saw
in Japan, but I’m going to just see them not stressed out in a bag and see them actually
inside of a tank. Otocinclus, not a lot of poop in the bags. We’re going to make sure we get some food
to those guys ASAP. We’ve got Siamese algae eaters. These will be going home. We’re going to get them to quarantine, so
that we can sell some online. They’ll be overpriced for sure, but some people
say they just can’t find in their local stores true Siamese algae eaters. Here we go, we’ve got … What are these ones? These ones are Red Sky Killis. I have no idea what color form … I mean,
assuming it’s some type of red, but maybe they’re the see-through guppy gene. I saw those when I was in Japan, so I’m unsure. We’ve got Schouldenti puffer. Our last one sold pretty quick, so we were
able to get another one. We brought it in. We’ll find a place to put that. Last but not least today, looks like white
killis. So, these are white form of that same rice
fish. All those color forms I just showed you, they’re
all derived from out here. Take a little trip. These guys right here, these are the normal
madaka rice fish. We’ve had those in store for a while now. These are all different color works, and I
think they’re going to do really well. Thanks for watching, guys, and enjoy the next
one. Fish have arrived four boxes. We’ve got stuff in here. I don’t even remember what I ordered. Somehow I’m like, “A time warp or something.” I can’t remember. It seems like three days ago is so long. I think I ordered them on Friday, that’s why. Now, it’s … I don’t know when you’re watching
this video, but it’s a Wednesday at this point, so it’s been a half a week. All right. Let’s see. What do we got? Bag number one. Barbatus. I ordered more because they came in so well
in my house. I thought, “You know what? People are going to want to buy these.” Even though they’re expensive, if anyone buys
them, I’ll keep them. Now we’ve got some for the retail store. I got two bags. I don’t know how many I bought. Maybe 12 or something for the store, but looking
good. Back over here, we’ve got threadfin rainbows. Someone, I think, was asking for those, so
now we’ve got those. Julii cories. Just another bag of juliis. I bet it is. It is, so now I got to go to box two, so we
got four boxes. I got to get down to the next one. I’ll cut it open and we’ll see what we got. Box number two, here we go, if I can get it
open. There we are. Got to take the rubber … Get this open. All right. Here we go. First up, L260, Queen Arabesque, I believe. Here, I’ll just hand these to you. We’ve got another 260. Another one. L204 is the pinstripe panaque. That came in pretty good. I don’t know why they gave them such a big
bag. I mean, there’s three in that other one too. Here’s three more pinstripe panaques. Next up … Wow, these are super cool. Albino royal farlowellas. These are awesome. I never seen these before. They’re the albinos. Let’s see over here, zebra danios. Queen loaches. Two more boxes to go. We’ll get them opened up. We’ll check it out. Here we are on box number three. Let’s see here. I think these are more plecos. They’re going up on website. These are all royal plecos. I’m going to put them into a larger tank and
quarantine them, but we’re going to need lots of wood. I think brought 12 of them in. If you guys don’t know what they are, I just
saw some over here. I believe … No, that’s not it. That’s a papa pleco. They’re that we have in the store. I think I’ve got royals in the store. I’ll have to find them. If I don’t, maybe I’ll split up between the
store and my home or the facility, whatever you want to call it, the online website. Here’s another bag of them, I believe. Another bag. So, lots of royals. Looking good. Just got to feed them wood. They’re kind of like a wood chipper. You just put logs in them and they grind them
down. Let’s see, what else we got here? Ooh, flagtail prochilodus? Yep. I got two of those, I believe. Number two, both looking pretty decent. All right, I like that. Rosy loaches. I need to play with some of those. They’re so cool when they turn red or rosy,
I guess. Cardinal tetras are small this time. Real small. Gonna have to grow them out a little bit. All right, we’ll get this off to the side. We’ll go to box number four. Here we go, box number four, the final box. I think so far what’s winning on the coolness
factor is the albino royal twig cats or farlowellas. Those things, I’ve never seen them before. We’ve got some normal farlowellas right here. Hand those off to Robert. Put those off the side. Let’s see, what else we got? Yoyo loaches. We had someone asking about those. I think I might’ve ordered 18, because I don’t
think I’d order only nine. There’s another nine. That makes 18. Let’s see what else we’ve got. Bolivian rams. We were low on Bolivian rams. Hand those to Robert. Next up, koi angels. All righty. I think that’s two bags of koi angels. Let me see if the next bag is koi angels. Indeed it is. So, all right, well, that’s all I’ve got for
this shipment. Now I got to get that box of fish home and
get some wood in the tank and get quarantine and do all that stuff. I still got to do more here at the store,
but this video continues. By the way, I scheduled an appointment to
my barber not until Friday, so got to rock the hat. All right. Figured I’d sneak in a little unboxing here. It’s not gonna be huge. It’s mostly plants and we don’t usually film
the plants because takes so long to put them away. Plant is kind of a plant, but let’s see. We should have silvertip tetras. I think this is going to be mostly alive,
looks like. That’s good. Let’s put them down. They’re always heavy in this bag when I hold
them up. It looks like they’re doing okay. Couple casualties, but that’s par for the
course. 300 of them in there. It doesn’t look like it, but when you get
in a tank it does. So, see what else … I think the rest is
just plants and bettas. So, lots of bettas here. Hopefully they’re all doing okay. There’s uh-oh, I see one … He’s doing okay. These are all the dumbo plakats here. We’re going to get through those today. So yeah all the dumbos. Then these are going to be all of the koi
bettas. Kaylee’s coming over to grab a plant. She’s been waiting on some of these. I need some of the Java ferns in here, which
… I think this is a batch of them right here. Java ferns ready to go. All right, I’m going to help unpack. We’re going to … Well, I’m going to help
her pack, because lot got sold. Chime in later. Another unboxing, let’s see what we get today. Heat packs. All right. They still feel warm. I’m excited about that. Rubber band off. Let’s see what the fish gods bring us today. Wolf Cichlids AKA dovii, special order for
a customer, four of them. That’s a lot of dovii to be taking on, but
there you go. Lucas, you can see them come in, maybe you’ll
see this in the video. See what else we got today. Siamese algae eaters, true Siamese algae eaters. Survey says corydoras hasbrosis. They put carbon in the bag as well as the
poly filter. Are these all cardinals? Oh, ember tetras. All right, embers. Then what do we have here? We have 75 cardinals. Okay. I feel like I ordered more than that. Then what do we got here? 75 more and something weird in there. What is that? Contaminate. What is that thing? That’s like a splash tetras, something like
that. That’s ought to be weird contaminate. We’ll see how that colors up. Maybe I ordered a hundred and fifty cardinals,
we’ll have to see. That’s box one. Let’s go to box two. All right, box number two. Stupid rubber band. Half the time these things shoot you right
in the eye, because they’re so right and they just break, and how’d that happen? It sucks. All right, here we go. I think I got it. There we go. Okay. Now this is the box. I want them to be all of these, but they didn’t
send it to me. Here it is. Where is it? Where is that tiny little thing. There is it, leopard frog pleco, L134s. I ordered 25, turns out they only had 25 and
they wanted to share with all the people ordering, so I only got four. I wanted a bunch, because with four I’m just
going to sell them in the store. If I had a bunch, I was going to try and grow
a colony out. I had to give my colony up when I started
the store. I didn’t have to. I chose to focus on the store and I kicked
myself about once a week for getting rid of them. I want to build that colony again, but they’re
only getting more rare and more expensive. So, that’s why I was willing to pony up and
get 25 this time. I think we’ve got to retail these ones that
75 or 80 bucks a piece. I used to … When I first opened the store,
I was able to retail at 40 bucks. So, here, then we’ve got these. These I might add to the website at some point. These are the L264, the sultan plecos. I wonder how many I ordered, because I think
I ordered them to take home. If I ordered more than one, they’re coming
home quarantine. There’s another one. That looks super cool. You guys won’t see how cool they look until
… Did we only get two? We got a mature one … We got an Adult L264. We do have one in the tank. German blue rams. These are not locally bred. My local breeder took a break during summer,
which means there’s a delay for me getting rams. Otocinclus. Poop in the bag, that’s like what I see. Red koi angelfish. As my employee was telling me, we should have
an adult L264 … Adult L264. … Right here. Well, not adult, but definitely colored up. Should be in this tank. Survey says, “Where are you?” Of course, I can never find it when I need
it. There we go. Trying to move its fins, but it’s got the
white on the fins and black polka dot. A very cool pleco, especially when they get
bigger. Blue shrimp are all over me. Anyway, got to get these put away and we’ll
see what comes home, what stays here. I don’t really want to quarantine just to
it for the website, but maybe I do. Maybe there’s two lucky people will get that. So, we still own 460 bucks in the store, which
probably means with shipping they’re going to be like 80 or something like if I got to
ship one out, maybe 90. It depends on how many heat pack stuff I think
I got to use. So, all right, we’re getting these put away,
and chime in later.

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